Arsenal fans crossing their fingers on Alexis Sanchez injury

It would be just about typical of the bad luck Arsenal have had to deal with if Alexis Sanchez was to be ruled out with another injury, just when the Chilean international had found something close to his best form once again.

Thankfully the game against Watford today was well won and the points were safely in the bag when Alexis appeared to pick up a knock, so Arsene Wenger had no hesitation in taking him off straight away. And if he did have a problem then it will probably not be a serious one because he was moving fairly well and it may just have been a precautionary measure from the boss.

The worrying aspect of it all, though, is that it looked like it was a hamstring tweak and that is the same problem that saw him miss around two months of football either side of the festive period. If the striker has got an issue with his hamstring, no matter how minor, it could well mean him missing at least one game.

Next up is a massive game for Arsenal away to West Ham and we really need as strong a side as possible out on the pitch for that or the late title challenge could be over before it has begun. Surely Arsenal are due a little bit of luck are we not?

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    1. Alexis will be alright, remember he played like 6 games while he was unfit before his injury.

      OT. Last season it was Le coq and Bellerin.
      This season its Iwobi and Campbell.
      I lose hope in wenger but CREDIT for this. #COYG
      Never over until its over!

    2. Just learnt one of ozil supporters go to phase “highest passing accuracy” has also been taken over by Almighty Elneny and for two games in a row he hasn’t produced his no.1 excuse “assist”.. What are we ozil supporters going to do now?? The future looks really bad for us ozil lovers. Damn elneny & iwobi , dey hve made things difficult. Lets find sumtin to blame dem for in the next game okay guyz?????

    3. You guys don’t get it Sanches playing on his right side is the difference in his game. He now passes opponent on his stronger side, right side and crosse better, when on the left he just turns to play with his right as he has no left strong enough to cross. The difference now is Awobie left or right foot, Welbeck left or right foot the game just oozes with pace. Not about Sanches injurie it’s about playing players in the right position. Ramsey Wilshier will be pushing which makes the squad so much stronger. If only Wenger played this team before we would have been in Cup Semi and up there with Leicster. Please no rotating. CB

  1. its fine we have one of those oxygen chambers under the emirates next to shania twain statue…
    plus alexis is 23 % android so with the right parts ordered from samsung he will be fine.
    technically hes still under warranty so were covered.

    im more concerned about the giroud to kfc rumuors…has he not heard of nandos??

  2. Congrats @RealMadrid. This Barcelona team is vulnerable when you take the game to them. Too bad our players didn’t have enough belief to take our chances in our UCL tie 🙁

    1. Real Madrid have Ronaldo,Benzema,Bale,Kroos,Modric etc these are world class players who take their chances that’s the difference!

  3. @Juhislihis McLovin

    It seems you followed the game on a crappy radio set to not know that Alexis Sanchez had an injury scare!

    I hope he will be available for the WHU game. He’s getting back to his best form since switching to the RW.

  4. I can’t believe tomorrow we will have something in common with Tottenham fans. We will both be supporting Southampton to win against Leicester.

    1. We need Manu to win so they will be in contention for top 4. Reason we need this, is because then they will be more determined to beat Tottnham next weekend for that top 4.

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