Arsenal fans celebrate St. Totteringham´s day EARLY

Happy St. Totteringham´s day Arsenal fans! It may not have had the excitement and nail biting climax that we have seen quite a few times (too many) in recent seasons, but the battle for football dominance in north London is over for another year at least and it is the red and white side that will be celebrating.

Come on spuds, you have to try a bit harder than that! The Gunners still have four games left to play and the away victory over Hull City has opened up an insurmountable gap of 12 points over the lilywhite neighbours as they only have three to play. They might not even make the Europa League at this rate.

Despite Arsenal making our worst start to the season for many years it never looked like this would be the season we relinquish power in north London and that is not only testament to the way we have improved over the season, it shows me that Arsene Wenger has finally got a team that can forget about these derby games and focus on the Premier League title itself.

Of course it is right to want to beat your local rivals but unless they finish second in the league, that should not be enough for Arsenal next season. This summer is very important and Wenger needs to sign the right players but we already have the tools and with a good start to next season, could St. Totteringham´s day come even earlier as the Gunners head for the title?

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  1. EPL title race ended early.
    Chelsea led the league
    the whole season. No one
    seriously challenged them.
    They did not lose to a top 4 rival
    won when they needed to, losing only twice.
    Champion team Champion manager no doubt.
    Arsenal are finishing strongly for 2nd.
    Utd have faltered badly while City is battling back late.
    All the rest including Spurs are 3rd 4th 5th grade
    who should play in the Championship.

  2. Your st totteringham lunch will be roast chicken, served with cranberry sauce and fresh salad!

  3. They must face the facts that they will be “forever in our shadow and mid table”!

  4. Illoris, Varane, Kondagia, Griezman and Lacetta


    Neuer, Reus, Hummels, Gundogan and Draxler

    and we all be good

    1. It’s Lloris, not Illoris
      Kondogbia not Kondagia
      Griezmann not Griezman
      Lacazette not Lacetta

  5. Illoris, Varane, Kondagia, Griezman and Lacetta


    Neuer, Reus, Hummels, Gundogan and Draxler


    Illoris, Varane, Kondagia, Griezman and Lacetta


    Casillas, Isco, Martinez, Ramos and Pedro

    we will be formidable!!!!!

  6. Apart from being City close rivals, are we really class rivals? We should leave Spuds and focus on doing great things again in England.

    Anyway, I dont stay in The UK, so, I might not understand the rivalry that much.

  7. Nice to know I’ve got peace and quiet from Spuds on FB for a few months. I’m not really the type to rub it in – I don’t see finishing above spurs as an accomplishment but rather finishing below them is a failure. St Totteringhams day is fun when it’s tight but this season it’s not marked on my calendar. Watching them on Sunday it seemed they were just a very average team who have no spark left. Kane has dried up it seems and the golden goose ain’t laying anymore eggs.

    Losing to them in that stupid game is a bitch – we’d have a perfect run since new years if we hadn’t made that cock up!

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