Arsenal fans are getting their voices heard again

Thanks for the memories Arsene but it’s time to say goodbye!‏ by KM

I am so happy! And no, it’s not because we won 4:0, which would usually be quite nice, but because the Arsenal fans who attended the game made me proud. After the game, a banner which was last seen in an away game at WBA was span out, and it’s message is well known “Thanks for the memories Arsene, but it’s time to say goodbye”.

If you watch Arsenal Fan tv after the game, there was interview with the fan who brought up the banner and it was spot on. The guy spoke of the years of hurt, the false excuses, the fact that we’re not fighting oil money, but we’re 8 points behind Leicester who are “crisp” money as he described them.

Asked whether it was the right time to put it after a 4:0 win, and shouldn’t it have been be put out against Tottenham, the guy explained that it’d be difficult to get it there and he didn’t want their fans to get encouraged from the fact, there’s a growing force among Arsenal fans that are sick and tired of the excuses.

I really believe it’s worth checking out because it speaks of volumes of hurt. Finally the guy was asked the question if we do the double would he still want Wenger gone and the response was that it’s time for fresh ideas and he also spoke of the problems of getting another yes man. All things I’ve been banging the drums on for quite a while now.

Onto the game, there are a few key moments. Three injuries! All because we left it to a replay! We introduced Ramsey who is massively overplayed, and despite scoring a goal vs Spurs he’s been overall terrible this season. Then comes the two centre backs highlighting problems we should’ve addressed in the summer.

Now our defence has been pretty poor of late, but we could well be facing Barcelona with Chambers and Monreal as CB, despite the fact I’m not really sure if that’s worse than Mertesacker (speaks volumes of our defence) it’s still a major concern. We have Everton away after the European champions and their offence is pretty good, but our recent record at Goodison Park isn’t!

Finally I’ll finish with Theo and Giroud both scoring 2 goals, by noting that despite the fact this should boost their confidence, it’s Hull citys reserves with all my respect for them. Besides, our game plan didn’t really get going. We scored through a mistake they made. And the second mistake we converted made them abandon the game.

Steve Bruce cancelled his offensive sub, seeing that he’ll hardly take anything and we just rolled the clock. Theo scored a nice goal from a sublime Campbell pass and now that Ramsey is injured, maybe Joel will finally get a place he deserves in the squad. But I feel like those 2 goals each of our strikers scored might rob Joel and Welbeck of the starting places, which I still believe they deserve more.

And make no mistake, Theo, despite his one good and one lucky goal, was still really poor. Wins like that rejuvenate Wenger. They are his fountain of youth, because after them he comes out speaking about quality and spirit and how it’s the best he’s got since 2004 and so on, but I feel like this time the tide is finally turning.

Repeated failures against Chelsea, Man United, Stoke and Swansea no matter what the circumstances, the failures in the Champions League and the lack of transfers despite the huge funds available are taking their toll. The fans have a voice and it’s great for it to be heard. Wenger of course hears nothing, but you can only ignore the world for so long.

He’s just a bad manager and he is not even in disguise anymore. Look if we beat Watford, we’ll be in the semis of the FA cup but don’t be fooled. Arsene sacked the FA cup for so many years, because he himself knows which are the big prizes. Now he’s hanging on the FA cup, because it’s saving his job and settling the unrest.

This time though, the FA cup and 4th place won’t be good enough. Even a most unlikely double, wouldn’t be enough. It’s time to address the real problem at hand and as long as the fans have their voice heard, even if it’s by anybody but Wenger, it’s going to happen. Sooner or later.

Thanks for the memories Arsene, but it’s time to say goodbye!


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  1. yes the wengerits came out of their caves again, after we beat a second leauge team to 4 goals. we are all cool now

  2. and chelski is on the brink of UCL eLimination!

    Only God knows what’d happen 2 us at camp nou

  3. Bad year for the epl teams. This needs to change as soon as possible. I will be hoping for liverpool to beat manure and take the crown home.

  4. @Greg………Haha……. We posted similar comments at the same time (9:27pm) ….it couldn’t have been coincidence L()L

  5. I feel the time for change has come. Not in a vindictive manner but for new ideas , new goals for UCL AND PL on a more regular and realistic basis

    Wenger points to his top 4 record as achievement. I completely agree but Arsenal needs bigger goals. Frankly I do not mind if we go through a transition period to come back stromger in the PL and Europe. AS THE 7TH RICHEST CLUB IN EUROPE AND 2ND IN PL WE MUST ASPIRE TO WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND PL SHOULD BE A REGULAR TARGET. Anything less is honestly an underachievement

    Did anyone see Diego Costa’s equaliser for Chelsea vs PSG. This is what a world class striker does , creates space where there is none and scores a great goal. Because of Wenger it now seems Arsenal cannot find these kind of players

    Also Sadly bigger goals now seem too high for Wenger. There is a disconnect bewtween what the fans want (Bigger goals), what Wenger wants to offer (4th placev is okay) and what the board wants (Minimum 4th place). Something has to give. Since the fans and board cannot go away, the only expendable will be Wenger in this equation.

