Arsenal fans are a disgrace for criticizing Ozil, but not the scumbag attackers

The Treatment Of Ozil Is A Disgrace! By Dan Smith

Last season when writing about an increase in crowd trouble and racial abuse, I observed a sad trend of grown adults seemingly thinking they can behave differently in their bubble of football. Men and women who wouldn’t dare say or do certain things during the week, thinking they can act differently in the confines of a stadium. Educated people treating a game like it’s as important as real life.

It’s happened again in the last 24 hours with the attempted carjacking of Kolasinac and Ozil. We should be talking about how bravely all involved handled the situation, or the very least acknowledge the serious problem we have with knife crime in the UK. We as a country are quick to judge other nations for crime, yet when this occurs in England’s Capital City apparently it being hot outside deserves more headlines.

Again, some on social media again couldn’t separate a football player to a human being, using the incident as further proof that Ozil has a lack of fight and goes missing when things get tough. Of course, that’s the perception of the midfielder on the pitch so some can’t separate that it’s someone’s son, a husband, a friend who nearly was stabbed. Yet if it were Lacazette or Aubameyang you have sympathy because you view them as being better at their jobs?

I even heard the man’s salary again be mentioned like there is a certain wage where this is okay? Worse I have read more comments attacking Ozil for what he did/didn’t do then discussing the sick cowards who committed this crime. Those who hide behind the keyboard mocking Ozil for running into a shop looking scared, I would love to see how you respond to casually driving home with your family and suddenly being threatened by someone with a weapon?

Maybe it needed someone to end up in hospital for it to be clear that football is a beautiful game, but it is just a game. Anyone using this as a stick to beat either player with is not a true gooner and lacks the values our club represents.

It’s sad that being called not real Arsenal fans will upset the uneducated more than a human being nearly being stabbed on our streets.

Dan Smith


  1. Xavier Amaechi has left Arsenal for Hamburg in a deal worth an initial £2.3m potentially rising to £6.7m. No buy back clause but Arsenal will receive 35% of next transfer fee.

    News making rounds is that Mavropanos isn’t rated highly by Unai Emery and his coaching staff.There is a possibility of another CB signing but currently the focus is elsewhere.

    At last Arsenal have met Celtic demands of restructuring our £25m bid.Personal terms already agreed.
    If all things go as planned Tierney will soon be an Arsenal player.
    Tierneyyyyyy incoming

    1. Too bad we can’t keep Amaechi. I’m afraid this deal would be another big regret like Gnabry’s transfer

      Is there any news about new winger from the credible ITKs, kev? Apart from Fraser, Carrasco, Zaha and Soares

    2. Kev hahah at least say something about the topic.

      Ive also noticed. Is a shame how Ozil is being treated by fans. As if he was supposed to ask for less money than offered to him. Is it his fault for doing his best to make as much money as possible in a sport that spends billions in every transfer.

      1. See the offer we gave him that he accepted, in the previous summer – That was the first offer but he chose to wait and see for whatever reason. Then his agent asked for more money towards the end of his contract, a sign on fee with it I think, eventually with a bit of give and take ..It ended with him accepting the same number we offered at the beginning of season. So Arsenal’s board was always prepared to pay him that money, they cannot use it as an excuse for anything when they were fully prepared to pay him that. Different board now but the maths is still the same.

    3. Kev will we rival everton? Heard they are making 60 million plus a player for zaha?
      Any news on a centre back? Is the rugani news from juve true?

      1. Yes, a bid will go in for Zaha.Might even be today and will probably be our last bid.
        If our bid fails we will go for Everton Soares.Think you’ve asked me this question on several occasions?

        1. Some folks who don’t like Ozil will jump at this chance to mock him. The same would be true had it been Iwobi, our other lightening rod (and before them Gerviniho, Bentner, Eboue et etc)

          No point getting too upset about it. Has nothing to do with Arsenal fans, sadly just human nature). Just be thankful they are both okay (along with Ozil’s wife)

          1. Well said.Pathetic seeing some Arsenal fans sharing the same view.If you go to Twitter you’ll see it’s true

  2. Please don’t incite the naive fans and I reckon this is another clickbait article from you

    Never heard anybody attacking Ozil on his identity and his personal life here. There are many criticisms on how he plays and it is normal

    We all want our players to be able to carry their team, but I don’t think Ozil would be able to do it in this season, as usual

    1. Gotanidea, you choose not to see what is in front of you. How you seem not to see all those comments mocking Ozil for not fighting knife wielding criminals is strange. You’re hate for the player has blinded you.

  3. Those who were claiming that Ozil shouldn’t have left have a serious problem.It shows how society has become now.Its a good thing Ozil wasn’t with any of them because they would have gotten everyone killed including themselves.Do they realize Kolasinac literally put his life on the for Ozil,his wife and Kola’s wife??What was Ozil supposed to do?Stay there and endanger the other two lives and his which Kolasinac was trying to protect and basically put his life on the line for??I think some need to reason and wise up.An argument can even be made that the car jackers were probably interested in Ozil and not Kolasinac and may not really have been scared of Kolasinac as many claim but fled because they failed with their main target.Well done by Ozil for driving away.Kolasinac deserves so much respect even though what he did was might have been a bit careless.Only few people are willing to put their lives on the line like that at that moment.The guys could have also had a gun

  4. Disgraceful from any person who criticize Ozil for that attack. Thank God they are both safe. Also Top act from the hulk.

