Arsenal fans are swimming in a pool of Tottenham tears

Swimming joyfully in our rivals tears by Konstantin

Well lovely Arsenal people, north London is red. It always has been. You see, the way people talked before this game like Tottenham are bigger than Arsenal, like it’s a big test, like Conte is the be all and end all. Really?

We always beat Spurs at home. Even during their best times in 60 years, in which they’ve won pretty much nothing, and us being so poor, we always do them at home and we were by far the better team.
We actually tried to play football, not just hit balls forward hoping 3 players on their own can carry us. I’ve been a big champion of the idea that results will eventually match performances.
Tottenham were gifted a point they never deserved at Chelsea by the ref. They were extremely lucky against West Ham. Even a terrible Leicester team went to their place and could’ve scored at least 7. Even Forest had them on the ropes, but failed to score. They are a negative football team and they were well outplayed and beaten.
And seeing how pundits and rivals cry about the red card, not mentioning how we had more shots, more possession, better xG and so on, I love it. I’m swimming in a pool of their tears with a cup of tea and not a care in the world. If you look back at the challenge Royal actually deliberately leaves his foot to hurt Martinelli, because he was so frustrated he was getting smoked.
Anyway, let them cry all they want. It’s because our results now matter. We’re sitting top, above a ridiculous Man City side that just smashed United 6:3, with a monster striker that has 14 goals in 8 games.
We are 11 points clear of Liverpool. A team that was second by 1 point and played the final of every major competition, including the Champions league. Guess what? We play them next. If we beat them, that’s a 14 points lead against a top 4 rival.
That’s the real challenge. We usually beat Spurs, but Liverpool have hurt us a lot. They are there to be got at. If we beat them, I’m banging the title challenge drums.
Our real target before the season started was top 4 and I thought maybe 3d depending on what happens at Chelsea . Looking at the other top 4 contenders now, I’m looking at second place. Man City are more than likely to win it, but if we stay above them till the World cup, who knows?
I want to mention a few players. First off Gabriel… I’m worried about his mistakes. Us giving them a penalty was the only reason they had a 10 minute sniff at the game. He needs to clear that out.
Other than that, the team was sensational. Ben White at right back? Southgate is a joker for not picking him. Saliba is the calmest CB at 21 I’ve ever seen. Martinelli catching smoke when he runs again…
Thomas Partey is easily the most important player in our squad. He bossed the midfield. Keeping him fit will be instrumental to our performances, but in January we have to sign a back up for him. There are 9 games in October, we have to manage him perfectly to get through them, especially against the big teams.
And finally Granit Xhaka… The first person I’ve seen recover from a toxic relationship to become the hero. I see him assisting for fun, turning players to shoot in the corner. Fans singing his name, are you kidding me? I, like many others would’ve driven him to the airport myself in the past 6 years, but fair play to Mikel Arteta. He has taken him out of a position where he was a liability and found a way to exploit his qualities, some of which I didn’t knew he even had. Totally deserved fans singing his name.
The unity of this team and the connection with the fans is like nothing I’ve seen since I’ve been following Arsenal. Overall, I’m loving life. I like top spot, looking down on others… Long may it last!


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  1. Well Konstantin it a joy to read a thoroughly bubbly article by you on the merits of the Arsenal
    Hats off to Arteta and to the club for sticking with him and the plan. It was never going to be easy to make the transition from a slowly declining club to one that could challenge again. I’m pleased for Arteta and his work with Edu – who I wasn’t always complimentary about – for putting it together, piece by piece. Both being footballing men rather than executive types must have helped the chemistry.
    It hasn’t been an easy watch over the last couple of years at times but the effort is paying dividends now. The transformation has been a joy.

  2. Conte’s park-the-bus tactic could’ve gone either way, but he didn’t have Spurs stadium’s atmosphere to intimidate the Gunners and our players produced more than 500 high quality passes to suffocate Spuds

    Ten Hag also tried the same recipe yesterday that was successfully used against us, but he didn’t have Old Trafford’s atmosphere to intimidate Man City players

    It’d be interesting to see whether Conte will still park the bus at home or not, when Spurs meet us again in January next year. That is if he doesn’t move to Juventus to replace Allegri

  3. Arteta is only 2 months away from completing 3 years at the club and 3 years as a professional manager.
    The way he’s handled everything, the toxicity, the mental frailties we had, the bad attitudes and egos in the dressing room, for an inexperienced coach.
    Do you know how ridiculous that is?
    Find it absurd that se of our fans don’t protect him more, like he’s a decade and more years behind nearly all the manager he has to compete with.
    No wonder he had managers bigging him up and saying to watch out for him before he even started his managerial position.
    Makes decisions that requires balls, and for an inexperienced person, did it well and stood his ground since he knew what he wanted to achieve and how to get there. Got questioned and called all sorts of names by even our fans when he was ruthless, now everyone’s looking at him like he just found some new tricks or stumbled into this.
    No, he built thos from the scratch, he inherited a very poor team and players weak mentally, who yes had gotten to the Europa league final, but put up a disastrous performance. He made use of that squad to his best abilities and won the FA cup. What’s sick is he totally tore down everything and ripped apart that same squad while bring in each piece of option as he wanted.
    Now as a team, look at how we play, look at how effective we are.
    Oh “we didn’t have a playstyle and were never this good”
    Yes we were never because we had players who couldn’t do shít the way he wanted.
    “You can’t find a striker to do what Arteta wants”
    In steps Jesus to trash that narrative.
    We had Auba who’d be a ghost in games, who if he wasn’t on the scoreboard, you’d have no idea he was on the pitch, we had Lacazette who will run and come turn a midfielder who forgetting his primary job is to score goals.
    Now watch Jesus on Sunday puts himself in position to score against Liverpool while Martinelli and Saka get their final ball perfect because it won’t be Lacazette or Auba leading the line.

