Arsenal fans can “expect something special” in January – but not Aouar

Happy December everyone, and it would appear that the Arsenal transfer rumours are going to be starting early, despite the window not opening until January.

With the dire form the Gunners are going through, most Gooners would agree that Mikel Arteta desperately needs a creative midfielder urgently, and yesterday we were given a glimmer of hope from the transfer guru Fabrizio Romano who was reported as saying Arsenal fans can expect “something special”…

After our long persuit of Houssem Aouar from Lyon in the summer, Arsenal fans were hoping to see us go back for him in January, especially after hearing he was dropped from Lyon’s squad this weekend.

But the player himself has now stated that his punishment for not training was just a misunderstanding and he has no problems with the Lyon sporting director Juninho, who decided upon his punishment, and is not considering leaving Lyon in January. Aouar told RMC: “I’ll be at Lyon until next summer, at least.”

“I do not see how I could be unhappy in my city, in my club. That is something that I do not understand.

“I am very happy to be here, I took the decision to stay with the club that formed me, I savour every day I have here.

“Everything that I want, is to put this club back in its rightful place with my team-mates. I am very happy to be here, we have an enormous amount of ambitions for this season.”

So, it doesn’t look like Arteta’s main target will be coming in January, but who on earth could be the “something special” for Arsenal?

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  1. It’s one thing to expect. To get, that is another!

    This squad need more than one though. This squad is rife with pretenders who adorn the badge but don’t get its meaning and what it represents!

  2. It could be the mighty Mesut Ozil. That would be like a new signing, . CAM covered! Top six clubs are beginning to feel the heat, and shiver and tremble at the prospect of facing Ozil again.But wait a moment, maybe a goal and an assist for the next six months. Or it could be Jorginho or someone retiring from ManU. Or even someone from Sheff or West Brom on a mega wage per week.Remember Kieren Gibbs? With Edu you can keep guessing.

    1. LOOSE CANNON. i agree with word you have written in your comment.i cannot wait to see the silky skills of one mesut ozil again, terrorising premier league defences up and down the country game after game. i also love the way that ozil has introdeuced a new dynamic to his already perfect game, the track back !!, and the tough tackle, the bone crunching, potentially career ending tackle on those centre back beasts !.if ever there was a player that deserves to wear our red and white jersey it has to be mesut the magician. look at how we have played without his mercurial presence on the pitch, we are crap without him. bring him back into the first team,make him captain, and watch our overall game take a turn ,instantly.six months to the day and we will be losing this genius, so play him in january i say, let him unleash his magical wand of footwork and that killer pass.the best number ten in the world is waiting to save the arsenal , again,i cannot wait to see his broad smile once again on the pitch , okay, thats going a little far, mesut does not do the smile thing, sorry.but you know what i mean.we should be discussing what kind of statue we want outside the grove before he leaves for pastures new on a reported 400 grand a week in turkey.we will regret under using this genius, only when he departs will we know what he done for us !!!.

      1. Curses! Just as I had got used to writing the best sarcasm around, you come along and “trump”(ugh!!) me. Perhaps our sainted Mesut, saviour of all mankind, can also banish global warming, defeat Covid, conquer cancer and front a new work 100% hard all your lives campaign! Or just maybe…. NOT!!!

        But lets all, worship him anyway, cos he has such admirable work ethic and is suffering terribly in this bleak time with just a paltry £50 thousand each day of the year to sustain body and soul.

  3. Forget about buying anyone. We’re skint. Even if not money wise, we’re out of ideas as a club.
    What are our aims? What do we exist for? How do we go about it?
    Without clear, concise, valid and trustworthy answers to those questions, we can forget about targets. We’ve already dug our grave with our transfer policy and signings.

  4. Romano a transfer guru ! 😂 The guy was exposed during the last transfer window as a fraud and was forced to admit taking credit for announcing the TP deal when he shouldn’t have and that it got the infos from 2 accounts he was himself following!

  5. The 3 Lads together (Aub, Laca, Ozil) doing the full 90min out fear in our rivals and they gelled so nicely that they would have positive outcomes at the end if their attacking. Arteta should bring Ozil back and then have the newbies work around them and give them free range and we will see the ideas will start flowing again. Our rivals are so used to Arsenals attacking from the wings have we forgotten about the centre attacks and attempting to score outside of the 6 and 18 areas. Those areas are for under 8s trying to run into the poles to score goals.
    The other top teams also had stop starts when they acquired new managers, but they built with what they had and had the newbies work around the senior players. Bring in Ozil again and work with him as the lad is hungry to play again deep down inside of him, for me personally out there, there are only overrated and overpriced players.

  6. Probably another CB, we need the cover. Don’t rule out another over 30 yr. old winger, we only have one on the books. Maybe we can find another player to loan who will rarely play and spend more time in the physio room; either a Fullback or CB.
    By something special does he mean Edu interested in a player that’s not Brazilian?

      1. Edu prefers to shop in the Brazilian isle of the transfer market. Surely its a jest about another CB, perhaps Arteta should do his job and develop Saliba instead of spending money.
        We need creative midfielders like Santi to drive this team.

  7. We have 8 centre backs
    Two of which aren’t playing
    Klopp will take one of them
    And he’ll win something (just saying)

  8. Someone special for me would be any owner who is not Kroenke, provided they love the club and care for us. As I repeatedly have to tell those who look elswhere for our REAL problem, the OWNER is always the foundation on which any successful enterprise is built.

    Where would Virgin be today if Richard Branson had not sweated blood and tears while building it and instead kept away from it and not cared? Just think how vital a proper owner is and having done so, start concentrating on the real CAUSE of our woes, KROENKE!

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