Arsenal fans – Are you really surprised?

Referees and bad luck? Sure Arsene, sure!‏ by KM

Hello guys. Happy Christmas, although we received a sour gift from Arsenal. You know what is the biggest problem with that defeat. I could see it coming from a mile.

I will not comment on the game because after 2-0 I decided to spare the rest of the disappointment. From the 50 minutes I saw, we were so predictable. Same side that faced Man City and the same attitude towards the game.

We were second best the entire time. We haven’t played a really dominant game since beating United 3:0 and that was some time back. Our last wins came from dodgy performances, but when you win, nobody puts into question your performance.

It is Wenger’s job to see the problems in those performances even when we win, so we can not get beaten so hard away, by a team that’s near relegation. We missed a great chance to go top, and we have only ourselves to blame.

When you are beaten 4-0, it’s hardly anybody elses fault. I am really disappointed, but not surprised. This happens every year and highlights the lack of energy we had, because we do not rotate, simply because there is nobody to rotate with.

Anyway it is what it is. Hopefully we will improve against Bournemouth who haven’t lost in London this year!

Till then, enjoy the holidays.


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  1. Knowing Wenger and the team, there will be lots of twists and turns before the season ends…only thing rotating will be our arses!

    1. Every time we lose – Wenger out???? why don’t you rather support a different team SACKwengeR. Chelski is in London too. there will be ups and downs during the course of a season, but you plastic supporters (and by YOU I mean SW) should rather keep quiet rather then create disbelieve amongst us True gunners.
      The team will need us during the coming months and we should roar them on instead of asking for Wenger’s sacking.
      we just saw moanihno realizing how hard it is to compete when everything goes against you and wenger has made it work despite loosing best players, no transfer budget, stadium debts the past 10 or so years.
      Lets stick with AW and the team and focus on the next 3 points we need to get.

      COYG minus SACK Wenger

      1. Yeah we were not in the game the other night but everybody has off day, except of course OUR INVICEBLES hahahahaha…


  2. No disrespect but my main concern is that im praying that “we show up” tomorrow at the emirates dig deep and beat bournemouth, getting that crucial all important 3points! Coyg!

    1. A team that was going to win the Premiership would have dug deep and won 0-1 against Southampton not be beaten 4-0. The only place we are going under Wenger is nowhere! 2nd place is second best, 4th place is nowhere!

    2. AOB hope we loose again, again and again. So we can see that old man finally pack his bags. Do me a favor AOB’s, lick Piers axx when Arsene do get sack.

  3. Logging on the Just Arsenal is a lot like the team itself, `sometimes it works sometimes it don`t`.
    Maybe it`s me but looking at the squad sheets I can not remember a time when all of our best were on the paddock at the same time. It`s usually 60/40, sixty percent on the pitch, forty percent
    in the sick bay. (and I`m being kind). With this in mind Wenger has to start carrying quality reserves and rotating, not watching the pennies and pleasing the boss.

  4. we do not rotate because there is nobody..players like Gabriel, Gibbs, Debuchy and Chamberlain are constantly on the bench. we do not rotate because the manager either is too scared to try new things or he plays favorites just cause he can! looking at you Mertesacker.

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