Will Iwobi emergence justify Wenger not buying this summer?

Alex Iwobi has only just broken into the Arsenal first team but after just a few games the Arsenal fans have already accepted that he is a player of the highest quality. Arsene Wenger’s policy of investing in youth has certainly paid off in the last couple of season’s with the emergence of Francis Coquelin, Hector Bellerin and now Iwobi, as well as Joel Campbell to some extent.

Wenger must feel like he has won the lottery, the jackpot on every online slot game, and the world poker Championship all at the same time, because the combined worth of just those four players must come to over 100 million pounds at current values. While poor me has to make do with free spins from online slot machines lol!

The emerging youngsters will probably give Wenger justification for not spending in the transfer window, but the fact is that he still had to spot the talent at an early age and nurture them over the years before they become the finished product and ready to play for the Gunners first team. He refused to send Iwobi out on loan this season because he was convinced he was ready to integrate into the first team squad, and he saw his reward when the Arsenal fans gave Iwobi a standing ovation when he replaced by Theo Walcott against Watford.

“These people have seen many good players over the years and they know straight away when a player has something special, so they acknowledge that,” Wenger told Arsenal.com. “You cannot cheat people. They’ve seen how quickly he’s improved and how well he’s played.

“It’s surprising how quickly he’s integrated into our game. He’s worked with us since the start of the season and he has grown, gained confidence and when he came in he had an impact straight away.

“That’s benefited from the fact that he knows everybody and they trust him as well. I didn’t expect that level of efficiency or impact on the scoresheet.”

Iwobi contributed to a masterful team effort in the Watford game, and it certainly looks like he will be a regular starter from now on. Wenger has already stated that Iwobi can play anywhere along the front line and even as a central striker, so will this help Wenger to insist on not buying an established striker this coming summer? I think it will….

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  1. 007 says:

    Only winning the EPL will justify Wenger’s transfer business.

    Hats off to the man for Iwobi’s immergence and Elneny signing. Both have been so impressive the last 3 games and one can only hope this continues.

    The two look so natural as though they have been playing at this level for season’s, Ramsey, Ox, Theo, Jack better be taking notes.

    1. muffdiver says:

      cannot ignore iwobi an academy product doing so well

      nor wenger an his scouts finding elneny for 5 million
      looks an astute signing

      if wenger spent the money an didnt blindly believe in giroud ramsey theo etc he could have won a few titles by now.
      he may have lost his edge but he still has the intelligence and experience.

      what a bloody enigma

  2. zulazlykamari says:

    wenger stucked with hype English player…

  3. gooner tetra says:

    After not buying during the summer I had a feeling that this was a sign of things to come for a long time.
    We might be in for the same stuff for many consecutive summers

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    That’s easy to answer…no! If Wenger had bought in the summer, we could have easily won the title with the likes of Chelsea, ManU and ManC all out of the picture. Arsenal would have also had a better chance at going deeper in all of the cup competitions as well.

    That being said though, Iwobi has been excellent, and I really hope Wenger sticks with him. My fear is that when Ramsey is back, either one of Elneny or Iwobi will instantly be dropped.

    1. sevenitti says:

      I would personally drop both Ramsey and Wilshere and redesign them as deep lying defensive playmakers. Make Wilshere a Veratti kind of guy, and Ramsey… Idk… His lack of creativity makes him more needed in the back too.

      I love that Elneny and Iwobi aren’t showing too many signs of the Wenger syndrome (having the need to pass the ball all the way into the net, instead of shooting if there’s a good opportunity)

  5. 007 says:

    OT: When Chelsea want someone, they get their man.

    Pep, Kloop, Conte, Pochettino, Koeman, Bilic, Reineri, Wenger and potentially Mou and Benetiz, my all my, it will be a crazy EPL next season, plus with the TV money flying around. 1 signing may not be enough for that top 4 spot Arsene, better dust up that cheque book.

  6. jonm says:

    It depends on one of the following
    1. Is a signing required to convince fans of better things to come, like winning PL, so they will continue to buy tickets and merchandise.
    2. Is a signing tequired to maintain top 4 position in PL

    If one of above applies then the next question is ” are funds available from current year without dipping in to cash reserves”. If yes to this then we may sign an established striker. Otherwise, no because no-one is available who is better than what we have.

    Remember, winning championships is not arsenels aim, Kroenke has said this, so do not expect signings to take us to the top of the PL.

  7. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Admini, yes, you are right. Bellerin, Coquelin, the Ox, Campbell and now Iwobi have all been the revelation youth policy graduates investment at Arsenal as from last 2 seasons.

    Arsenal investment to internally developed their youths in their own ways at their academy school of football, is paying out handsome dividends to Arsenal. And Akpom is yet to come on board to break in into the 1st senior team. I think next season will be his breakthrough season or never.

    But I MUST sound a note of caution that, these 5 who have broken in into the 1st senior team are not yet of the highest quality but of the high quality. And the Boss will buy players next season to replace the 3 likely departing ones and use the his new ones to upgrade the quality of playing game for Arsenal. And those incoming trio players will be young in their 23 years of age and of high quality and should also be the missing specialists who have been missing at Arsenal on the field of play.

    1. sevenitti says:

      Campbell and Wellington Silva came in as huge talents, only to be shipped out on loan for most of their time under Arsenal contracts. Their relevance to Arsenal youth development is minimal.

      Coquelin’s had a bumpy ride, also being on loan around Europe, but now he’s where he should be. Fair play to Wenger and the developing team. Ox hasnt developed much since he came from Saints 5 years ago. Bellerin is the best product to come out of our youth team in many years, and now Iwobi yes… But is it enough?

  8. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Of course not
    Wenger isn’t a genius that he knows when young players break out and get in top form. EVERYBODY fans, Henry, Ray parlour, Gary lineckar, managers, analysts journalists, etc advised and/or begged him to sign a top striker and/or DM. That’s all. Just 2 players but he ignored everyone^s advice.

    Wenger really believes he is more intelligent than everyone. Not signing a single outfielder last summer was complete MADNESS.

    1. Midkemma says:

      When will you learn to think for yourself, your spouting that BS when you have no clue on how things are done, try using the thing in your head.

      Facts are this;

      Wenger doesn’t do transfers currently.
      Dein done them when he 1st joined.
      Wenger done them for a period of time after Dein left and Gazidis came, this is when he broker our own record to get Arshavin and payed over the odds to buy Nasri who had literally just resigned a contract to bump up his value.
      Gazidis came in and we got bargain basement versions of what Wenger and Dein use to get.

      Wenger may of wanted to buy but if he was told no then he will not be a little brat and cry to the media about it, he will be a man and take it as it goes, deal with it and move forward.

      If you don’t believe me then fine.
      You can see how Wenger has openly said that he wouldn’t of signed Welbeck if he stayed at home (but he went to WC and got Alexis).
      We can also look at how Nasri has openly said that he was sold by Silent Stan for profit.

      If Wenger didn’t want to buy Welbexk then why? Did Wenger want someone better?

      After the board bought Welbeck do you think they would instantly turn round and go “Oh here is another £40-50 mil for ANOTHER striker”?


      Grow up!

  9. NY_Gunner says:

    Iwobi is on the right track, with the right mentality towards the game. Play him with the 1st squad till the end of the season, then loan him out to Leicester City next season.

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