Arsenal fans can FORGET Cech as Szczesny confirms his plans

The one Arsenal transfer rumour just about every Arsenal fan would want to happen is the arrival of Chelsea’s Petr Cech, but that would mean the departure of our current Number One David Ospina, or his backup Wojciech Szczesny. Obviously Ospina has been fantastic since breaking into the team in the New Year, and he is only one year into his Arsenal contract, so he is not going nowhere! (I know it’s a typical Cockney double negative before the grammar police arrive!)

So we were all assuming (or hoping!) that Szczesny would be moving on instead, but the Pole has now made it very clear that he is staying put, probably for ever! “I am very grateful for the manager,” Szczesny said. “He has been good with me over these last couple of months and has shown all the faith in the world in me and I am very thankful for the chance to play in the cup final and am very glad of a clean sheet,”

“You [media] like to speculate, but I am happy where I am.

“I have got all the support in the world from the manager and I have fantastic relations with him, so you can stop the gossip now because I am here for good. I will stay.”

Well I guess Wenger has made it clear that the most important thing this summer is to keep this team together that has been on such a fantastic run since the Southampton defeat so maybe it’s not such a surprise, but I really really wanted Cech to come!

Did JACK really say that about the SPUDS in public!


  1. A top quality striker is the onLy way we can challenge for pl and CL

    Every pundit and manager is saying this and it would improve us significantly

    If Wenger won’t .. Why should we keep him? He is slowing down our progress just hope he has a trick up his sleeve

    1. There is a reason Cech doesn’t play at Chelsea anymore. I’m not sure why everyone is getting obsessed about signing Cech, he has had his time and I’m not sure we’d be getting the world-class keeper everyone is craving.

      Every keeper makes mistakes, Courtois made a few this season, probably just as many as Szczesny, without anywhere near as much criticism. I’ll be happy if Szczesny stays and in my eyes he is easily a better keeper than Ospina, in almost every department. The only thing he has over Szczesny is a cool head, which comes with age. As Szczesny get older he’ll develop into one of the best in the world, he’s very nearly there already.

  2. It’s okay. Ospina is excellent and Szczesny is a good backup.

    Just need a top DM and Top striker

  3. More professionalisem from his side and he might have a future at Arsenal. I am already thinking for the next season. Wenger seems to be right, manure are linked to every player we seem to be interested in.

    Suarez made such a diff in the team at Liverpool. I wonder what such a caliber of striker would turn us into. Barcelona nowdays compared to us are far infront of us. This needs to change.

    1. Manure seemed to have benefited more from FFP than us. With their massive stadium and every sponsor seemingly want to chuck money at them, they are behaving like Man City and Chelski were.

    2. There’s no denying Suarez made a massive difference to that Liverpool team but the difference between Liverpool last season and this season wasn’t just Suarez. Sturbridge was also brilliant they didn’t even have Suarez at the start of last season. They were both great all season. Plus they had no European football playing at least 6 fewer games makes a massive difference.

      Getting a Suarez type player isn’t so simple what players are at that level? Not many and there all pretty much at top clubs there’s a couple of younger options vietto Lacazatte but not sure if they’d be an instant success and if we’re talking about a player who could come in and make the difference instantly and help us win the title next season I’m not quite sure. There’s people like Falco and Cavani who could be available although Falco diddnt exact ally set the premier league on fire last season and still wouldn’t be cheap. Cavani people say he’s lost it but his record in France is still very good especially considering he played mostly on the wing. Benzema? Probably better than Giroud but still seems to have many average games. Higuain? Again maybe slightly better than Giroud but not a massive improvement.

      Options I think could be good.
      Tevez fantastic player premier league proven 31 and 1 year left on contract so could be cheap. I think he could have an instant impact push us on only a short term option but now’s the right time to really push on and really challenge for the PL.
      Aubameyang scores lots of goals assists versatile perfect age very fast tall could play in anywhere in the front 3 create lots of opportunities for players to move positions during games. I think he’d be a very good fit.

      I think the main thing is to make sure we have options up front at all times in the season Walcott and Giroud being out at the same time shows this. We also need to be able to have a back up / alternative if plan A isn’t working I think for next season either Tevez or Aubameyang would be ideal.

  4. Ospina has been less prone of real threat after coq playing as DM and Kos being back from injury, while our defense was just sh$t in the beginning of season and hence Szczesny got exposed …
    I still see Szczesny being a top class keeper and I think he need a loan spell somewhere (just like chelsea did to courtois) he gets less pressure (from fans) …
    Let Cech be our main GK (you can’t deny his talent above all our GK’s) and Ospina as backup GK …
    But before the GK and even before the DM, we need WC striker, please don’t tell me they are not available

  5. Szczesny did not have a lot to do Saturday but what he did do he done well.especially the way he took command of the penalty area.Well done

    1. Absolutely agree. A couple punches of his went awry but he had good communication with our CB and was alert the rest of the match. Decent performance by him.

