Arsenal fans baffled as Wenger says Walcott will stay

Arsene Wenger gave his final pre-match Arsenal press conference yesterday, ahead of our final Premier League game at home top bottom club Aston Villa at home tomorrow, and one thing he said has left a lot of Arsenal fans shaking our heads and fearing that after all the criticism and complaints that have come the manager´s way this season, nothing is going to change after all.

Because even though the Frenchman did admit that it has been a poor season on the pitch for our England international forward Theo Walcott, The Mirror also reports that Wenger also categorically stated that he would be playing for Arsenal again next season. And if Walcott gets to stay at the club after scoring just nine goals all season and just five of those in the league, you can be sure that Giroud´s place is safe as well.

The boss even suggested that Walcott had been in good form recently although I am not sure how he would know because the speedy striker has hardly been used. With Giroud struggling for goals and with doubts over the match fitness of Danny Welbeck, when better to give Theo a run in the centre forward role if he was performing well.

When asked if Walcott should go to Euro 2016 with England Wenger said, “I think he should go. He has gone through a bad spell.

“He has had a difficult period but in the last month, he has come back very strong.

“He could be a positive surprise for England

“He will be here next season.”

It makes you wonder, does it not, just how poorly someone has to play for them to be shown the door by the Arsenal manager. And this is while we keep hearing him bemoaning the fact that there are no players available on the transfer market that could improve the Arsenal squad. Is it me Gooners, am I missing something here?


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    1. OT:
      In the midst of all the disappointment in the club at the moment, at least, there’s consolation for joy, that the Women’s team just lifted the FA Cub for a record 14th time. COYG.

      Did you see that goal?

  1. i cannot believe this .
    theo is staying?!!!!

    140 k a week for playing like draxler with two broken legs an a detached hip
    just give him away, those wages will fund xhaka!!!
    literally drive him to the nearest little chef, say ul be right back, an leave him there

    this better be a ploy to push his price up-
    then again hes famous for his loyalty to mediocre players

    1. Walcott was alright when we started the season. Remember him being first choice, doing good runs etc.? Then he was injured in the Capital Cup game because Wenger didn’t let him warm up. After that he’s been horrid.

      If no one offers + £20 millions, then we shouldn’t sell. If Townsend went for £12 mils, we should get double for Theo.

      Off topic, we were linked with Wolves CB Kortney Hause some time ago. He’s done quite well for them this season. A lot cheaper and potentially better than Stones.

      1. hes not been horrid,alexander the movie was horrid, jack and jill my god what a turdbomb of a movie

        but theo…how can i put this…
        *grabs jason mask an chainsaw, chases nearest person called theo

    2. How can you get good coming on for 10 minutes at a time. I hope he stays and gets picked to start v Villa. You lot just don’t like the 140 tag,good Agent he’s got to get the terms. Bet Sanches if he only got 10 mins for a few games would look poor. CB

  2. i ran a survey outside the emirates last month…i asked people to finish this sentence…
    heres the results….
    theo walcott is….

    *’…lacking in confidence’
    *’…the father of my two children’
    *’…the reason i voted for trump’
    *’…the guy from the a team with the mohawk?’
    *’….handsome for a squirrel…with no nuts’

    1. the reason i voted for Trump?!

      I understand banter and all but that goes too far man!

  3. Hahaha ?
    Did we really get our hopes up for major changes and quality new signings arriving at the club? … If So?.. Then, We are all as deluded and delusional, as the man in charge! ?

    I am surprised that Arsenal don’t brand their own anti-depression tablets…. For those never ending Groundhog moments! ?

    Please, somebody just kidnapp or abduct wenger..
    Piers Morgan. .. E.T…. Anyone? … Helppppp! ? ?
    Doesn’t Elneny have any mega rich uncles who could afford to buy the club ?? ?????

    1. Since Kroenke has a thing for ranches, maybe he will accept an offer of 200 camels, 1 tent and a shish kebab? ?

        1. Dangote has claimed to be a fan and if that is true then I will support his takeover if he ever makes it.

          To be fair I would support an Usmanov takeover as he has shown more ambition than Stan.

