Arsenal fans are treating Ramsey like the girlfriend you know is going to dump you anyway

I have often compared some Gooners’ attitude towards the Aaron Ramsey contract saga as dumping your partner before they get the chance. You know they are planning to leave so you make out you don’t care, they were never good for you anyway so therefore you’re happy they are moving on. A kind of self-preservation.

The majority of comments I read on here lead me to believe the perception of the Welshmen is that he’s overrated and not worth the 200,000 he’s reportedly asked for. Many are happy that Arsenal had a change of heart and retracted their offer. The midfielder says he’s still to get an explanation to why a deal verbally agreed is now off the table. Some readers have laughed at the idea that any top European side would be interested. Yet this week, having been strongly linked with Bayern Munich some seem disappointed that he might get a decent move. Why the hate?

I personally would love there to be a compromise between all parties but that would have happened by now. I have always rated him. I wish he hadn’t missed so many games, but you can’t blame someone for getting injured. Put it this way, in a big game, I trust him more than an Iwobi or Mhkitaryan to nick a goal. What salary do you think the Armenian was given to move from Man United? Yet why do we forgive his lack of consistency? Do we wait till he’s leaving as a free agent to bring up his short comings?

Rambo is not innocent. He and his agent had a long time to sign an extension. They knew what they were doing by waiting ’til the last moment. He could have given us his signature a year ago and been a lot richer by now. He is though willing to stay at the Emirates. Staying in North London is his first choice. It’s us who think he’s not good enough. Don’t judge him though, because others might think he’s good at what he does.

This is a man who’s given a decade service. Whether you think he’s good enough or not, he’s always been professional and given his best, which is all you can ask of anyone. He hasn’t acted like Sanchez, thinking he’s bigger than the badge.
Even with it being a case of when, and not if, he departs, I don’t doubt his commitment to his final day of employment.

He will always be a part of our history, scoring in the 3 FA Cups he has won. A contribution better than most of his co-workers.

So good luck Ramsey in Germany or Italy or wherever your next destination.

Dan Smith


  1. Yes good riddance not good luck. Didn’t take Emery long to suss out Ramsey and Wilshere did it!

  2. Durand says:

    His FIRST choice is a big payday, Second choice to stay at Arsenal. He has the right to want more wages just like many of us would like to get paid more.

    If he wanted to stay at Arsenal he could have signed a contract numerous times within the last year. Seems he wants his cake and to eat it as well.

    Time is up on him finally, and after 10 years he has not panned out. Lacks discipline, technique, and gives everything bombing forward for goals, but poor poor positional awareness and leaves teammates isolated and midfield unbalanced.

    Eager to see AMN get a run of games in the midfield now, and in a coule years the team will be better for it. I wish him success elsewhere, and best of luck in another clubs colors.

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Emotional attachment clouds judgment… because he’s always professional and he does have his moments doesn’t mean we should ignore the fact that his flaws are much more than his strengths… Hell his strengths like Durand mentioned, leaves the team and midfield unbalanced.
    Yes goodluck to him wherever he goes. I don’t care if Barca or even Real Madrid gets him.. it’s time to move on, yes we all loved our exes and have beautiful memories that we wished would last forever, but it doesn’t stop us as humans from moving on and finding a better partner

  4. gotanidea says:

    Great analogy and great explanation, Dan

    Thumbs up

  5. Yossarian says:

    Ramsey is a decent player, but he is not one to build-on for the future if we want to be a consistent top-level team and serious challengers for the EPL title again. If he moves-on then I don’t think he’ll be missed that much. If he goes to a top-team for big bucks then good luck to him, but I’m really struggling to believe any of those rumours.

  6. Goonerboi says:

    I think it was more of sending a message than not wanting Ramsey. Arsenal players need to know that they can’t keep ransoming the club and get ijng away with it. The amount of players that have pressured us into selling last minute is ridiculous. Flamini,hleb,Nasri, RVP, Sanchez the list goes on. Players like Ozil and Walcott forcing us to overpay them. I’m glad we’ve taken this stance even though I rate Ramsey very highly. No-one is bigger than the club.

  7. Ojay says:

    Will be very happy for Ramsey if he gets a very decent contract and will wish him much better if it’s out of England, but I’m also very happy for arsenal that we moving on from him not that he was useless but frankly if he won’t stay as a squad player with lesser wages then there is no need. The mismatch between a player’s valuation of him self and that of the club can’t always be judged in favour of the player, this club has been held for ransom too many times and many people have risen from this same club seeing us as nothing more than a stepping stone or from total nobodies to all of a sudden being bigger than this club and as a fan it’s all been disheartening! he should go, whether it’s pride on our part as a club or whatever I don’t care but this stance (which is bigger than Ramsey) must stand and he should go

  8. jon fox says:

    DAN, Your naive question begs the obvious ANSWER that the main reason Ramsey is so unwanted is that he has had just one good half season in a FULL TEN YEARS HERE. AUG- CHRISTMAS 2013 when he looked a proper player. And nothing much since or before. QED!!!

    1. Midkemma says:

      While Mkhi may appear to be a Ozil light to some, he hasn’t been inconsistent for us for ten years, that is an element that can’t be ignored right?

      That short period of time though, what a player he was, defending and attacking like a specialist in each area. When he got that injury that ended his good run I was gutted, I hoped he could rediscover that form but he has shown less and less willing to have that def mindset which he had back then.

      He knew when to defend and when to attack, doing both, if he maintained that form for the rest of his years then he would have his big payday and we would be singing a legend in the making but instead we are looking to the future. Towards hope of another player who can make us happy.

    2. wale says:

      why cant u mention the 2 fa cup he won for us, for me he (ramsey) still better than ozil and mik in term of defence and goal, and he a player that can play more than 90min without tire

  9. Tissiam says:

    I respect Rambo for his services to the club, like you said he ,s always been professional but we have entered a new era at the club, I trust emery and thinks he has good reasons, we need to support him and let him sign his own players! I think we,ll need another 2 maybe 3 transfers windows to get rid of players he doesn’t fancy and get his own players I can’t wait man!!

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