  5. Honestly I can’t understand the hatred. There’s a difference between hating someone and wanting them off your team.

    I want Ozil sold because of his crazy salary AND poor performances. I don’t even have Hatred for the people who gave him the ludicrous salary and it’s not Ozil’s fault. Most people would accept £350,000 per week

    But no hatred.
    In fact, I posted not long ago praising him for his generosity of paying for sick kids operations
    He’s a nice guy

    But being nice doesn’t win Trophies

  6. @ArsenalWhy, it’s not hate he just doesn’t rate ozil as a class footballer anymore and it’s his decision so I think you should respect it,though I also think ozil did the best thing in that situation by just protecting his wife.

  7. So many people commented about the incident without knowing the complete story, as usual. It’s been confirmed both their wives were in the car and after the initial confrontation all four drove to the restaurant followed in hot pursuit by the scumbags with knives. They were after the Watch Kola was wearing. All the crap spouted about Ozil hiding as usual, a knife wouldn’t get through his wallet, Kola being a hero and a Ozil being a wimp, Ozil driving off without Kola (which he didn’t) and all the other bollox. Some of our so called fans and some of them on here should be ashamed of themselves. If you had all seen the extended video you would have seen the size of the knives in question. Yes Kola was extremely brave but you don’t know what really happened or what was said by Kos to Ozil in the incident. It would be interesting to see what Ozil’s critics would have done in a similar situation, very likely mess their pants no doubt.

  8. I don’t understand why does it matter to fans how much a footballer is earning as if the money is being paid from their bank’s the club’s money and the club itself is earning through sales of jersey from selling lots in ozils name from his fans.i think he has more followers in the entire premier League which means more shirt sales for the club

  9. This is a classic PC brigade article. Complaining about people who genuinely wrote nasty things about Ozil, in the wake of the attack, is a pointless exercise. You’ll always get trolls, and they are always a tiny minority.

    But this article is going after anyone who made a joke of it. Do you not understand what a joke is? From all the comments I read, they were harmless jokes, based on Ozil’s personality. Just like what we hear/see from comedians all the time. Apart from braindead trolls, of course everyone is relieved no one got hurt, and fingers crossed they catch the criminals, but there’s no harm in making a joke of it. I guess no jokes regarding the Titanic, any war, medical conditions, the Holocaust, famine, the Twin Towers, etc?

    1. I was with you until the last line. Then you lost me … big time. Unless I’ve misunderstood what you were trying to say.

      1. Regarding the last line, what happened to Ozil was/is nothing compared to what I mentioned, where people have died like in the Titanic for example, yet we hear jokes about the Titanic all the time with no fuss from most people. I am also pointing out how freedom of speech doesn’t exist anymore in the UK, because of a minority of people who’s feelings get hurt.

        Even Jo Brand recently got investigated for making a joke, even though she is a comedian by trade, made the joke on a comedy show, and most, if not all of the audience, laughed at the joke. But because a tiny minority or even one person got offended, the police had to get involved.

        Freedom of speech is dying fast.

          1. Or a pass to be stupid. A perfect joke is all about timing and all those supposed jokes were poorly timed.

          2. Who decides what’s offensive .?…. An education
            If you were driving your wife away from knife attack and within hours you were called a coward would you find it funny ?

          3. I agree that timing does play a part, that is a very good point.

            But my overall point stands about freedom of speech, because we’ve also had articles on here attacking fans who dared to criticise Wenger, or the players performances. I just don’t think fascism is a good thing and people need to stand against it.

  10. I dont reply to fools, those twiter handle belongs to fools so, no more comment on the issue.
    Am glad both guys are safe Thank God.
    Am sure @Eddie.@sean and others criticizing our summer business so far read the last article about Raul interview. Its just the way i have been saying it ever. Coach knows his players better than we all do, he has his plan for the next season, season isnt over yet so we cant judge the window yet.
    And as for those thinking the promises are smoke, i will advise u guys keep quite and let us wait for window to close before casting stones. When we couldnt buy but could only loan during winter, UE told us all, so the promises are reliable

  11. I think because it all ended with lifes intact and nobody hurt it is safe to say that some(including myself) people saw the satirical side of it all and could laugh it off. Dont presume that anyone like me doesn`t understand the serious nature of what happened .

    1. Le Coq Monster, the thing is you make fun of everything on equal basis which is fine. Some others though take every opportunity to single out a few players. Them choosing this opportunity to take shot at Ozil is the issue.

  12. People are idiots if they’re saying should’ve would’ve could’ve on either of these players responses. There was no logical thinking going on, no reasoning, it was purely instinct, fight or flight kicked in and took over with the body pumping quicker and the heart beating faster. Well done Kolasinac, and well done Ozil, nobody got hurt and they live to tell a WTF moment. Youngsters who carry knives will probably be the most mouthy online commenters.

  13. Love to see if these keyboard warriors would see the funny side of the situation if it was their families/friends being threatened with a knive.

    Anyone who thinks this is fair game for humour, ßhould be ashamed of themselves. How they can think they support TheArsenal and it’s players is laughable.

    We don’t need so called supporters like this and I hope others remember these posters and treat them with the contempt they think is perfectly ok involving a life threatening incident concerning two of our players.

    1. ken, I couldn’t have said it better, speaking as someone when only 19, who was attacked by a knife wielding nutcase and managed to come out on top.
      One piece of good which may come out of this deplorable attack on two high profile people and their wives, is that the Mayor of London and the Metropolitan Police are forced to address the problem of knife violence.
      In addition it is an inditement of the current situation, when someone like Donald Trump can use it to slag off London.
      As well as addressing the policing and punitive issues, attention needs to be focused on the underlying social issues behind youth violence.

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