Arsenal fans are enduring a transfer window full of false hope

Another bout of false hope!

Surprise surprise, well it is not really a surprise that Arsenal is set to lose out on yet another transfer target to yet another club!

Long term target Dusan Vlahović seemed close to joining us and things were looking positive but it seems now that Juventus is going to ruin that party!

Could that mean Paulo Dybala, who is yet to sign a contract extension could be on the way out? (If he comes to Arsenal we won’t complain, but that is not very likely.)

But I don’t blame Vlahovic for choosing The Old Lady (if that is of course where he will end up.) I mean why would you want to play for Arsenal, who take one step forward and five steps back?

Juventus want to bolster their team and after we lost out on getting Manuel Locatelli to them, it now seems they will come first in this transfer too.

Sky Sports has seemingly confirmed that it looks likely Juventus will be adding Vlahović to their ranks, but then again that’s what you get when you have a spineless board backing a “yes sir” manager who says the “market is difficult” and gives fans hope we could be in the running for players, yet we get blown off the park by other teams and their contract negotiations!

I am not saying the market isn’t difficult, we know it is, but if you want to win things and you go for a player and a bid you put down is rejected then it is common sense that you increase the bid if you really want that player that much. Because why wouldn’t you, if you went for them in the first place you clearly are interested in them!

You have to do all you can to go out and get that player.

We need additions at Arsenal and the sort of transfer policy or transfer attitude we have where we give up and claim the “market is difficult” is not going to cut it anymore!

It is absolutely ridiculous that we went from being practically front runners for Vlahovic to losing out on a talented player to another club yet again.

When is it going to stop because it’s becoming too much of a joke right now, and the more we need players the less likely we are seeming to be getting anybody in!

I personally think we will not finish in the top four with this current squad and the performances they are putting out.

They clearly have a lot to learn but if we do finish in the top four then I will take my words back, but I don’t think this team is strong enough or even good enough to end up in the top four, not with the way the other teams around us are competing and how strong they all are.

And if we do not add anything in this window, it will be an uphill battle for even sixth place!

Shenel Osman


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  1. Arsenal will get into the UCL next season. and will be grouped alonside Juventus.

    You saw it here first.

  2. Despite how things have panned out so far still think we will make at least one signing, maybe two. Jovic on loan+Guimaraes/Tchouameni I’d be content with at this point.

    1. There lots of good striker in the market .
      If valhovic doesn’t want to sign, leave him.
      Sign one midfielder , we are shockingly light at the moment. Eg: Zakaria, kessie, brozovic, tcouhmani, etc
      We can sign striker in the summer, my pick will be Darwin Nunez )) isak

  3. From what I can gather in the press, Vlahovic, simply wants Juventus and not Arsenal. So what on earth can be done? Offer him and Fiorentina 10 times as much? Doesn’t make sense at all, and the criticism is totally misplaced.

    1. I agree with you AndersS, this is just another article she has written having a go at the club, it’s management and players. Perhaps she should run off with the other serial moaner on here, Konstantin, Mr Negative!

        1. I totally agree – just as it was with RVP and Sanchez (to name two previous players).

          If a player doesn’t want to play for the club, get out of the situation gracefully and plan ahead…. that seems to be what we HAVEN’T done, rather clinging to the vain hope that Edu can perform miracles or Arteta is a magician.

          1. Ange Postecoglou has a practice of not buying a player, unless he wants to play for the club. Arsenal could have dodged a bullet with Vlahovic going to his preferred Juventus.

          2. Neither Edu or Arteta has come out saying we are going for him, some of the administration time would have been on calls, meetings and keeping in touch but I’m sure they are done g that with other players, it is the media saying we are spending all our time on this deal. I don’t know either way if they have spent all their time on one deal but you would be a rubbish salesman of Edu has done that.

    2. Agree, this criticism is simply a rant, all folks involved are trying their best to bring in the best players that will suit, I am glad we missed the Serb, if players do not want arsenal then we do not want them, we have had enough of Prima Donnas

  4. Lyon accepted Guimares offer from Newcastle for 30 million.
    No offer from us apparently.
    This is a bargain.

    1. NG, many of us have been pushing the name of Guimaraes for some time. Arsenal apparently doesn’t need to strengthen midfield; AMN, Torreira and Guendouzi on loan and no interest in buying Guimaraes or anyone else it seems?