    2. Agreed. I think Ospina was told to be more commanding of his box and tried to against West Brom and we saw how that turned out. I think that was the difference, Szczesny has that side of the game in him and dealt with that threat from Villa.

      (albeit a threat that didn’t come up very often)

  6. We need a good DM not to replace Coquelin but to compete with Him in the team and can play together in tougher away games. It all depends where Walcott will be playing next season (Striker or as a Winger) but I wish we sign another top players. We have so many wingers in the team although some are injury prone… Having said that, a WC keeper won’t be bad either but If wenger don’t sign one’ then we need a player with goalssss in the team. Ospina is not bad anyway and Szcezny must have learnt his mistake (He even warned His dad before the FA Final)….I am just hopeful for the new season. Still celebrating the FA cup trophy and saw the highlights again yesterday. Always good to watch highlights when Arsenal wins….

    1. We all know what we need the fact are that we can ar on about what we need till the cows come home we are not gonna get what we need. I’ve said repeatedly over the last few months that every fan needs to understand “Wenger Speak” and th translations are as follows”I am not in transfer mode” means we are not really looking to spend too much and we wont spend what we do until the last day of the window “Tierry Henry is wrong” MEANS Im in no way ever going to buy a new striker, Ill give Walcott a go up te midde and see what happens.
      basically Mnure will sign Shniderlin ad we wot ge the striker we all know we nee, Saturdays result was fantastic and Wenger deserves all the creit possible but we now need to look to next season and improve n what we have and we all know what should be done but its clear that what e want and expect is NOT goner be what we get.

  7. Not to replace X but to compete with Him … Isn’t good to have better players in positions that are need reinforcement ? Unless X is one of your relatives, you should be happier with better addition …

    1. Not looking to replace at all but a player to compete is a good idea, we are two players short of a competitive team and the worrying thing is, if Walcott is the striker to mix it up with Giroud why has wenger waited until Walcott is maybe looking to force his hand before putting him in the key strikers spot? its the same with Coqellin why wait until injuries force your hand? surely the talent should be recognised earlier? If Wenger thinks that the team he has is the finished article then in my opinion he is wrong, however Im not the manager but why risk the injury thing again ?

  8. We’re victims of the recent good run.

    Ospina stats look good, Coquelin is playing out of his skin and Theo scored 4 in 2 while playing CF.

    We’ll get a DM cover and RW at best because I can’t see Wenger upsetting the current squad. That is if he doesn’t come out saying Gnabry is like a new signing (personally I would send him on loan so he has more playing time).

    1. Bad idea…. Szczesny will become better and better with age. Cech will not.
      I belive he has dealt with he’s difficult situation in a good way, and deserve a new chanse.
      Happy for him that he got to play the final. He deserved it…

  9. Szceszny has nothing to say about signing Cech. Who gives a $hit what Szceszny said or do? Correct, if he’d do something outstanding between the sticks then yes, these actions would make Wenger to be confident in keeping him around but since he did not had an awful lot to do last Sunday … Move over, nothing to see here.

  10. Woj was prob one of the happiest when we won the FA Cup – maybe since this was the first trophy he won while he was in keep. He did some idiotic things this year, but he’s paid the ultimate price by losing PL playing time. Like someone said earlier, he will only improve. I see no reason to sell him.

  11. Hey do you guys realize that we’ve only concede 3+ goals twice this season? At least I think it was twice (Monaco and Anderlecht), I mean that’s a massive improvement somewhere

  12. Szcz is still young when it comes to being a GK so don’t rule out a loan move for him.

    Both Ospina and Szcz will want to play and to be honest I would say they both need game time to continue improving.
    If we can find a club that will take Szcz for a whole season and use him as their number 1 then he will get more experience compared to being the cup keeper, more so if we can find a team that will be battling for relegation.
    If we do loan Szcz out then we will only have 1 GK which will not be enough, we will need to sign a keeper on a short term and being over 30 Cech will not get the longest contract… say a couple years?

    If it isn’t long then both Ooospina and Szcz will know that they can outlast him, if it is just a 2 year contract we give Cech then loaning out Ospina the following year to help with his development will not be career threatening… kinda easier to see that he will be needed when he comes back for a club competing for everything.

    Both our current GK could get to compete against Cech for a season and with that comes the oppertunity to learn from a GK who has ‘been there, done that’ already.

  13. Tragic day for The Arsenal. Szczesny is by far, by far, the worst goalkeeper in the EPL and the worst ‘keeper Arsenal have had in living memory. Tragic news!!

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