Arsenal fans can relax about Bellerin to Barcelona transfer

Although there were a few Arsenal transfer rumours this season suggesting that our brilliant young Spanish right back Hector Bellerin could have his head turned by the transfer interest in him from his boyhood club Barcelona, where he spent the first eight years of his youth career in their famous academy at La Masia.

But Arsenal fans can relax about losing Bellerin, for a while at least. For one thing, when the reports of Barca’s interest came out it was thought that their Brazilian international right back Dani Alves would be moving on this summer and now we know that Alves was just using Man United’s interest to get a better deal.

The other big thing in our favour is how well Wenger showed faith in the Spaniard last season. He was lucky in a sense that Mathieu Debuchy missed most of the season with an unlucky ankle and then shoulder injury, but he grabbed his chance brilliantly and surged ahead of Calum Chambers in Wenger’s plans.

Bellerin has spoken before about how much he appreciates the chances he has been given and again this week he is on the Arsenal website praising the youth policy at the club and declaring it to be one of the greatest things about the Gunners and something that us fans should really appreciate. He also revealed how happy he was when he realised how much we had taken him to our heart when the name of Bellerin went ringing around Loftus Road.

He said, “I remember the first time I heard it – we were playing QPR away. I started hearing something like Bellerin and I thought, ‘Is that really a song for me?’. And then they sang it.

“I couldn’t believe it. To play away at QPR and hear my song was amazing. The away support is really strong at Arsenal and to hear that they’re cheering for you, singing your name, you can’t really ask for more. That was one of the highlights of my season.

“In the beginning when you start playing you hope that one day you will have your own song. Once that happened for the first time, it felt like everything had fallen into place and it was a great experience.

“The fans rate that Arsenal don’t just buy players, they make them the players they are. Arsenal fans are really proud of that and I think that’s a great thing.

“When players like Francis, Jack or myself come up, the fans should be proud that their team is doing what they’re doing. That’s a great thing Arsenal do.”

Does that sound like a player that is considering a move away to you?

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  1. I say this about ALL of our players and not just Bellerin and Santi, but we own them. We literally own the rights to our players. As Liverpool did with Suarez, we don’t have to sell somebody no matter how badly they want to leave. We are no longer shackled by the debt of The Emirates. We are no longer forced to sell players for financial reasons. If Wenger does not want to sell somebody, he won’t be sold. It’s as plain and simple as that.

  2. Bellerin will turn out to be one of the best rb in the world. He needs to work more on the defending part of his game. Going forward he is simply outstanding. He is another player with a bright future just like welbeck,calum and jack.happy he did so well last season and managed to have his own song.great player.hope he stays loyal to arsenal and never gets tempted to leave for Barcelona.

    1. Honestly who here was genuinely worried?

      I definitely wasn’t, cause I doubt he would be the type of player to leave after a break out season.

      Would the club want to sell, definitely not, he is Wengers type of player.

      Next article please.

  3. What does everyone think of Shaqiri here? Would Shaqiri have been a good signing for us? He can play in both wings and in AMF. I don’t know why he is going to Stoke though, he deserves to be in a better club like Dortmund, they should’ve signed him I think from inter.

    1. Shaqiri would have been a great signing. He is going to shine with Stoke. I’m pretty sure. He could have been used on the right wing or when Sanchez needed rest he could have played in his place. I like shaqiri and kind of surprised no big teams moved for him.

      1. like you say i am also very surprised no one else has gone in for him, he would have be a fantastic addition to our team he is very intelligent player and person. and only 23 yrs old hasn’t even developed in to his best yet he can play left or right or in the hole and for the price quoted very wenger value player, is not really a need for us d/m and c/f only for me. if we had some change left over then maybe we could attack in the market for him, and trump stoke for his signature. would be a shrewd addition coyg

    2. Shaqiri to Stoke totally puzzles me. Two years ago, I would have ranked him very very high. But then Bayern gave up on him and he wasn’t even a regular starter with Inter during his loan spell. That no other teams, apparently, are interested in him mean to me something must have happened to him. He’s not a typical Stoke player– he at least had quality– so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens with him up there.

  4. He won’t go now, but possibly like Cazorla with AthletIco He may get his head turned when nearing the end of his career to return home or just fancy playing for a bigger club (In Barca).

    I hope not but is has happened before and will again

  5. we should have a guesing game on here to see who wenger will sign next and what position and price paid, i wonder whos guess would be the closest and they should win a prize, to the person that gets it correct first time that would help pass the time for now lol

    1. Yeah, just not another T-shirt got too many now.
      Unless it comes in another colour.

  6. Whatever happened to the Ramsey to barca for 40mil rumour …lol… Turns out they’d rather spend 60 on pogba …. It’s why they win shit on a regular basis

  7. If ever home calls, he should know its not wherebyour house is or where you’re brought up, but rather where your heart is. That said, in football you have to think different. Thankfully he don’t have to look too far, fart-a-gas, song, hleb should be enough. Not that he ain’t gud enough for barca, but rather arsenal ain’t no less than barca

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