Arsenal fans can sympathise with Liverpool after obvious VAR error

Gooners can relate how Liverpool fans felt this weekend.

In February, PGMOL admitted that Brentford’s equaliser at the Emirates shouldn’t have counted and that those working VAR simply had forgotten to draw on the lines.

Given that’s literally your job at Stockley Park (a well-paid one as well) that’s quite the oversight.

It’s not clear what the ‘human error ‘was on Saturday. Theories range from those checking if Diaz was offside having a lapse in concentration, relaying ‘check complete’ when they intended to say the opposite or thinking the match official had awarded the goal so therefore when they said ‘check complete’ they were saying goal.

Whatever the mistake, isn’t that what a VAR assistant is for?

At some point, those in charge of the technology knew an error had been made but were too cowardly to communicate.

That’s the hardest bit to accept.

Mistakes can happen, it’s how you respond to them.

The moment Spurs take a free kick the officials who just gave the command knew something was wrong.

They either chose to stay quiet or were not watching the TV screen at all times.

It seems crazy that sport worth billions could be decided by a couple of blokes in a room, messing around on their phones and not watching the monitor.

That’s the only kind of explanation, like a movie where the security guard is asleep while the robbery is happening on the numerous camera footage behind him.

I don’t feel comfortable wishing anyone to lose their job and no club benefits from that. Nothing gives you the points back.

Yet you’re in a privileged career where, let’s be honest, it’s not a hard workload is it?

You get a huge salary for watching football, and each time there is a goal you have to draw a straight line. Fans would love that gig.

My own opinion on any video assistance was that if you can’t implement it consistently then it’s worth going back to how it used to be.

We seem one of the few nations who struggle to execute the system, one week making a decision on an incident which is opposite to the outcome if the very same scenario occurred a month later.

The concept was designed for ‘obvious error’ but there seems to be confusion in the Prem what that actually means.

Instead of asking officials to re-look at a clear oversight, every last detail of every goal is dissected.

I can’t argue though when it helps clarifies factual situations.

That’s why goal line Technology fitted in seamlessly. It’s the pregnant rule, your either pregnant or not pregnant.

Offside should be the same. Even if measures to the last inch of shirt, your either offside or onside.

Until inexplicably the human doesn’t do his job. The moment that happens it becomes pointless.

You can’t have a competition where one week someone does his job, the next week they don’t.

Integrity has gone.


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  1. I always maintained that VAR is useless. The reason is very simple, there is always the human element involed that make mistakes.
    So might as well stick to the referee’s decision on the pitch.

  2. I’m eagerly waiting for the audio Dan, “check complete for what specifically” the player being off or onside? What is it that they were really checking? They are really taking time in realising the audio .

  3. Why should we as Arsenal fans “sympathize” with a rival after VAR error that is of benefit to us? There is no friend in the jungle bruv, gotta take note of that harsh but true reality?

    1. Surely it would have been of benefit to us, if the result was a draw rather than a spurs win, meaning we would be 2nd in the league above both teams, unless I’ve got my maths wrong?

      1. I know what i’m talking about, i’d rather spurs take the max points while pool get nothing regardless where it place us in the standings cos like dan said i’m not worried about spurs.

        1. Oh you know what ‘you’re’ talking about (implying no one else does) nice, we’ll all stop giving our opinions then LOL….

            1. Never understood any fan wanting some advantage from a system that shouldn’t be as disorganised as VAR is ,it should be as fair as possible , and hitchhiking let’s be honest isn’t actually that hard .
              Can only imagine the outcry from our fans if a decision was to go against us like Pools (Blue murder comes to mind )
              Any sport should be a lvl playing field DAWGS (LOLS )

              1. Not sure where hitchhiking appeared from Lol ……….
                Should have read “ shouldn’t be that hard to get right .”

