Arsenal fans are losing faith in Arteta and he needs to win some silverware (or else?)

Is Arteta’s job in danger if Arsenal don’t win silverware this season?

Mikel Arteta Is facing a lot of stick after the game against Fulham and of course that’s not unusual after a loss and especially after two in a row, Arsenal fans can be a reactionary lot and we always demand results. And when we’ve been so good at the start of the season and last season, we begin to expect more and rightly so. But if we end this season without any silverware, is Mikel Arteta’s job in danger?

After the 2-1 loss against Fulham, social media went crazy, as it usually does, but for the first time in a very long time I started to see #ArtetaOut trending on twitter and there seems to be a lot of fans out there doubting if Arteta is the guy to take this Arsenal squad all the way to the top and with this quality of players that we now have, for me, there no excuses as to why we can’t win silverware this season.

Arteta has been at the club since 2019 and has had a rocky road to where he’s at. In his first full season he took Arsenal to the semi finals of the FA Cup where they beat his previous employer Manchester City to then take them to the final against Chelsea and walked away 2-1 winners and lifted the FA Cup in his first season and Arsenal won the cup for a record 14th time in Arsenal history.

Winning a trophy in your first season isn’t easy and was probably an overachievement for what Arsenal fans were expecting. The next two years have been very up and down, with fans calling for his head on plenty of occasions, but the club stuck with him, backed him and he has since earned that backing with the level of performances we began to show and last season we came so close to lifting the Premier League title and only just fell short at the end of the season.

Again, the club backed Arteta in the summer and brought in some great additions, spending a lot of money, but backing the manager’s plan completely. Fast forward 6 months and it looks like the club have made the right investments, but just like last season, we have started off on fire, albeit with much less excitement, but that fire seems to be dwindling out and we look to be repeating history again. If Arteta doesn’t find a solution to push on into the second half of the season, I do think his job will be in danger.

He’s been given everything he needs to be successful and when managing a team like Arsenal, people expect big things, and if you can’t deliver on that, it could be your time to go. Personally I think Arteta needs to win something this year and because he’s been given all the tools to do so, I can’t think of any excuse why he can’t win anything this season and if he doesn’t, his job is definitely in danger.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. I also believe Arteta won’t survive without a trophy and a CL ticket, because Kroenke has spent a lot of money to buy new players and given him several years to rebuild the squad

    However, if Kroenke gives Arteta a new player in January, it might indicate that a top four finish will be enough

    1. It would be dicey for Arteta to be retained if he doesn’t win any trophy this season considering the money injected into the squad since his arrival.
      May be another champions league ticket could make Kroenke keep him anyway because of the financial proceeds. But for how long will any employer cope without silverware Arsenal is a big club.
      January Investment by the Kroenke will speak volume about their intentions for the coach

    1. For me it’s a scary tale. Out of the FA, UCL cups and finishing 5th behind the tots. Martenelli to Liverpool, Saliba to Madrid to add insult to injury in the summer. You cannot win honors with Raya, Tomiyasu, Kiwor, Zinny, Partey, Elneny, Jorginho, Fabio, Kai, Gab J and Eddie. Better if Arteta gracefully resigns this week.

        1. Wegner as a care taker manager until seasons’ is not all that crazy. However at this stage Arteta deserves time to sort out the mess he has created and get things on track, such as playing decent football, relieving the pressure off Saka and Martinelli, finding some actual full backs and getting the right players in their proper positions.

          1. Joe.S “Not all that crazy?”

            Some of us would say it is WAY BEYOND CRAZY.

            We would call it a deranged non idea which mercifully has ZERO chance of ever being raised by the clubs decision makers.

            It is a good laugh though , ASSUMING YOU LIKE GALLOWS TYPE HUMOUR!

            1. It was a wild hypothesis and deserves to be taken with a salt shaker. As I also mentioned, as demoralizing as I feel after that last performance, I still think it’s too early to dismiss Arteta as our manager. No longer a fan of his but give him some rope.

