Arsenal fans – careful what you wish for! Not Simeone!

The banner that some travelling Arsenal fans held up during the FA cup replay win at Hull City has really been taken up by the football press and even though Arsene Wenger keeps dismissing all the rumours he cannot fail to notice that there is a growing feeling that the banner was right.

Even it’s tone was right for those of us who have backed the boss for years and still believe that he has been fantastic for the club, both in the first spell when he transformed us and English football and the Gunners capped a spell of great trophy success with that possibly never to be repeated invincible season and when he kept us in the Champions League positions despite a shoe string budget and all the new money coming in to other clubs.

The banner did say thank you to Wenger but that it is time to move on. And yes we do need a change I think, but not a massive upheaval, so I reckon the calls for a manager like Diego Simeone, who is almost the polar opposite to the prof in the way he works, is not the way to go at all.

Do we really want to change our long held and attractive style of football for Simeone who is a Mourinho-type with a win at all costs mentality? For one thing it would not work without an almost total overhaul of the current squad. We do want a manager to instill more fight in the side but at the same time keeping the passing and creative side of things.

Surely this would be better for Arsenal and our future don’t you think?

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    1. Arsenal fans – careful what you wish for! Not Simeone!

      When have we fans gotten our wish? …
      When last have we fans gotten our wish?

  1. Better have Mourinho instead of Simeone. Besides, he should teach Wenger how is done. Like put your money where your mouth is. Walk the walk and stop talking. Don’t think it will happen though. Seen the Atletico game this morning, most boring piece of football in a while. If anything they got really lucky but hey, such is football.

    1. Wow dude, I’m shocked really! Did you see how Simeone encouraged the crowd yesterday? The guy would set the Emirates on fire. I’ve never seen such passion from Arsene…

      1. Yah, seen Mpurinho doing the same. Seen Ranieri doing the same. But what that has to do with the fact that was an extremely boring game?

  2. You should have given some names in your article for debate, I always enjoy that…
    Someone like Jose will be very efficient for us…He will surely send some players parking and will instil hardwork in the players
    You also talked about our passing and all that, but these few years our passing has been sideways and in front of the opposition box.Our beautiful football is gone(we call it sexy football in my country)
    Whether we like it or not, Wenger has faded and overstayed his welcome to the extent that even if he wins the EpL now and UCL, he still has to go!

  3. Have you seen our style of play this whole season?it hasn’t been any better than Atletico Madrid with Simeone but the difference is they find ways to win unlike Wenger’s style of play with losses to teams like Swansea,West Brom etc

    1. I disagree with you in that
      I think Arsenal start every
      game trying play positive
      and attractive football.
      However we lack cutting edge up front
      and eventually we run out of ideas
      and just pass the ball to death.
      So I think the intent is there but
      with out the finishers up front the
      quality of our build up play often
      goes unrewarded and unappreciated.

      1. Exactly my thought. This season we’ve seen plenty of brilliant plays from Arsenal and they go unoticed because players can’t finish.

      2. the lack of real talent up front has cost us dearly this season all the passing and ticky tacky football in the world means nothing without a clinical and talented finisher on the end of the play
        Wenger let us down when he settled for what he had rather than go all out to get another striker in thats what pains me so very much because EVERBODY and their dog knew that Giroud and Wallcott and Wellbeck were just not good anough way back in the summer

  4. 1. TUCHEL for manager
    – change of style but even with some of our current players can adapt to
    – Fast attacking football based on possession (winning back the ball quickly)
    – Younger and hungrier manager who can also attract some players from BVB or from Germany

    2. Bergkamp for assistant manager
    – Would bring that slick play to the heavy metal of Tuchel
    – Knows the “Arsenal way” of running the club and would be a source of inspiration to the incoming players (the man has a statue at the Emirates)
    – One of the smartest people to ever kick the ball, he would definitely help our headless chickens

    3. Paul Scholes or dare I say it Roy Keane or Gatuso or Tony Adams
    – We need someone who can start a fire by shouting
    – Someone who can beat leadership out of this team
    – Someone who can who can bring that defensive stability in the team
    – Someone who is not afraid to tell it as it is and is a true winner
    – A real leader.

    For my third choice of course if Viera was available he would have been good for that role, other former Arsenal greats like Sol, Giberto Silva are a bit too nice and I deliberately picked the first 3 from other teams because it would be good to have a mix of coach’s with different experiences.

    1. Scholes is dumber than a brick but the good thing about it is that he has an idea about it so I don’t think it will ever happen. Keane can’t hold himself even if he’s attending his own funeral. What did Gatuso, Adams and Campbel did as managers?

  5. Since we continue to use Giroud, why not play to his strengths by bombarding him with crosses? Giroud himself said last season that we pass the ball too much!

    I pray we never witness the drop of from from Sanchez again, bcos when he is off form, he is worst than Chamberlain!

    1. There really is no beating drum at the moment……….. Else i would have said “Giroud should learn to dance to the tune” … We can’t continue to rely on him season in season out……He should be dropped

      But i understand why he can’t be dropped….we play one of the most boring football ever and it suits him

  6. I would have loved Kloop at Arsenal, to me he was the perfect replacement for Le Prof, but Loserpool already have him…lol lets hope he gets the sack soon so he can come to Arsenal. We whooping Barca tonight MESUT OZIL’s passes come via GPS #COYG

    1. I am surprised that there are some people still crying for Klopp. To me so far he has been average. people here underestimate the EPL where all team sit back and wait for counter attacks. We as a big team we cant rely on counter when playing the Westbroms, Nowich, Swansea, Watford…hence we have to come out to break them….The small teams wont mind a draw but we do mind as a result we expose ourselves…Look at how big teams are strugling.

