Arsenal Fans can forget about getting Khedira now

The Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira has been linked with a move to Arsenal all summer, but it now seems that we can completely forget about him coming to the Emirates. The Real manager Carlo Ancelotti has totally ruled out either Khedira or the reported Man United target Angel Di Maria leaving the club this transfer window.

Ancelotti was reported as saying in the Express: “The transfer market is over and we won’t re-open it.”

Asked specifically about Khedira and Di Maria the ex-Chelsea boss added: “They are Real Madrid players.

“They didn’t play in the Super Cup because they joined the group on August 5th.

“Today’s match will be important to give them some playing time.”

So thats that on Khedira then. That must be why Arsenal have turned the attention to that young unkown Frenchman…..

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  1. leo says:

    don’t want him at arsenal he missed 68 games since 2010 & don’t take ancelottis’s interview seriously said the same about ozil hope we get carvalho

    Adrien Rabiot allowed by PSG to enter into talks with Arsenal.

    1. Patrick Shiiiza says:

      Rabiot would be a good buy. But he is for the future. He has loads of energy, strength, great passing range, is technical and tackles well. He can play b2b or a holding role. 1,88cm tall can’t hurt either.

      I would be extremely happy if we managed to get Rabiot and Carvalho. Both could eventually replace Flamini and Arteta (rather sooner than later).

      Although you could argue we need a more established CDM right away.

  2. leo says:

    Agents of Khedira flying over tomorrow to meet Arsenal only. Very early stages.

    please don’t want him at arsenal prefer cavalho hope this deal doesn’t go through he will join diaby rather than play on pitch

    1. mohawk says:

      Yes. Perhaps. But you were the one to state unequivocally that Arsenal would make the announcement of signing Khedira by a certain date – and that date was several weeks ago.

      You have no inside info. You are repeating the same unreliable reports we can all read if we choose to read unreliable reports which we do not. Some of these reports may turn out to be true just out of pure coincidence – most are lies but you repeat them as if they are coming from the burning bush.

      Translation: Nobody believes you.

      1. Dee@ease says:

        Yes indeed nobody believes him,I’m tired of his BS rumours that we can all read for ourselves,he comes on here and preaches it as if it’s the gospel truth!

        1. leo says:

          then don’t read my comments am I forcing u read

      2. Gooner says:

        He passes on what he reads!! So what?? Get a grip

        Translation: nobody cares what you think

      3. leo says:

        it’s not about inside info never claim 2 have one + I don’t care & stop talking 2 me I don’t give a sh*t about u

    2. atid says:

      He had a major injury, Ramsey Walcott and wilshire have missed far more games than khedira, suppose you don’t want them either. One massive difference though khedira is a world and european champion with over 300 appearances in the top flight in the last 8 years.

  3. pranavTrue Gooner says:

    I’ve never watched rabiot! Is he good???

    1. leo says:

      yes after pogba he is considered the best young player

      1. Hafiz Rahman says:

        we didint sign pogba when he was 16 or 20yo

        so we shouldnt sign another kid…

        we need proven world class players

    2. brpowers23 says:

      I watch some video on him and I wasn’t impressed. He doesn’t seem like a player that will have a great impact so I’m not sure why we would add him to the roster. I will not be excited if he is signed.

  4. leo says:

    base don yesterdays game it’s obvious cazorla /wilshere & arteta can’t play 2gether they lack pace have similar style + we need a striker else we may end up with fa cup/carling cup & maz 2nd or 3rd place finish

    against besiktas hope ox starts

    1. jermaineBryan says:

      Campbell is ahead of ox

  5. almostawinner says:

    for pace:
    a with pacy wingers:
    debuchy chambers kos gibbs
    ramsey (wilshire can sub in later)
    ox, CAM, campbell,

    for CAM i’d be happy w cazorla or roziscky until ozil returns
    good performances from caz at LW are rare, he’s better off being sub to ozil in the center

  6. mohawk says:

    Since when are supposed to believe that management always tells the truth and that they do not make deceptive statements to influence the transfer market??