          I wouldn’t care if Silent Stan took £10mil a year for BS services IF our board was after the title and it was clear that was the ambition of our club…

          I just want to see ambition coming from the top down :'(

    2. The man in charge is Stan Kroenke, not Wenger.

      Do you need to see the suffering of the fans from the other teams he owns to see that we are becoming one of those teams?

      After Wenger has been kidnapped or what-ever then Silent Stan will hire a manager who can achieve top 4 target like Wenger could do, are you gonna make the same lame accusations of the new manager? and then the next new manager after a decade of top 4 targets? and then the next manager…

      It would be nice if all Arsenal fans could unite against the board, force the board to show ambition and that will get Wenger the sack if Wenger can not hit the ambitious targets.

      If we can get the board to show ambition then the WOB gets their wish IF they are right and Wenger can not achieve the targets of an ambitious board.

  4. While the hammers prepared their move into the Olympic stadium…..they signalled to the football world, they’d be raiding an EPL team for a superstar

    hahaha….funny that many thought walcott was the man….

    Now that walcott is staying according to “Wenger TV (WTV)” …… It’s clear that the hammers actual Target is “Benteke”

    Brace urselves for a very Long Transfer window!!

  5. Wouldn’t read too much into this- you don’t publicly say a player will leave unless it’s an absolute certainty.

    1. True! And since when has wenger been certain of anything?
      When He starts each sentence with a “Errr.. I don’t know”

      Either way, Walcott will be here next season…
      When West Ham visit the Emirates! ??

      1. One of the problems with Wenger is that we do not know if he is just backing the player or he is keeping his cards close, if he does want to get rid of Theo then would he actually come out and say it?

        If teams know we want to get rid of him then they will bid less and we all know that the board will not accept anything less than £25mill… >.<'

  6. Walcott is a good player but the system of Arsenal passing is suitable for Theo and we can all see that early release of the pass from anybody can help the team just like Giroud who chose to ignore the opportunity to pass it to Theo just to get a foul. Arsenal don’t have a lot of intelligent ball players.
    A report about Arsenal on their balance sheet was released and it said the club has 55 million to spend on players wherein the current squad must be sold in-order to make way for new players. This could have been acceptable 5 years ago but now with the income from Sponsors and other avenues this story only has little to offer

    1. £57 million if i am not mistaken and that is due to transfers we have already made and running costs of the club. The club has around £200mil in the bank iirc but only £57 for the manager, this doesn’t include the TV money though so it will be slightly different… at least from everything I have read ^.^

      What us fans could do with knowing is that we do not go “Here is your £42.5 million for Ozil” but more like “here is £20 mil now, your next payment is XX date.” Some of the £200mil in the bank is for those type of transfers ^.^

      The wording used by the individual who done the article, I believe the wording was a comfortable £57 million… (If we thinking about same bit of info) What he means by that I do not truly know but I would guess we could go slightly over it if the deal is worth it.

      This would go with the rumors that Wenger has about £70mil to spend, Wenger will not be given the whole of TV money to spend 😉

  7. So there was no actual quote of Wenger saying this about Theo? You quote him a lot but not the point about Walcott staying. Everything else is also reported elsewhere, which gives me the impression he didn’t say this and it’s the media reading things into his comments about Walcott improving over the past month.
    Either way I hope Theo puts in a transfer request, it’s better for all concerned.

  8. Arsenal first official bid for the up and coming summer transfer window, Was a £750,000 offer for Bolton’s 20 year old defender Rob Holding… Hahaha ? and you guessed it,
    The bid was way under Bolton’s valuation of the player.

    God help us! ??

  9. I would take Theo over Giroud any game. He has not gotten a fair chance at striker compared to Giroud.

    But we shouldn’t be talking about Theo or Giroud. We should be celebrating the arrival of Lukaku.

  10. You missed the obvious Bob.
    Wenger will never say “Oh I am selling him”, he always backs the players, even if it turns out to be the night before!

    Add to that how WHU rumors are knocking down Theos value, started at at least £25mil? now scraping £20mil offer?

    Then there is Theo’s wages, who will take them on while he is in his current form? If he went with England and had a good tourny then maybe we could find a buyer willing to take on his wages…

  11. Looks like you`re in for another boring summer if you`re an Arsenal fan, followed by another
    frustrating winter. There are definite advantages living in OZ, Arsenal are just the flick of a switch away and until sometime in October it will stay in the OFF position.

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