  7. 007…
    I love the your choices but Scholes and his pairing…
    Look at Neville at Valencia and he even has a little experience coaching England national team talkless of Scholes who has zero experience in management..he is nowhere good enough! Another Englishman as our manager,he won’t make top 6

    1. I get your point but what I meant was to have a pair of:

      Tuchel as Manager

      Dennis Assistant

      Scholes / Keane / Gatuso / or Tony Adams as the defense coach or be part of the technical team.

      That means we would have a management team of people with experience in playing fast attacking (Tuchel) / sexy (Dennis) / but stable football ( Scholes).

  8. Simeone would be fine.
    He was a great players
    and has had extensive
    managerial experience.
    What is there not to like about him?

  9. Apparently some admin here doesn’t like my comments because I’m calling for wenger to leave, keep deleting mate,the revolution is on.

    1. There are thousands of anti-wenger comments on here. Yours are being deleted because you are insulting readers that don’t happen to agree with you.
      If you can’t make a point on an intellectual level but have to call people names then you will get deleted every time.
      If you keep doing it you will get banned. Be polite or go away….

      1. That is absolutely not true, I haven’t insulted anyone in any of my comments. And would be glad for you to point out a single insult I have dished out to anyone.

        1. I have deleted them. If you do it again I will save it for you okay, but don’t imagine that I delete comments for no reason because you are wrong……

        2. Well, you called me an idiot in the previous thread, that’s one comment deleted. I don’t care if admin deletes or not, personally I would ban everyone calling names at the first occurence. No explanations needed.

          1. I was about to reply – that I seen some that must of got past admin because I could of sworn I heard him mouthing/insulting off at people in other articles.

  10. No, but you are welcome to enjoy mediocrity and a strategy that does not include winning on the field.

    Now, for those who love Arsenal more than Arsene or Stan…

    How to put pressure on Stan, the Board and by association Wengers position.

    A basic guide on grabbing both the Arsenal Board’s or perhaps more importantly the Medias attention. Remember the fuss 1 banner made!

    1. Stop buying Arsenal merchandise

    2. Stop attending matches (watch the box instead). Scrap the season ticket or if ad hoc visitor to Emirates go to less games, miss just home games…

    The more sacrifice made in greater numbers will have the most impact.

    3. If you can’t stay away from a match but want Stan and his ‘Moneyball’ winning isn’t important mentality  then make a banner or buy one:


    A 76cm X 366cm pvc plastic banner costs £29.99 (chip in with friends?) or a 52cm X 91cm banner costs just £5.99.

    What to put on it? Some suggestions:

    Arsenal: For Glory NOT Money
    Football NOT Moneyball

    Be creative…

    4. Protest (peacefully) outside of stadium on or outside of match days. Get connected with other Fans who want to see the back of Stan and ORGANISE.

    (Thanks to redDb10) this could also be missing the first 5-10 minutes of a match by waiting outside the stadium in protest.

    5. Voice your concerns on social media and share your activities (Twitter/Facebook/blogs etc..)

    Doesn’t seem like we have the power to do much but it’s all about the numbers. If AFC fans make a stand together we can effect the running of our club by raising awareness of our plight. 

    You must ACT as talking alone will achieve nothing. So if you really love the Arsenal DO something that will either A. Hurt the pockets or B. Get some attention to the cause (in a peaceful and  controlled way).

    Stan Kroenke see us as nothing more than one of several sporting investments, none of which have had any real success since his involvement. Stan not only doesn’t put anything into the club but takes money out of the club under the pretence of ‘strategic consultancy services’ and is more interested in Moneyball than football.

    Like he said himself, he wouldn’t of got involved if it was about winning championships!

    1. @AOT
      Could you please repost this message on every new article?
      We have to take action. .We have to get noticed. ..We have to be heard.

      1. It has already been posted on about ten articles. There is such a thing as overkill.
        One a day from now on please….max

    2. not you me nor you and me and everybody e;lse has any chance of getting silent stan out he’s here and he’s gonna be here forever he has no interest in what we think or what the club does regarding winning trophies, exactly WHAT ?? do you think would need to be done to get shot of this multi billionaire?? even Usmanov cant get his out whith all of his power so what do you think a few thousand working class fans are gonna do?

  11. What is wrong with Diego Simeone, he will be perfect for Arsenal, how can you judge a coach in one game (funny enough he won that game), Simeone knows how to defend when it necessary and he can attack also why didn’t write an article on Saturday when they won 3 nil.
    they say attacking football wins you the matches but defense wins you the championships, if a coach can master the art of defense the rest just sort it self out and my friend that what Arsen failed to do in the last 10 years hence that why he hasnt won the league for so many years, if you look back one of the reason arsenal won the the league it was because of the defenders they had. don’t get me wrong I really like Arsen as a person but lately or for the past 10 years he has failed arsenal to win the league while they had plenty chances to win it

    1. The problem with Simone is that he would have to change the entire dna of Arsenal. Not just the first team but also just about every player waiting in the wings. Not only that but our youth team has been recruiting players of the Arsenal mold, they are not going to be future Atletico types so they will all need to be looked at. Our youth team cost a pretty penny and will cost allot more to get his choice of kids. How long do you think all of this is going to take, and then if after the third season he is not winning well then it will all have been done for nothing. Not to mention how we have gained on utds global support thanks to playing football the Arsenal way, what happens to that support. And what happens to play it the Arsenal way. The AFC way used to be one nil to the Arsenal, but when we changed to the new AFC way every single Gooner was over the moon. Now you want to rip everything down and revert back to the beginning?

  12. A sacrifice has to be made, that ll hit the board, so they ll know our passion for our dear club, and we re not ATM where u collect money. COYG

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