    One day Khedira must go at at bargain price and the next day he is indispensable? I don’t believe half of what I hear from clubs about transfer situations.

    1. Dee@ease says:

      Ancelotti is lying so they can get bigger transfer fees they just spent 100mil so they need to sell Di Maria and Khedira to balance the books FFP is in full force!

      1. Am a Gooner u bitches!!! says:

        they are the biggest club on the planet..there earnings are more than enough to balance FFP..

  7. Darlingbudsofarse says:

    Forget Khediera, get William Carvalho! Judging from yesterday’s game I hope the boss realises we need steel and commanding presence in the central defensive position and a proven striker. I must admit I thought the much maligned Arteta did remarkably well. He was in parts our best player as far as I’m concerned but we still need reinforcements before the window shuts! Well done AFC for grabbing all 3 points. Let’s now build on that!

  8. Shah of Arsenal says:

    OT, but when Monreal came in for the game, he played great!

    1. pranavTrue Gooner says:

      Yes. Monreal was good.

  9. cheeterspotter says:

    A scrappy win is better than playing a team off the park then letting the opposition in withheld a scrappy goal as in the past.Hopefully our performance in the champions league game is better than that one.

  10. TongaBull says:

    @darlingbudsofarse and @Shah… Atleast one gud and honest opinion. So true Arteta was mostly our best player. He covered hs position excellently and N Monreal plyed twice better than Gibbs. JW is dissapointing. Carzola is as slow as a snail on the wing but did better when he replaced Wilshere centrally

    1. Mesut O-thrilled says:

      i really don’t think Jack played that bad today – he really didn’t turn over the ball like he normally did and won a lot of free kicks. the only issue I had with him is that he needed come back to get the ball from Arteta since the Spaniard doesn’t like dribbling the ball up the middle anymore.

      1. brpowers23 says:

        Here lies the problem. You already have lowered your expectations of Wilshire. He simply didn’t play that well and yet he occupied a starting position. We can’t afford this.

        Expect excellence.

  11. cheeterspotter says:

    Why is posting a comment such hard work?
    The. Pony quicker and so is my granny

  12. Dee@ease says:

    The worrying fact is we only had 5 shots on target in a game where we had 75% possession against a Crystal Palace side in turmoil

    1. Mesut O-thrilled says:

      Yeah that stat needs to be fixed ASAP, but much thanks Koscielny and Ramsey for getting 2 to go in yesterday. I swear those two are always scoring goals when we need them.

    2. junweiseah says:

      They definitely didn’t look like a side in turmoil yesterday. When a team loses their manager suddenly, it can either selfdestruct or put up an inspired performance in their next game to prove themselves. I think they were in ‘prove themselves mode’ yesterday. It seemed as though they followed any instructions that pulis gave before he left, chamakh dropped into midfield and the team were parking the bus. We didn’t do too well and struggled to break down their bus, but ramsey scored and we (deservedly) came away with 3 points. It’ll be very interesting to see how things pan out at Palace. Many Palace fans are pissed that their best manager in years has left, and the new guy will have a tough job on his hands to prove himself.

  13. John Legend says:

    That does not mean he wont leave Madrid. It might not be to Arsenal, however.

  14. khaliid says:

    guys i wanna know if i can enter ur fantasy league dont know if its 2 late or not im having the acc. just no league

    1. khaliid says:

      so this dislike is a response for no right ?

  15. Koolherc says:

    Manolas in the book??????? According to sm unreliable sources…

  16. goonerchem says:

    carvalho got sent off for sporting yesterday in there game against academica

  17. forever-Arsenal says:

    Looking at yesterday’s game, CDM is least of our worries. Very few shots on target in a game where we controlled possession. I’m happy we won but a lot to be concerned about.

    I wish Wenger reconsiders his stance on forwards

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