  5. We were never front runners for Vlahovic as he didn’t want to come here, sounds like the board tried to get him and fair play to them for trying but you can’t force a player to do what he doesn’t want to do
    Time to move on

  6. Not just the transfer window i would say the whole season as been full of false hope once again .
    Shame really as we have a good set of players .

    1. The season isn’t over and may exceed our expectations at the start of the season, still a long way to go.

  7. This has to be the dumbest article so far this year, when you know the story behind the failed transfer?
    Sometimes it seems all you guys want to do is just wait for any chance to write something negative about the club

    1. Bring him back unless the damage in the room is so great that it is okay to throw away a lot of money.

      I am not in the room and I am not a big Arteta fan, but it seems like Auba is poison, and he is not delivering any return on the pitch.

      For the health of the club maybe this really does make the most sense.

      We need a striker and we don’t have one. Eddie is no good, Laca misses a lot and Auba misses a lot and may be a cancer in the room.

      Bringing back Auba, even if he starts to score (big if) may be worse for the team than leaving him to rot.

      Again, I don’t know the dynamics as I am not there to see.

      1. and I should say, Eddie is not good enough – mean to say no good. Just not good enough. Same for Laca – one of my favourites but he misses too often now.

        So my apologies on the terminology!!

    2. 👍 Best option at the moment, because Aubameyang’s pride must be hurting and will have a point to prove. He will want to show that he still has it for European leagues, as he doesn’t want to play in Saudi Arabia.

    3. How many chances he needs to blow in order to prove to you he has become the next Ozil? He took the big money and stopped scoring, or even trying. Instead of being example for young players he has bad discipline and during games couldn’t hit sitters time and time again. We need a new striker who can hit the target 9 out of 10 times in the easy situations, because we lack such a player. Ever since Aubemeyang stopped scoring, Lacazette is easily the better option, because he is doing so much more on the field. If only he was hitting the damn the target … we wouldn’t need a new striker.

  8. It wouldn’t matter how much we bid for Vlahovic he simply didn’t want to sign for us so your argument that we should have just increased our bid is just irrelevant. My only concern is that we spent too long chasing him when it was obvious he didn’t want to sign for us , thereby giving us less time for alternatives.

    1. in fifa22..

      there is no player you cant sign

      unfortunately fans have been treated the club like Fifa22

    2. Even if we got him I suspect that he would not sign a big extension and he could have been gone in 18 mos.

      Give his agent props for playing the game well.

      Considering Vlahovic’s stance and attitude, is he really somebody you want on your team? He sure seems to be burning his current club but to be fair, he is performing.

      This is where the snippets of intel that we get in the papers or on the net cause more harm than good – we never know the story…

    1. I’m not going to pretend to know much about Bruno but this one will really hurt if Arsenal don’t get a midfielder in this window. It shows that there are deals to be made for quality players in positions where we are short. I’m still hopeful but time is ticking.

  9. it is only false hope if we believe everything we read in the press around transfer time without question.

    Dusan Vlahović – there was more press about him only wanting to go to Juventus than anywhere else – that result is not false hope, the opposite view was wishful thinking.

    Getting good business done in January is not easy – it is a miss more than a hit and not just for us.

    Everyone knows that we need a striker and CM – so we have to pay a lot for the players and most clubs won’t let their really good ones go in January anyway.

    The number of players linked with Arsenal who never see the field at their home clubs for whatever reason is huge. Why would we suddenly want most of them.

    Not arguing need for reinforcements at all, but the hype is so over-the-top…

  10. Clubs that are seriously in need of reinforcements are busy doing that, Arsenal are busy making excuses, raising false hopes. If player A doesn’t want to play for you, which you have seen the signs ab initio, why don’t you leave them and check for player B or C rather than wasting the window.

  11. All Arsenal need is for Arsenal’s Norwegian captain Martin Odegaad to approach his national team mate and close friend Ewling Haarland with a large offer from Arsenal. All that is required is ambition by Arsenal and Vlahovic will be forgotten.

  12. I have to say warning signs have been there from the recruitment side of things for the last 3 years. The issue is Edu, the signings he made for Arsenal before Arteta joined in conjunction with Raul and Kia were not good enough, bar Tierney. Leno, Torriera, Luiz, Pepe and Willian all Edu signings and were/used to be decent players but not good enough or not what we needed.

    Also the urgency in which deals are completed is rediculous. Last summer his double holiday debacle with his mates Kia and Raul was pure stupidity. All when we needed a overhaul, the six signings we did make we needed at the start of June or at the end of July. We signed them 3 weeks into the season.

