Arsenal fans being divided is what being a Gooner is all about

Arsenal has thrived with a divisive fan base and always will.

Right now, Arsenal fans are divided over Mesut Ozil but that is nothing new. It is always the way it has been.

I can quickly run off tens of divisive issues that have seen Gooners argue with each other. I can recall a heated debate in the pubs when George Graham was winning silverware over the style of football or when Sol Campbell was signed and I cannot imagine any history of Arsenal that will be told in the future that will not make reference to the end of Arsene Wenger’s time.

Debating Mesut Ozil is kinda tame to some of what has gone before, same with the notorious AFTV and even the signing of Nicolas Pepe.

It is what we Arsenal fans do, most of the time we do it without malice and in an intelligent passionate manner.

To the outsider, it may represent a divided fan base but to Arsenal fans, it is just another day discussing the club we all love.

Over the last few days, I have personally seen division in how we celebrated a draw with Chelsea. Some fans think it has gone too far, I mean, it was just a draw at the end of the day, others point to context and what that result means in the real world.

Red cards for Aubameyang and Luiz have even divided fans with some actually thinking neither was deserved.

Arsenal fans are one of the most loyal in the world, the travelling support and numbers on social media etc show this and with such vast numbers involved divided opinions is only natural.

As far as I am concerned, Arsenal fans disagreeing with each other is in our DNA and long may that be the case.


  1. Could not agree more with this article. Diversity of opinions are as welcome as diversity of people of all types with which Britain is well served with great riches. The time to really worry is never when we disagre but when we stop being interested. In just the same way that the opposite of love is not hate, but uninterest. PSSSION MEANS WE ARE CONCERNED AND THAT WE CARE. It means we are not silent like, er, some owner whose name I can barely remember! Those last six words are an obvious lie but oh, how I wish they were true.

        1. Impenia, surely your not implying that anyone on tnis site would say such a thing are you?

          Or even suggest that your views are a joke because they don’t agree with theirs?

      1. Simon, Equally true is that communication, which means speech and being made to feel a part of the club, IS VITALLY IMPORTANT. Because, Simon, as I hope you may agree, we fans are the lifeblood of all football clubs and do not thrive on “silence”, despite your comment! Food for thought perhaps; or even discussion and what is more healthy discussion! Communication breeds understanding but isolation and silence breeds mistrust. As an older person, I have long known that vital life truth and it applies equally to football, Simon!

        In older times when I was a young boy in the late sities British folk used to proudly (and depressingly) say “Oh I keep myself to myself and mind my own business”. Nowadays , younger and more in tune people are more prone to be concerned over strangers and ask if they are OK and not pass by on the other side(proverbially speaking). I really HOPE YOU ACCEPT THIS, because it is profoundly true, despite the sinister misrepresentation of many young folk by certain media outlets and newspapers.

  2. We are no different to fans of any other club in this respect.
    If everyone agreed with each other it would be rather boring.

        1. Well, I even disagree with myself quite often! Don’t think this is a joke either! We are all a mass of contradictions and in small but quite normal and natural ways also hypocrites. The word “hypocrite ” has long been misunderstood and some folk wrongly think that only a small percent of humans are hypocrites. I have long argued that hypocrisy is a normal, natural part of our fascinating but obviously imperfect human condition. I DO NOT JOKE, AS THIS IS A SERIOUS COMMENT. If you care enough, please do think about what I have written as you will find it is true if you really consider it and see how it applies to folk you know well and to yourselves. It is not something to be ashamed of at all.

  3. Its not just arsenal fans.

    Even the top successful clubs fans right now will have different opinions about different things.

    Life is all about perspective.Things you percieve will produce the reaction.
    But sometimes us fans we run out of respect,just because we dont like someone or something we try to prove to the whole world that this person or thing must be disliked.

    I believe in,”To you your opinion,for me mine”as long as there is respect included…which unfortunately sometimes i dont see in my fellow gooners on this site on some specific subjects.


  4. As long as we agree to disagree without malice, that is what it’s all about. How boring would life be if we all had the same opinions. Football is no different.

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