              1. “A wild hypothesis” and, on the other hand, “not all that crazy”.
                Which of those two contradictory statements will you go with finally Joe?

                1. Considering that this is something that is never going to happen, let’s go with “not all that crazy.” Firstly at this stage despite some poor calls I’m not yet in the Arteta out camp. Let’s see what the season brings and at worst grin and bear another season of standing still. Secondly, in response to those saying there are no alternatives to Arteta so we have to stick with him for better or worse, then I ” proposed” Wegner as caretaker manager until the end of this season when someone such as De Zebri
                  might be freed up. The ” Fat Sam” Mr Fixit role may not be Wegner s thing but unless he has lost his cognitive capacities I think Wegner could be as good a temporary fill in as anyone. At least he would allow his players the freedom and joy to express themselves and also pick players on merit rather than simply the fact that they are good trainers. Thirdly in case of such a crisis occurring it would be a feel good moment both for Wegner and the fans, hopefully sending him off as a savior and passing the baton on to the future. Hopefully some method in the madness there.

  2. There was palpable excitement among our fans attending live games leading up to this season, as the majority were content to trust the process. However, despite winning games and spending most of the time at the top of the league this season, our performances have fallen short of the standards we had become accustomed to under Arteta in previous seasons.

    A significant factor contributing to this downturn appears to be Arteta’s peculiar man-management of certain players. For instance, dropping Ramsdale under the guise of wanting to rotate goalkeepers, is a claim that has been debunked as untrue. Additionally, persistently fielding an underperforming player like Havertz and utilizing Zinchenko as an inverted full-back leaving the left side when defending vulnerable have raised eyebrows among fans.

    Furthermore, Arteta’s reluctance to rotate players and his tendency to make the same late substitutions have made the team’s strategy predictable. This predictability is being exploited by opposing Premiership managers who set up their teams accordingly.

    One glaring issue is Arteta’s refusal to give players like Saka and Martinelli a much-needed rest, despite clear signs of fatigue. This not only risks their performance but also makes the team’s approach more transparent to opponents.

    All these factors combined create a sense of frustration among the fan base, as they observe what appears to be avoidable shortcomings in the manager’s decision-making and tactics.

    I am not Arteta out but I would like him to make changes.

    1. Robert R my thoughts about MA are now the same as your last line says.
      I agree with all you write and thought it the shrewdest post of all on this thread.
      I have hitherto thought man management one of Arteta s strengths, in contrast to those on JA who claim it to be one of his weaknesses.
      I still hold to that view, in general, BUT on RAMSDALE it is palpably NOT the case. RAMSDALE HAS EVERY RIGHT TO FEEL DISGRUNTLED, which I feel sure he does.

  3. I’m not a candidate of top four. How can Liverpool and Man City, whose net spending are far less than our own, for the last four years be winning league titles and Champions league, while we only fight for top four? Completely unacceptable!
    Arteta must win either the Premiership or Champions league this season, else, he’ll be shown the way.
    He is the architect of Arsenal dismal performances in the last six games. He refused to start Smith Rowe in the attacking midfield,as against Sheffield United, where we scored five.
    We only need one central defender this January, to be complete.

  4. If thr writeres question has VALIDITY, the MA ha aonle one competition, the FA CUP, left inwhich to dsan his job. I sugest realist sich a smyself habe givenup ANY hppe whatsoeve rof THIS dquad, whicj wil,surely NOT be improvee rto any extent this month, being succesfil in CL or the Prem. Neither willhappen, unless you choose to fool yourself.

    So its the FA CUP or goodbye Mikel then?
    Well, NO, not a cat inhells chance IMO. KROENKE WILL NOT BE INVESTING IN ANY NEW MANAGER.

    And I think that is certain for some time ahead yet. I will not say never of course.

    But anyone who is seriously convincing themself that MA will be gone next summer, is NOT thinking sensibly!