    Dusan Vlahovic only had eyes for Juve he always did have. The boy likes playing in Italy is doing well there and doesn’t want to move to another league. He’s 21 has plenty of time for a move abroad and for me has made a really wise decision. He can now develop into his peak years of 26+ in a league hes comfortable in with Juve, so hats off to him for his maturity. So to Edu this was apparent all transfer window so why did Edu waste a month chasing him.

    If a player does not want to move then leave it there, we all saw what happened to Willian. He didn’t want Arsenal either just used us to threaten Chelsea for better terms and it backfired. He turned out to be and expensive disaster.

    Arthur Melo, a player who wasn’t good enough for Barca, then not good enough for Juve. What the hell makes Edu think he’s good enough for Arsenal in the best league in the world. Again another signing that stinks of Edu’s desire to make sure our squad is full of average Brazilian players and another player we’ve wasted a month chasing.

    He was brought in to get us signings like Martinelli or Danilo or the next Neymar, players in South America market that were unknown gems. As he worked as Brazilian head of football development he should have knowledge of them all. But so far we’ve ended up with the majority of duds like Willian and Luiz, almost ended up with Emerson Royal until Arteta pulled the plug and then we’re chasing Melo for a month. Which I have a feeling Arteta again has asked the hierarchy to pull the plug again.

    As someone said Emery didn’t get the signings he wanted only really Saliba and Guendouzi. He paid for it, Arteta eventually got the signings he wanted and the squad looks far better for it. If the hierarchy are pulling the plug on his potential signings it’s time to move him on, I’m surprised they didn’t after the agent fees debacle with Raul which Edu was a part of.

  13. I doubt whether Arsenal could do anything more in signing Vlahovic when he simply did not want to come. But the point is we spent too much time on one player and I hope we have a back up in mind to sign a striker this window and also a midfielder is very much needed.

  14. Ah all this get behind the process crap really stinks. What are you guys above really defending in going after the likes of Konstantin and Shennel? Lethargy and Mediocrity? Edu will do what Edu is good at cover his arse and hopefully pick up a reject or two. The fact that a debt ridden, run down Juventus could beat Arsenal to two top quality players in less than six months doesn’t say much for our so called ambition in the real Football World. Please, don’t don’t don’t defend this current mediocrity.

  15. They’re waiting till deadline day to announce the loan signing of Arthur Melo, who is going to be another expensive flop till the summer if Juventus don’t have their way in making arsenal obligated to buy after loan expires.

  16. As usual no Plan B at Arsenal, so this transfer window is a failure. We needed signings before the FA Cup exit to Forest, and before the League Cup defeat to Liverpool. We even looked like rabbits in the headlights against Everton…..and Burnley???…what to say…… £$&K. Our club is so poorly run, it must be obvious to all. All the fantasy bubbles of cheering our team on to great heights are burst by reality. We have blown the January transfer window and are so badly coached that we are more up and down than a YO-YO. What a bad, bad January window. Shameful.

  17. No one really knows what’s going on. Maybe we should wait till the end of the transfer window. The technical and administration are most likely aware of how to put out the best team going forward ……their jobs are also on the line……a little patience helps in this case……I’m wondering why we don’t try Pepe as a striker? …….

  18. Luka Jovic is a quality footballer. He doesn’t have the height of Dusan Vlahovic, but he is a better technical player and has great timing. If he played regularly he would be a hit.

  19. First of all the worst decision of this window is, to send AMN on loan before getting enough replacements. And we suffered the same positions RB, CM where AMN could have played in the Cup/League games this month.
    Then we followed Vlahovic almost the whole window though he had shown no interest whatsoever to join us. Then we have been linked with Isak, DCL, Raul de Tomas etc who would also cost more than their actual transfer value and we couldn’t have afford them during this winter. Instead we could have targeted striker Arthur Cabral from Basel who is young, scoring goals (though it’s Belgian league) and would have cost much less than those were targeted till now. Apparently he’s signed for Florentina as replacement for Juventus bound Vlahovic…

  20. There must be somthing Artetta and Edu see in Bruno from Lyon they dont like as . no way Edu and Arsenal couldn’t sign this defensive midfielder over Newcastle .
    Am truly wondering if its case like Emerson Royal when we didn’t sign him and went for Tomi the Japanese which turn out to be a master stroke

  21. Voyageur this one will hit us real hard where it hurts if reports is true,
    That will mean one or two things. either we dont have the money to make the deal or Edu dont know what he is doing

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