These Arsenal fans convinced Dani Ceballos has dropped a pretty big hint over his future

Dani Ceballos’ cryptic post has attracted attention…

Many Arsenal fans think on-loan Real Madrid midfielder Dani Ceballos has dropped a pretty big hint over his future.

Make what you will of this tweet below from the Spain international, who has been with us this season but whose long-term future remains in some doubt…

Now, this might just be an innocent enough tweet remembering the time he was unveiled with his Arsenal shirt, but that’s not how a lot of fans on Twitter are taking it.

Given how unclear it is whether or not Ceballos will stay with us, it perhaps makes sense that many are now assuming we will not be taking up the option to keep him permanently.

Ceballos has perhaps not had the impact many would have hoped, though injuries have not helped him and he had started to look impressive once again after recently returning to the first-team fold.

Whatever the right choice is, it seems many have made up their mind that Ceballos is hinting his time at Arsenal will end up simply being a memory…

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  1. I’m reading RM want £36 million for him anyway so that in itself knocks any deal on the head imho.

  2. Agree GB, but perhaps our club are finally learning the skills of negotiating a deal?

    I will be disappointed if this transfer doesn’t happen, as I think he and Ozil have shown they can form an excellent partnership…but not for the current asking price

    1. “excellent Ken?” “Excellent” was what Henry , Bergkamp, Viera and THAT ilk were. Such as Santi were just below but still blindingly good. Ozil and Ceballos excellent then? Sorry but I assumed English was your first langauge and that you understood what words such as “excellent” truly meant.

  3. Dani for 36 is a bargain given his age and how comfy he is with the ball at his feet we must definitely do everything to keep him. Please please please

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