Arsenal fans could soon get extra insight from manager Mikel Arteta

The Premier League could be quite different when it returns.

Arsenal fans could get a treat when the Premier League returns as a number of new features could be brought in to make up for the lack of fans inside stadiums.

This could be intriguing for Gunners fans as the the Daily Express reports that one change that could be brought in is interviews with managers and coaches during games and perhaps at half time as well.

We usually hear from managers before and after games, but what goes on during matches and at half time remains a bit more of a mystery.

With Arteta undoubtedly one of the most exciting young managerial minds in the game, it could be a real treat for Gooners to get his insights more regularly throughout the 90 minutes.

It will certainly be a shame not to be able to get to the Emirates Stadium for a while, but hopefully this closer look at Arteta’s management will go some way to making up for it.

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