Arsenal fans confront shaken Nasri during their game against Man City

Samir Nasri, who controversially left Arsenal for Manchester City during his playing days, was in attendance at the Emirates Stadium when Arsenal faced City in the Premier League last weekend. However, a report in the Daily Mail indicates that the Frenchman was left frightened by some Arsenal supporters.

Nasri was a prominent figure during his time at the Emirates, but he made a highly controversial move to City when they made him an irresistible offer. His previous returns to the Emirates had been met with hostility from Arsenal fans, so it’s somewhat surprising that he chose to attend the game last weekend.

A clip that emerged online shows some Arsenal supporters confronting Nasri, who appeared visibly shaken by the confrontations. One fan was heard shouting, “he sold his soul,” highlighting the strong emotions that still surround his departure from the club.

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It is a surprise that Nasri came to the Emirates, considering how hostile the club’s fans have always been towards him since that move to Manchester City.

He probably now knows how deep the hatred some Arsenal fans have for him is and may never come to the Emirates again.

In the end, we enjoyed the game more than the Frenchman because we defeated City in front of our supporters.


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  1. What a cruel act, the poor Frenchman probably was expecting an heroes welcome.

    Am told it was indeed a mouth watering deal at the time to leave Arsenal and join the Citizen for only a small sacrifice of his soul, but it was his complaint at the time, that the legendary Frenchman Arsne Wenger overplayed him, that amazes me.

    1. No KEN, not just YOUR opinion, but mine too and I suspect that of the overwhelming majoity of right thinking Gooners too.

      Nasri represents all I have ever detested in low morals, mercenary, self centred footballers. I say we have a sacred duty to call out such awful humans as NASRI. He deserved all he got from our fans on his return mentioned above.

    2. For Ken
      I am in disagreement with you here.
      We as fans think AFC is very important and have an emotional attachment.
      Why should any player have that same attachment and think AFC is better than MUFC or MCFC or Real Madrid or Barcelona?

      After all, most people do not work in the same establishment for all their lives. They move for whatever reason (be it money, convenience, children’s education, partner). Some people change partners in life. Wouldn’t all these people be viewed as a ‘Judas’ by someone or the other? Why are we so judgemental on players?

      I have no problem with any of our ex-players regardless of where they move. My emotion is to the club and not to individuals within the club as they are part of the history.

    3. Not just your opinion. I in person don’t want to hear those names. Down with traitors. Happy that Nasri got what he deserves. What kind of audacity! The players made the trip more shameful for him.

  2. Arsene Wenger sold Nasri to raise money for Arsenal, it was never Nasri’s fault, leave the young lad alone.

    1. Well said Angelo. We were paying off debts and selling our talent to be debt free. Arsene sacrificed it all for the good of Arsenal. Sometimes some noisy minority of our fans are ill informed or just plain ignorant. If you are going to pick a Judas look no further than Cole

      1. But you see Fuzzwah, if you read Cole’s version, which David Dein backs up, the board were at fault by not offering him what AW, DD and the player himself had agreed too.

        We, as fans, will never know the full story about the internal going ons regarding players, salaries, transfers etc etc but I believe that one can make a fairly accurate assessment of the facts by what went on afterwards.

        Ashley Cole never deviated from his version and, as far as I am aware, has never forgiven the club for what went on behind the scenes.
        But he never came out against the fans and look at what a player we missed out on – all because of our inept board… in my opinion.

        Nasri’s version has been denied by AW and the player has dissed the fans, while holding the club to ransom over his contract… again in my opinion.

        But the biggest judas of all was RVP and I am certain he would get an even more hostile reception, perhaps that’s why the little boy inside him has told him to stay away – something that Nasri should have done.

    2. For clarity in my own mind, I’ve just read an old BBC sport report about his transfer to City. Not quite as you remember it at all, I’m afraid.
      On the basis of his gushing praise of ManC and his less than complimentary remarks about Wenger and our supporters, I’d say you were barking up the wrong tree and he got what he deserved on his return

      1. His head was turned, he went for the money, It was Man United he wanted to go but the old Trafford outfit bark at his huge wage demand coupled with a fat agent signing on fee.