    Some of us saw this coming already and we saw the gameplay building up.
    Are we title challengers? We’re a season behind that target TBH, and if we end up challenging all the way, then great and we’re ahead.
    May the good vibes last

  4. That Gabriel penalty was so painful like wtf u are in the penalty area stay on ur feet why are sliding for God sake. Even 21 year old saliba knows u can’t do dat in d penalty area

  5. Now I’m one of those Gooners who remember the calamitous end to last season, when Mikel should have brought us CL football and failed miserably to do so.

    I wasn’t afraid to call him out for the baffling decisions he made, both on and off the pitch… something he actually agreed with and owned up to.

    When we played spuds off the park at The Emirates last season, the euphoria was exactly the same as it is today… and then we saw how much he still had to learn.

    He and Edu had a magnificent summer transfer window, probably the best in the last decade in my opinion and this was the turning point for him.

    Along with his management of Saliba and Xhaka, he is showing exactly what he can and will achieve – but let’s not forget the mistakes and the learning curves he (and we as supporters) went through.

    There is a atmosphere at the club that takes me back to the Invincible period – a belief that we are witnessing a return to where the club should be.

    I have sat through the depths of despair and the height of absolute euphoria with Mikel Arteta and remember both of those feelings.

    So, me personally, I thank the Kronkies for supporting MA 100% – Edu for quietly doing his job and bringing in players like Martinelli, Jesus, Zinchenko – Mikel for learning so quickly from his mistakes – players such as Xhaka and Saliba for listening to him – the fans for getting behind the club, manager and the players.

    For those of you unlucky enough not to be at the game, I would just try to give you an idea of the atmosphere when we were filing out after the final whistle.

    Young and old were singing and chanting, giving each other high fives and it was just magnificent!!

    Well done Mikel, you deserve all the accolades coming your way (as you also deserved the criticism!!) and liverpool won’t know what will hit them this weekend.

    Great article Konstantin.

      1. Drove down Pat – it took me eight hours 30 minutes overnight and travelled back after the game, listening to 5live and playing an audio book!!
        Got home just after midnight, but it was worth it!!!

        I’ll try and give you an idea of the whole ninety plus minutes if you think it would be of interest.

        1. That’s true dedication KEN.

          90 mins equals 5400 seconds. Please describe each second in detail!!

          I’ll let you off injury time though!

  6. Did Saturday bury the ghost of last season (especially at WHL) No! It was a great win, a strong performance but it on its own is just a sticking plaster. We were way ahead of Spuds last season and blew it, lets finish this one off first before we end up crying again in a pool of Arsenal tears. 6 years and counting needs to come to an end.

      1. Ken, while i agree somewhat, we had a very good tranfer summer last summer and were in a very strong position near the end of the season and didn’t carry it out. This season we do seem to be a different animal but i still need to see our “style of play” actually carry something out at the sharp end. Does our tactics work under pressure? When the heat is on are we still positive? I would like to think we will be but until that happens, we dont know.

          1. Last summers transfer window was labelled as “buying for the future” if I remember correctly.

            This summer, we bought proven and top class PL players, who brought that winning mentality to the club… along with Saliba being perfectly managed to fit in like a slide rule.

            I’m also one of those who are aware of false dawns, but I can’t help but compare the difference in the atmosphere, style of play, togetherness and belief that surrounds the club this time round.

            1. Lets hope it is not a false dawn Ken🤞
              It shouldn’t be, everything has been done to make sure we are back.

        1. “When the heat is on are we still positive”?

          Well Reggie, SOME of us are and SOME OTHERS ARE NOT!

          BYW, Reggie when you say “we” I”d remind you that “WE” are not all one entity, as we include all types , ranging from positive types to others who are doubting Thomas’s. Or should that read Doubting Reggies!

    1. I do think the red card made a difference but i would like to think we would have still won. We were at home, should be the dominant team and we were but Spuds tactics, whlle it meant they didn’t have the ball for long periods, still were causing us real problems when we were attacked. The red card definitely put the kybosh on any Spuds counters. With eleven men, Kane, Son and Richarlison up front, they definitely could have took any opportunity that came their way. Spuds, shot themselves in the foot, which was nice to see.

      1. But with eleven men, Reggie, they were simply not breaking down our defence.
        Don’t forget the red card was given in the second half and we were dominant throughout, both before and after.

        Strangely enough though, I think we were even more dominant last season!!

  7. Last time arsenal received redcard
    But we never complained..holding got redcard.
    Rayol got it .but too much shouting.

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