Arsenal fans can forget about getting Higuain – again!

In the mad transfer saga that has been Higuain to Arsenal, a story that has been ongoing for the past few years at least, you won’t be entirely shocked to hear that there is yet another development to the case.

In the last few days rumours have broken from the Italian media that Arsenal have agreed a deal with Napoli to see the transfer of their star striker Gonzalo Higuain to Arsenal, in what will surely be one of the biggest moves of the summer. All Arsenal rumours however should be taken with a pinch of salt and if the latest developments are anything to go by, then perhaps Arsenal fans have gotten ahead of themselves a little too quickly once again.

Speaking at the club’s training site, Napoli’s club’s head of communications, Nicola Lombardo has issued a statement on the future of star striker and Arsenal target Gonzalo Higuain.

“Gonzalo never said he wanted to leave. Juventus have never asked for him and [President] Aurelio De Laurentiis does not want to sell him. We are talking about rumours that are fuelled by the press, who write story upon story. But he will be here in Dimaro to start pre-season on July 25th”

Now for all those that want a glimmer of hope in this deal to be true, you could point out that Lombardo mentions that Juventus haven’t inquired about the striker, but has no mention of where Arsenal stand in all these media reports. But for those who are taking all rumours now with a side of caution, I think this suggests that Napoli have no interest in selling the player and that Higuain has no real intention to leave.

Lombardo’s statement may not hold the truth behind what is going on in the background, but if the recent rumours are to be believed then you will have to decide whether to believe that Arsenal are willing to activate Higuain’s ridiculously high release clause ahead of Juventus, or that Arsenal are willing to offer €50 million plus Giroud for the Napoli star.

Personally I think both rumours are ridiculous, as I can’t see Wenger willing to pay such a high release clause for a player and I don’t think it would be wise to see Olivier Giroud to leave the club in a part exchange deal. Therefore as desperate as the Gunners are for a striker, I really do hope that Higuain is not going to be our man if it is going to cost Arsenal so dearly.



  1. If AW can’t see we need a spine and some good players to come of the bench then he has no place at this club. CF Defensive reinforcements DM and a new number 2 to take over when he goes. The pain every year is to much. If he got the players we need we will be a force but he won’t spend. Enough now we keep paying for tickets that are over priced because we don’t win anything tops are more expensive this year and they are just taking the pi– if he don’t get the players then we won’t finish top 4

  2. draxler mahrez and rodriguez in … walcott cambell gibbs out … net spend maybe around 40m … huge increase in attacking options which is where we fell short last season … would still like to see a quality CB but that seems unlikely now … wenger is fast becoming the grinch of football management … no laughing matter for fans

    1. @rkw…….. Hahaha……… Gotta Love the way u just draft em “in” and “Out” Like it’s a walk in the park….

      Hello!…Mahrez is now rated at 45mil, Drax 50mil, Rodriguez 35mil….. Who’s gonna fork all that money out?……..

      Shawty not wenger!

      1. gotta start thinking in pounds and remember its heading the way of the drachma!!! am valuing walcott at 50m coz every small minded football pundit on this site has been telling me for years he is a world class whippet…. but u r right maybe i should reassess

    2. RKW, you’d first have to remove Balotelli, Capoue, Mvilla and Falcao from the last draft. I think you”ll have a hard time talking Falcao out of his 300 grand a week wage, and I don’t think we’ll get takers for the two Frenchmen. Also you’ll have to take a hit on the Balo fell.

      Good luck though. Someone sack RKW before he burns the place down.

    3. Would that be the campbell who recently said how pleased he was to have played in 30 matches last season and is looking forward to the new season. The campbell who is generally liked by fans on this site who like his workrate and traking back and criticise wenger for not playing him more. Sounds like a really good player to sell, rather than see if he can develop in to a first team regular.

      If you believe the media rumours rather than what the player says then wenger has told him to look for a new club anyway.

  3. LOL..Arsenal’s transfer dealings is a joke to me..I never had high hopes, i’ve seen this movie over n over again, i’m not eager bout watching it..wenger doesnt care and he’s not loyal, i broke up with the egoccentric man long ago

  4. Wenger described Walcott as world class, so why on earth would he spend huge another world class striker! Welbeck, Akpom, Walcott, Giroud, and Asano, plenty of options up front I am sure Wenger is thinking to himself.

  5. Higuain again…again 🙂
    Arsenal promise Benzema
    Lacassette Lukaku
    Lewandowskiki Bacca Falcao
    Zlatan Cavani Morata
    Barbosa Jansen Dybala Icardi.
    Arsenal deliver Bendtner Park Chamakh
    Girvinho Sanogo Asano and Giroud 🙂

    1. Again it is not about winning the EPL.
      Again for Stan Arsene Ivan the players
      and 90% of the Arsenal fans its top 4.
      Again no one will talk about winning.
      Again its about “participation” being “competitive”
      Again there is no” win or go” ultimatum delivered
      to Owner, Board, Management or players.
      Again Stan makes a profit.
      Again the club remains Arsene FC.
      Again Wilshere Wellbeck Walcott and co
      get paid mega for doing beggar all
      Again the majority of fans are happy with top 4.
      Again any protest will fail.
      Again even if the club does sign Higuain or another
      top striker it will still be top 4 is our goal.
      Again ” play it again Stan”.