    Unfortunately, he seems to be taking on the fans and forgetting this fact. We will see how this will play out if he does not change his way of doing things

  6. *Yawn*

    Wake me up when Arsenal will win UCL if that’s what you want. Have no clue why supporters like you think Arsenal have a divine right to win EPL. 22 teams enter in competition to win it and nice thing is that teams like Leicester or West Ham are there.
    BTW, I have checked what Wenger said about supporters and the only thing related to that is the fact that he can’t control fan’s emotions. The rest is as usual media $hit. But then again, I don’t expect people like Kostadin to read anything else but the article title. I didn’t even bothered to read what he wrote because I know for a fact he’s talking gibberish. Fooled me once.

    1. I also dont expect you see the light aswell and admit default when its being shown right infront of you.

      only jesus can help, or an overdose of reality. not sure if you football fan and arsenal, or just into wenger a lot.

      1. Funny you should preach about being an Arsenal fan when you have nothing to show in support beside your username.

        1. I for once try to think, i think about arsenal how we could archieve the results we can reach with a little bit of effort.

          Wenger is that guy who is not trying therefore i want him replaced with somene who is willing to do the job, and not pretend and fake his way through the years.

          You do think that Wenger is still the best manager in the world do you? hahah. Get your priorities right fanboy

          1. There’s no such thing as best manager in the world if you judge by sports results. That should be pretty obvious. You are as good as your last sport result, ergo no such manager keeps winning indefinitely. LvG put it very eloquently today: Liverpool and United winnings were in another era. Same with Arsenal or any other club. There’s no divine right to win a competition, Barcelona included.
            Finally, you added me in the fans ranks. Much appreciated it. A true gooner like you should not be taken lightly, afterall what you have done for this club supersedes what Wenger did. Legend. Can I touch you, see if you are real?

            1. Right. Guardiola won everything with barcelona and knew that he could not take barcelona any further but rather then that only regress. Thats the same concept which happens with every other manager in the world besides Wenger and Arsenal. They win and move one. Wenger won and now he doesnt know hot it looks like, he has become poor and looks out of place in the football world. The sole reason why he is not being sacked is bec he makes money for the ones who are not interested in football matters.

              The whole board is filled with money people who have no interests in the game at all, and wenger included, and you and your odd friends as well. Where do your priorities stand? You obession with wenger is crazy.

              1. Guardiola went basically to the only club in Germany which can win the title indefinitely. It is hot his merit Bayern board bought half of Bundesliga and having a cracker every weekend.
                Test came in Europe where his former team gave him a lesson. Now that he was exposed at Bayern he leaves for City but I doubt City can buy their way through EPL just like Bayern can do it in Bundesliga.
                Arsenal board is full of elderly which should be put to the retirement house because I am not even sure they can open their mouth to say something.

                1. You know that Wenger got his trophys while playing for the leauge only against manure do you? The epl was very weak during that time, and your sir underrate the bundesliga and overrate the present epl way to much.

                  My money is on Bayern for winning the cl this year. Besides success Guardiola brings also good football with him. With City he would do very good. To bad Arsenal Wenger did not make room for him. Good night.

                  1. Exactly. Which makes it very difficult to match the best team of the era week in, week out. Don’t let the bed bugs bite you.

              2. Haha. You are the one with an obsession with Wenger! And I love your comment that he has no interest in the game. LMFAO!! No interest lol keep em coming you crack me up

    2. When I watch teams like PSG, Bayern, Real, Barca, Juventus, etc, I see teams who play like they want to win the UEFA CL. Of course, only one of them (maybe none) will win in the end. But I will be content seeing my club play as one of the favorites, irrespective of what happens in the end. Everyone knows Arsenal FC is only there to make up numbers and collect money, nothing more.

  7. More bile from km, he should really go support some other team. I see most posters gave ignored him and written about Chelsea instead.

  8. I just saw the chelsea-PSG game the parisians looked arrogant in the way the ball moved. There are only few sides better then them.Arsene will look stupid he will blame the fixtures and everything. What happens when Leicester play champions league on Wednesdays and then fight for relegation battle on a saturday won’t it look funny. And what happens if the management is not interested to know how a fan feels do they not tell the manager about boundaries of crossing the line when protects his lacklustre squad and himself. He says one day it is fans who need to get behind the players and the next it is players who need to produce something in order to give fans something cheer on. Özil will need to leave this pit-hole and join a real club like Bayern.Does the manager thinks he can win 3-0 at camp nou and the manager should embarrassed that teams like Celta and Bilbo thrashed Barca.