  5. Very deceptive headline!
    The players also must step up to expectations. That performance against Fulham in particular stank to the heavens. There was no desire, no energy, no hunger, just nothing!
    It shouldn’t be like the club made a mistake to give many of them huge contract improvements during the year.
    It’s the same players who had an efficiently dominant performance against Brighton that turned out so lamely against Fulham.
    Yes, the results buck stops with the manager, but those on the pitch must also know the responsibility they owe to the club, the fans and to themselves. That responsibility is to go out there every single game and not only give their best but also to be seen to do so.
    Like the manager said after the game, that kind of performance cannot continue. And that’s a warning for all – manager and players.

    1. They are by and large Arteta’s men. Isn’t it also possible that he has made too many bad “Captain’s picks”.

      1. Plus regarding your theory coporateman, yes the players are underperforming but it’s the managers role to reverse this trend. Look at William the other day. He did more in one game against our flat lieing central defenders than he did in a season playing for us.than he did in

      2. No “by and large” about it Joe. S.
        They are ALL MA’s men, either by directly signing or giving new contracts and re signing them….including those out on loan, apart from Tierney, who we are sorely missing!!

  6. Arteta, for whatever reason makes inexplicable decisions, and we all say he knows best, but whether he likes it or not, he has to learn to rotate. Our second team should be able to take on Fulham, given they are mainly composed of Arsenal rejects, he is just exhausting our top players. Why was ESR not on the pitch, why does he not rotate goalkeepers (I think Raya was a mistake, we needed to spend elsewhere), why was Eddie always chosen above Balogan, who was never given a chance, in a similar fashion to the whole Willian saga. While discipline is necessary, intransigence certainly is not.

  7. Arsenal needs to win some trophy in any form, Arteta knows it and he needs to fix his own creation by playing one team week in and week out. Sitting on the bench with players who are capable of doing things differently, and substituting late in the game, what is this? He needs to work fast, starting with the upcoming game.

  8. I actually think his job is secure if we finish in the top 4 which we should

    I don’t think Kroenke will want to invest in a new manager. Maybe I’m wrong lol

    MA has improved us a lot, brought us back in CL and helped us win a FA Cup trophy and 2nd place. But is MA the answer to going one step further and winning PL and CL?

  9. If Havertz was bought to add to last season’s attack then that expensive experiment has failed. He is not a goalscorer and will never be one to justify the huge fee of £65m plus a salary of reportedly £300k + per week. My opinion? That was the biggest mistake Arteta/Edu made in the summer. Declan Rice was the complete opposite who will justify the investment made. Unfortunately Havertz Is on a long term contract so can’t be moved on but surely they must consider splashing out on a proven striker this window.

    If we Martinelli, Saka and Odergaard get back to scoring again along with a proper striker we aren’t a million miles away. Liverpool, from what I have seen, don’t look the force they were a couple of years ago their strikers, apart from Salah, are also misfiring. Also they will be without Salah and Endo for the next month when they will be playing us twice, once in the FA Cup. We shouldn’t panic just yet we still have a chance to win a trophy this year.

    The EPL will be difficult because City the sleeping giant appears to have awakened with de Bruynne, Haaland and Doku close to returning. If we can come second again to the World Champs I would call it a successful season. But we must finish above the Spuds!!!!

  10. At least fans can see what Arsene Wenger did for this club, just spending money does not make anyone a good manager. Wenger never had this amount of money to spend on a transfer window. Fans wanted Wenger out of this club, now look at Wenger he has a respectable job. This club will never be the same again

    1. Not entirely true. From what AW has himself said over the years, we know how many quality players we only just missed out on because he valued them differently.

      He also felt Arsenal’s money was like his own, so he didn’t overspend (when every other club did) . So he did have more money to spend than you think, he choose not to, and was super loyal to the players he already had.

      Also, when he could spend really big again, he completely mismanaged the transfers. At a time when we were crying out for some quality defenders, a DM, and a striker, AW blew his budget on yet another attacking midfielder (Ozil) to add to 50 attacking midfielders we already had on our books! In fact, he never replaced Gilberto, and that cost us so dearly.