  4. One word “CORRUPTION”

    These human errors are becoming too many for crying out loud. How long will this continue before people realize that this is well organized corruption. There are errors that is clear to the naked ey that they are errors. But you can’t tell me these types of errors are actually “errors”

          1. Maybe go a little closer to home Dan?
            Are we really saying that the disallowed goal didn’t benefit anyone.
            You like to do your research, so go ahead and see how many referees around the world have been caught – how many FIFA and EUFA officials have been caught – how many players have been caught betting on games they are playing in – how clubs have been caught…. Marseilles have, while in the PL city are under investigation over 100 incidents and Barca the same.

            To think that referees and their affiliated bodies are squeeky clean, is propestorous in light of the evidence already out there.

            1. No ken I was interested because there’s flaws either way
              If for example there’s a conspiracy to help Spurs
              Why a week before does VAR give a pen against them ?
              If there a agenda against Liverpool then why did they get pen against West ham ?

              1. I’m not saying there’s an agenda against any specific club – what I’m saying is that individuals, associations, clubs have ALL been found guilty at one time or another.
                Why, you wrote an article about city’s woes yourself not long ago.
                Let me ask you this Dan, name me one institution, including politicians, that has not been found guilty of corruption?

                1. The Toney we are all clamoring for placed several bets against his own team. If a player can do that against his own team what makes one think an official can’t do same or worse. This is not even about favoring any particular team to win title or sort. There is no single institution in this world that is not corrupt or at least has corrupt individuals and the PGMOL is not different. Heck even the “Holy Vatican” has hundreds if not thousands of cases of pedophilia and financial misappropriations.

            2. I’m just seeing this now. But thank you Ken you saved me the time and energy to type a complex reply. You did justice.

    1. VAR is not worst, those operating and applying the laws are. VAR in the world cup was excellent. EPL referees are the most inconsistent referees on earth.

      1. I agree Phenom – to put officials in charge, who cannot do the basic of checks – drawing a line across the pitch – while paying them in excess of £45,000 per game and THEN reemploying them just weeks after sacking them for not doing the basics, is a travesty of justice.

        Everyone and their dog could see that both the liverpool goal against the spuds and our goal that was ruled out last season, was due to corruption within the PGMOL, in my opinion.

        We need ex professional footballers, who after taking the course on VAR, behind VAR, not proven failed incompetent well paid idiots!!!

  5. Let referees from other countries officiate local games. That should bring an end to all this nonsense. VAR is nt the problem, humans are!!!

  6. There are examples in other sports on how replays and “VAR” is managed properly.

    They could implement best practices from these sports but choose not to do so presently.

    Until there are real consequences for VAR mismanagement, the embarrassment will continue.

    Suspend first without pay, and relegate the worst officials or replace them. No consequences will yield the same mistakes.

  7. As for Liverpoo i have no sympathy @ all. There were a period between 2018-2021 that VAR decisions benefitted them most. They obviously never complained then.


  8. I’m actually glad Liverpool have made fuss ,as this now benefits every team not just the league contenders ,that was one of the worst cock ups I’ve seen and VAR can not carry on the way it is .
    Every team as had bad decisions against them and for them ,but that shouldn’t be the case it should always be the correct decision which is something the people operating the equipment seem to struggle with some how MR Webb will have to correct this as all eyes will be on him ,although I have very low expectations of him achieving this .

    1. It will be interesting to see if Webb releases everything DK, it’s taking a long time!!
      I haven’t forgotten how they sacked an official after he forgot to draw the offside lines… then reemployed him just weeks later.

      1. Just heard it ken on sky sports
        VaR thought the the goal had been given so they did a quick check and agreed with them ,unfortunately for them they didn’t realise the linesman had given offside .
        You can hear the relay bloke telling them to stop the game but VAR say they cannot not as the game had restarted

          1. Have you listened to it yet mate ?
            If not have listen ,what I got from it was them under enormous stress when they realised they had fcked up ,human error .
            Also the build up before it happened between the linesman and ref ,constantly talking between themselves ,high pressure.

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