        With the Citizens then in a strong position, they even threatened to pullout of the deal if Arsenal played and cup tied him in the champions league, as Nasri burns his bridge the legendary Frenchman had no choice but to heeded to their demands and sold the brat.

        But why did he expected an hero’s welcome having leave with Cesc Fabregas crippling Arsenal at a crucial time?

        It is said the man who stooped and relieved his self in the partway of a park remembers nothing about it, it is the one who happen to walk and step right into it.

        1. Come on guys, let the players be! Arsenal equally buy players from other clubs, and to be honest, these players are humans, with responsibilities, families, and aspirations. At professional level, football ceases to be just fun sports, but a career. And just like you and I desire an illustrious career, so do they. Patrick Vieira left Arsenal unceremoniously, but he’s still welcome back, anytime. So, let RVP, Nasri, and the likes come back anytime and savour the atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium. The history of the club will not be complete without them.

    3. Get your facts right!!!
      Wenger didn’t want him to leave, but Nasri took the oil money and showed no loyalty to our club whatsoever.

      1. @Ken1945,

        You are one of the Arsenal fans I respect so much here because of your views and your constructive comments in here, but I still stand on my comment, Samir Nasri never wanted to leave Arsenal. First Stan Kroenke instructed Wenger to sell Nasri and Wenger did. How is that Nasri’s fault?

        It’s always easy to blame players just because they have to remain professional and not divulge everything that happens behind the scene. But Nasri openely stated he was sold against his wish. I don’t know if it’s allowed here, I would have posted links in here to jug a lot of fans memories.

        1. You are misinformed, plainly! The truth WAS as KEN stated. If you, naively, believe every utterance a player ever says, then I pity you and your lack of nous!

          1. @Jon I stopped replying to your comments because you make absolutely no sense, indirectly insulting people is all you do best, so I rest my case.

        2. Angelo, Wenger himself disagrees with Nasri’s version of events and I have to ask you this:
          How would Nasri know what kronkie and Wenger were discussing anyway?
          Plus, the player said that he would see out his contract and leave for nothing, if the club didn’t accept city’s offer – how does that tie in with his version of AW being told he had to sell him?
          Thanks for the compliment by the way my fellow Gooner.

          1. Ken, how many people did Arsenal sell in the past? I’ve lost count. How many of them did they admit selling? It’s always the players fault after all.

            1. I’m not sure what point you are making here Angelo.
              Of course The Arsenal have sold players that they felt they could do without… BUT… I don’t recall the club ever selling a player, then publicly calling him out.
              Under MA, we’ve even given players away, awarded golden handshakes, sent them out on loan deals, or paid their legally binding contracts out until they came to an end, like AMN.

              During my time supporting this fantastic club and apart from a couple of players, I can’t think of any situation where the club can be accused of not supporting their playing staff, but I can think of players, such as Nasri, RVP and Adebayour who treated the club appallingly.

  3. Problem was Wenger could never say no. The business man would think he could always find another gem. When at Arsenal trophies matter. Even the cups were not enough. Remember when Wenger came the squad was quite good and had won things previously.

  4. it is not good to disrespect a former player or to threaten him. Yes Nasri left arsenal to Manchester City at a very crucial time when the club needed him. But let remember what he did before that.

  5. Nasri was a street urchin with a poor upbringing. Arsene Wenger molded him into a superstar. However, he decided to pay his boss back by betrayal. It didn’t end up well for him. Ask all players who left Arsenal forcefully. They wished they never left. Fabregas, Hleb, Adebayor, and the likes

  6. I so much detest hypocrisy!.

    So would you say that Arsenal has been loyal to players and not sold too?

    Was Arsenal loyal to Iwobi when they sold him after they received a good offer for him?

    I can’t think of any example more but all this “loyal, loyal” is over the top.

    These guys have short career span and they have to look out for themselves and their families.

    It’s not a do or die like you guys paint things. These players see themselves and have good times outside of football while you guys carry on hating.

    How many of you would turn down very good offers from a rival company if you’re in that state?

    I’m not supporting what they did, but the hypocrisy of fans here are over the top.

    Whether you like it or not, these player’s FAMILIES are more important than YOU.

    Let’s be reasonable fans!