  11. Ah, I can almost see a certain Ken Burns itching behind his key board ready to shoot your theory down in flames, Jen.

      1. Yes facts are facts , so can you detail the 50 attacking midfielders we already had before Ozil was signed… or is this just another claim that you wildly make up to castigated Arsene Wenger, while trying to defend Mikel Arteta?
        MA has spent in just four years, a whopping £800,000,000 plus, or £200,000,000 a season and you moan about AW treating the club’s money as his own – so explain how you see Arteta views the club’s money?

        Thirdly , isn’t Arteta being “super loyal” to the players he has bought and, if we were crying out for defenders under Wenger and he bought the opposite, explain why Arteta bought Zinchenko, Raya and Havertz when we were crying out for a goalscorer and isn’t that “costing us dearly?”

        You really do have a cockeyed view of Arsene and Mikel – one has done nothing right, while the other can do no wrong.

        So, let’s see those names, as facts are facts…. something tells me they won’t be forthcoming, but let’s see……….

  12. I believe if we make it into next season’s CL Arteta will be retained. Three big teams could be missing out if Villa makes it So if we are one of those possible three well then there is a big decision to be made. That’s how I see it. Moving forward, however, I do expect us to be title candidates more often than not

  13. I don’t like the tactics, I don’t like the formation, I don’t like the form, and I don’t like the lack of man management of the squad. To be honest, i am unsure what is to like at the moment but anyway, this all lays with one man, and he should take full responsibility.

    But, to regurgitate what the Kronkes said when they became majority stake holders “we are not in it for trophies” makes me believe that we will still be under Artedu until their contract ends.

    They have more pressing issues in replacing Vinai.

    Now, when that happens, it will be interesting if it will be a proactive person instead of another “Yes” person. Hopefully it is somebody that is willing to rock the boat and points out that with the investment already made that no European or domestic progression should be classed as a complete failure and without success and happy campers, Arsenal will be scraping around the bargain bin bucket for commercial growth and would possibly be a financial disaster.

    And maybe then the Kronkes may take note?

  14. At the end of season and we’re not in top 4 he should go,
    Me personally I would still sack him even if he gets top 4 and no trophy,
    He thinks he’s clever than he is,
    He plays raya over ramsdale, zinc over Tierney,
    Viera over Smith roe,
    He is ruining players confidence and overpaying others.

    1. I was questioning MA management long before
      he turned our fortunes around and last year I had to agree with most that he was doing a better job once he got some players out. I continued to question his player selection and management.
      criteria but hoped I was too critical or pessimistic.
      All signs point to the opposite. As a fan I hope we win something and he proves all of us wrong but it looks they only things so far he learned from Pep is to ask for money and players. Not a bad thing if you can produce winning teams like Pep but I have never been a disciple of any manager that $$$$ win trophies.

  15. After close on 700 mil spent on this team, we are struggling to find a consistent way of playing. We still have massive holes in our team. Goalkeeper, Left Back, Midfield and Striker, are all a problem. I think Rice apart, the signings in the summer have been a let down. Our play is too predictable and Arteta is/has been found wanting with his team selection and tactics. Arteta is not the proactive coach we all hoped for. We are picking up points better during a season but how much of that is Arteta and how much is the 700 mil invested? We are not over achieving that is for sure. We are nothing special.

  16. The fans don’t run the club. The owners and their hired management do. They have the right and the credibility to do so without the consent of fans. The sense of proprietorship is ridiculous nowadays. Very communism like. Whereas the countries these fans are from run by idiotic politicians voted in by them, God knows they shouldn’t be trusted in their poisonous words. The team went thru 2 bad games and all hell broke loose. Can the fans justify their own job credibility if they went thru 2 days of bad work? We the fans are connected emotionally to the club, not intellectually. So this is just an article from emotionally weak person.

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