      1. Nice song Sam ?

        And if Wenger fails to sign the appropriate players, I fear that we will finish out of the top four and possibly end up having a nightmare season like the one Chelsea had.

  6. Your man AFCamden reckons something big is in the works, people are saying they reckon he means Higuain. The last time I heard something along these lines, was your man Jeff or Geoff Arsenal or something or other. That became the 50m Suarez debacle, I think, or else a Benzema bid. I’m sure you’re all aware. Do I want Higuain, hell yeah. Is he worth 80m, not a chance. That is were the record is already at, Higuain does not deserve to be the priciest player on the planet, well joint priciest (if he was 22 then maybe). I’m sure Dortmund would bite your hand off for 70m to give us Aubameyang. Napoli need to get real, in the current market, Id say he’s a little north of 50m, or a little south of 60m.

  7. The cheapest the better…

    Wenger got a Japanese striker and we still have Sanogo, Giroud, Walcott (lost soul and useless as we know), Wellbeck (coming back one day) and Akpom (who is systematically loaned every season because he clearly does not have the level)… That is the answer “the deluded one” will automatically give you… And he is right… That is a lot of strikers even though none or most of them cannot find the path to the goal 🙂

    That is the reality at Arsenal and the fans still singing “there is only one Arsene Wenger” ( I pity those fools and deluded fans who still think that winning a game of football is by having the most possession and not taking a shot… Soon they will believe they won the league by finishing second, third or even fourth…), I applaud you.
    But that is fine because Arsenal is NOT a top club and never will be as long as “this mentality” will be the politic of this structure.

    At Arsenal winning is not the main aim…

    Why do you think Sanchez and Ozil are not in the hurry to sign extension?
    May be they have realised that if they want to win anything (FA Cup is not a trophy, that’s for the Wenger “lovers”), they might have to seek glory somewhere else, like many did successfully before them.

  8. admin. what is this? every couple of hours I come to this site to check if a signing has been made and have to always leave disappointed! nothing, nothing no signings at all. my other mates are laughing at all this. becoming a laughing stock of the premier league…

  9. If by some miracle, wenger does sign a WC striker, his more than likely waiting for something else to drop before he nabs his man, similar to the Ozil signing, which was pending on Bales move to Madrid, before they sold him to Arsenal.
    I’m sure that we would all like to believe that Wenger is secretly working on something like that and maybe his disappointment on last weeks leaked news regarding Higuain,shines some light on this rumour being more legitimate than most give it credit for.
    We can only wait and see, but according to a source who seems to find some inside information (Pablo) who I mentioned in a previous post, he does state that Wenger is closing in on a Striker deal which he describes as being madness! ? Most fans on twitter are getting excited and thinking Big…. i just hope that his term for ‘Madness’ isn’t the one meaning a really stupid signing? ? ?

    With all the latest rumours being of Arsenal chasing two other CB’s (not including Rob Holding) this worries me that Koscielny could be off to Munich, as these rumours come shortly after the news of Koscielny contract negotiation stalling. ? It Makes sense to why Wenger is looking for extra cover at the back. ?

    We all wait for the wc striker, he will probably be the last signing we make …. on deadline day!

  10. I don’t know how the existing arsenal players will perform. The players very well know fans are demanding for more signings and they know even if they lose a few games the players will not be blamed for that. Can the players give their 100% commitment, energy and passion? I very much doubt it.

  11. Higuain is not world class, not even close. He is the reason Argentina lost the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Copa America. I don’t understand why people are obsessed with his stats in the Italian league. He isn’t athletic, he isn’t dynamic enough to create his own chances and he is extremely overpriced for a choke artist going on 29 years old. I think players like Bacca, Vargas, Dybala, Griezeman, Gabigol, Luis Suarez – the type of dynamic dribblers/finishers are who Arsenal needs.

  12. My Worries are that if Wenger does not sign a Quality Striker and Arsenal fail to win Trophy’s this season. Arsenal risk loosing Players like Ozil, Sanchez, Wilshere and Berllern will leave the club next season. Wenger needs to keep these Players on side they are the Heart of the Arsenal Team But he not doing this at the moment.He out there again buying Kids for the future. If Arsenal don’t start winning something we have no Future. Wenger needs to realize we are in the NOW not the Future and the Fans should not have to wait another 6 /7 years to win the Premiership.

  13. Would have Loved Higuain at the Club
    Would have also loved Mktharyan, Ibrahimovic, Janssen

    We are running out of possible forwards and its making me angry
    My solution now is make big offers for Lewandowski, Reus, Greizmann and Aubemeyang
    If that doesn’t work then get Lacaette, Icardi or Bacca AND Draxler or Mahrez
    Then get at least an experienced, decent CB or Top CB: ie Hummels, Howedes, Koulibali, Murillo, Mustafi, Godin, Stones, Subotic, Vermaelen, Williams, Reid, Van Dijk, Dann
    We can still come out of this summer good

    Also, I am cool with getting Mattias Ginter for long term replacement for Mertsacker
    He looks good and could be top quality in the future

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