    1. Well said @Zeek,
      What hurts me the most about all this is that Nasri was sold against his wish, He never wanted to leave. so why treat Wenger as an angel for selling Nasri and treat Nasri as the devil for being sold.

      I don’t understand how some fans reason sometimes.

    2. Zeek, we’re not discussing The Arsenal, we are discussing Nasri.

      Your bringing in the “hypocrisy” angle, but that’s a totally different subject and one that I have often criticised our club for I should add.

      In fact, AW directly contradicts Nasri’s claim that kronkie forced him to sell him… I guess one has to decides who to believe.

      Here’s a direct quotes from Nasri, one that show how he viewed the fans.
      “Arsenal have good fans, but not that passionate since leaving Highbury. City fans are really passionate.”

      Did you know that Nasri told the club he would see out the remainder of his contract and leave for nothing, if they didn’t accept city’s offer?

      Now I don’t recall Iwobi saying anything about seeing out his contract and he wanted first team football anyway, so both parties were, it seems, happy to go along with the deal.

      Ask yourself why it was that city, with all their new found wealth raided our club to take the likes of Nasri, Adebayour, Clichy and Toure and these players accepted mega deals from a club that had wallowed in obscurity until the oil money flooded in.
      I don’t believe it was anything other than the money and both Nasri / Adebayour in particular, went on to blacken the Arsenal at every opportunity.
      Some may find that acceptable, I happen to think that Ozil (for example, as he’s been mentioned by others ) treated the fans and the club with much more respect after leaving.

    1. Fabregas did push for a move but I’m not sure he was unduly critical of the club. However, I was pretty upset that he left the way he did.
      Both Henry and Vieira were in their later years and I’m wondering if Wenger’s policy of short term contracts out them off ?
      I also read that Wenger had not committed to the club at the time Henry’s contract was nearly up and this may have contributed to the situation

  7. No, because they didn’t leave the club just before the start of a new season, go to a rival PL club, diss the club when he left and continued to do so while playing at city.
    He has never had a good word to say about The Arsenal, yet was surprised when he was met with such hostility?!?!

    1. Nasri started reacting to Arsenal fans hostility towards him. What would you do if you were in his shoes? It’s obvious that some players like Cesc gets a special treatment even after leaving the way he did but not people like Nasri.

      1. Here’s a simple question for you Angel – why did Nasri get the reception he received, while Cesc got the reception he received?
        Why is Nasri held in such contempt, while Cesc is regarded with such high esteem, even though he forced through his transfer to Barcelona?

        My view? Cesc always respected the fans, the club and Arsene Wenger – Nasri gave Arsene no chance to replace him, left the club struggling to replace him, as, until the city offer, had shown no wish to leave and gave the fans and the club two fingers while playing for City.

        That’s my opinion – how do you see it?

      2. Why are you making out Nasri was the victim. when clearly it was HE who did the dirty on us , NOT the other way around!!?

        You really OUGHT, assuming you are a true fan, KNOW the facts of how he left.

        It is obvious you dont and you are embarrassing yourself by your ignorance of facts. Were you even around when he left, I am now bound to wonder, given your ignorance of what happened!

      3. PROVIDE SOME EVIDENCE, IF YOU HAVE ANY- AND YOU WONT – FOR YOUR SILLY CLAIM. You really are showing yourself up by your pigheaded refusal to listen to those who know.

        Why would any normally bright fan take the word of a snake like Nasri rather than believe possibly the single most respected football person, WENGER, in Arsenal history? You make NO SENSE!

        1. Your utter lack of respect for others is an actual proof that you have no SENSE. Try not to insult people in your comments old man. And I wonder what someone has to do to get banned from making comments on here Admin Pat. In my opinion, the lack of civility there you have always displayed towards others ought to have gotten you a ban on here.

          1. I second you John Andrew,
            Jon fox seems like a bitter person cause can’t understand why he can’t just put his opinion forward without insulting or abusing someone.
            To every discussion there are always 2 sides the side that support and the side that opposed.
            What ever the reason behind Nasri leaving HE SHOULD NOT BE SUBJECTED TO ABUSE FROM ANYONE. He got and offer that will keep safe his future in a short span playing career and we felt he should just wave it off. No one is asking did Arsenal tried to offer him a better deal or tried to match the offer of Mancity then?
            I was more angry with Cesc leaving because then I was viewing him as a one man club especially with the passion he uses to play for the club and yet he went all out to force his move to barca and yet he is still welcomed even when he joined Chelsea and provided assist in almost all games he played against us.