    1. Then probably you should forget about this pit hole and go support a real club like Bayern. Better yet, Barcelona.

    2. To our luck, bayern are already full with players and are not in need for a player like him, bec if not for that reason alone, they would have bought ozil in an instant, and there would be no chance of arsen being eable to stop him

      fabregas was on contract and had still 3 more years. barca got him for cheap. one example of many others.

      playing with ronaldo and benzema is not quit the same like with chamberlain and giroud

      1. Fabregas was sold for 30 million plus 1 million per year for 5 years in a row. Once he Barca sold him we even got transfeer fee from them. Not to mention the fact that when Barcelona won UCL we cashed in again. If that’s your definition of cheap then you are probably Donald Trump stepson. But again, don’t let truth stay across your agenda.
        Ah, BTW, it was Wenger which came with this shrewd plan. I say it worked wonders.

        1. It was cheap. Fabregas was the real deal at that time. But who am i telling this. And again. We should have got him back the moment we had the chance too. Its not an egena its a bit of reality. google it up

          1. Keep saying that to yourself, it may become truth one day. And you lot call Wenger deluded. Must be some kind of wildcard word you use when basically there’s no argument to sustain your point.

            1. The truth is that fabregas is a player, an injuried wilshere probably can never emulate, and ramsey also not. They lack the experience and the talent to do so, so why is he playing at chelsea and is not back at Arsenal?

              He played very good and had the best stats right after Messi. I am mentioning actual facts and no lies. And with chelsea he is also doing very good, if you didnt noticed it yet yourself.

              open your mind and think outside the wenger box mr.

                1. Oh rlly? Its not like he had Denilson, Bendtner, Almunia, Chamack with him at barcelona. I am afraid, but you seem to be half as smart as your master. Before you accuse me of something check it first out in google for example.

                  1. Nope. There was a man (which is still around) called Sergio Busquets who gave him (and still gives for Spain national squad) a run for his money. Fabregas is not a very intelligent person otherwise he would realize what he was about to be sucked into.
                    Well, at least Arsenal got a fat check. Justice is done.

                    1. Plz for the love of not making look your self like a dense dutch guy who doesnt want to understand at any cost, collect your thoughts before you post something.

                      Fabregas is so intellegent besides earning big money he was also interested in playing for glory not exploid himself while playing for clubs whoes only aim is making money alone. ( guardiola left the club and he was not welcomed anymore, he was a luxury buy anyway).

                      Count the trophys he has won the moment he left Arsenal. And then speak again.

                    2. Bosuqets plays in a diff poz to him potato head. Justice is being payed by earning big money and winning the epl????

                    3. Busquets plays exactly in the middle where Fabregas played for us. Fabregas is so intelligent he never had a full season in form (luckily Chelsea already won the title in December otherwise relying on Fabregas would have been quite some achievement).
                      Resorting to ad hominem attacks won’t win you any argument, you know. It merely shows you basically ran out of them.

            2. I’ve just made a new name up for keyboard experts like our friend there.
              DWOKKs Deluded Wenger Out Keyboard Kids.
              if they can call Arsenal fans deluded then we can use it to!

              1. DWOKKS is pretty good but we already have the KKK. No, not the Ku Klux Klan – but the Konstantin – Ks-Gunner – Klowns. Took a few weeks off from coming here only to return to find this board is still infested with the above plus their cohort Soapy Aeon or whatever his name is. I guess maybe a full HALF of all posts on this board are filled with the usual, repetitive, recycled boring drivel from this bunch of bandwagon jumpers. Wonder which of them has the brain cell this week.

                1. Wouldn’t know as I’m not an AKB. Definitely not an AOB either as their attitude (“the other teams should let us win every game”) and their pathetic whining after every setback shows they’re just a bunch of mummy’s boys who’ve yet to grow up and join the real world . . . which does not always go as we would like it to. Much prefer Steve Bruce’s estimation of our manager to yours. Having said that I really wish Arsene would NOT have his favourites like Rambo who he always selects even if he has to play him out of position!Annoys the hell out of me and it must be extremely disappointing for such as Joel who’s shown he deserves to start every match. Let’s hope Elneny steps up to the plate and delivers – the signs are very encouraging so far – while Rambo is injured and the two of them combine well together. I’ll be expecting a lot of thumbs down for this at around 4pm – 5pm UK time, (when the AOBs get home from school) but it’s just gone 11pm where I now live so I’ll have to defer the pleasure of laughing at their mad ramblings until my early morning coffee tomorrow.

    3. Ermmm can you define recently please? I just read that Barcelona have just created a new La liga record by going 33 games undefeated.
      But never let facts get in the way of a good story eh???

  9. @Konstantin
    You must be a card carrying member of the AAA(Anti Arsenal Arsenal)…Seems to be a lot of you guys around here lately.

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