  8. Fabrigas wanted to leave arsenal the previous season Wenger convinced him to stay to get a replacement. Fabrigas agreed to the arrangement.

    Wenger never planned for nasri to leave as at the time he left because he was the replacement.

    Nasri refused to extend his contact he wanted out by all means. Nasri was an arrogant young player who got ahead of himself.

    Adebayo didn’t want to leave arsenal it was Wenger who sold him for the money and for the sake of the dressing room. I understand Abebayor felt betrayed.

    What I didn’t get was Nasri’s lack of respect for arsenal and the fans. He deserves whatever treatment from the fans. Another player in Nasri category is van pussy cat.

    1. Rowland, Adebayour felt that he was on par with Henry and wanted to be treated that way financially – he wasn’t on both counts and threw out the dummy.
      Let’s not forget how he acted while playing for city and the spuds against us either!!
      That’s how I remember the situation anyway.

      1. Henry had left before that? Did you mean RVP? Or did you mean on par with Henry’s greatness?
        I really don’t know what happened, but i thought adebayor’s ego got a bit out of hand after his 30 goal season in 07/08. It’s a real shame because he really could have been great if he’d kept his feet on the ground imo.

  9. I’m not a fan of Nasri. Very good player, but he’s shown he isn’t or wasn’t a good character.
    However, I really hope people were not surrounding and intimidating him (haven’t seen the clip, but that’s how it sounds). It’s not like he’s actually harmed anyone, just made career moves that offended arsenal fans.
    (I’d also be interested if anyone was defending players moving to Saudi for money while denouncing Nasri for moving to city – at least Nasri stayed in a competitive league and won a major title)

    1. Adebayo, Nasri, Clichy, Gibbs, Rvp, even sagna all said alot of bad stuff about arsenal and the fans after they left.

      I am not surprised most of them want to identify with the club now. Because, they are wanna be’s

      1. That’s not related to what I said. You can think and say what you want of them, I just don’t think confronting and intimidating them (if that is what happened) is a good thing to do – quite the contrary, I think it reflects terribly on the club’s fans. Again, if that is what happened. I don’t really know.

        1. So are you saying that we, as fans, can’t express our feelings because it reflects badly on the fanbase?
          I have no idea why Nasri would want to come back to the club that he said had no ambition didn’t want to spend money to be successful and complained about the fans not being passionate enough…. then complained about the reception he got!!

          It’s been argued on JA that paying fans have the right to express their feelings, as long as, it seems, they don’t conflict with others.

          Didn’t Nasri show disrespect to our club and it’s supporters when he verbally assaulted them and left the manager high and dry just before the season started?

          Of course I decry physically confronting ANYONE, but Nasri got a taste of his own medicine, as we, the fans, showed our feelings for him, as he had shown his feelings to our club.
          What goes around, comes around!!

          1. Exactly KEN! So many peole seem terified that others might upset someones feelings, in this case NASRI.
            I often wonder if many of our fans support the club first and foremost OR prefer supporting snakes like NASRI, COLE, RvP ADEBAYOR and others too, who blatantly did the dirty on us.
            My position has always been perfectly plain; I support the club way above ANY individual in our entire history, whether that person be player,ex-player, manager, ex -manager, director, owner, no matter whom.

            Straightforward as a TRUE CLUB supporter. First, second, third and always. NO Arsenal connected INDIVIDUAL whatsoever comes even close,by comparison, in my affections!

  10. Fans are entitled to their opinions.
    But as a professional player, you need to be careful about how you react, or what you say to a club and it fans. Because, long after your career is over as a player, the club and the fans lives on and everything you say or do will be used for you or against you.

    Xhaka is a perfect example coming from Grace to grass and back to Grace.

    All what every fan want, irrespective is to see a player treat the club they love with respect. Let all the ex players with bad blood come out to apologise to the club and the fans admitting their wrong doings.

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