Arsenal fans Debate – Gary Neville is Brilliant!

Let’s be honest all Arsenal fans are used to the pundits having a go at Arsene Wenger, especially during the transfer window when he sits around sunbathing instead of strengthening the team. To be fair, the fans also give Le Prof a hard time, but not as much as Gary Neville does!

When asked about the current Arsenal squad being capable of winning the League, Neville was scathing. “I can’t think of a word to describe that bunch,” Neville said. “I could but it wouldn’t be usable on television. They’re certainly not what I would call what you want to win you a league, the powerful characters, the strength you need running through your team. The profile of players completely changed and the style has changed and that to me is where I’ve got no sympathy.

“I just cannot get my head around why he (Wenger) would not sign players of power to assist these talented players you’ve got to enable them to win the league. It is the one big, if you like, black mark against Arsène Wenger in these last 10 years: why he hasn’t identified an issue with these types of players [points to Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla] because they cannot win the league with those types of players. It can’t happen. To me it’s arrogance: to think that you are not going to adapt your team to impact on the other teams you’re playing against. It is either naivety or arrogance because they keep losing this way.”

That sounds a bit harsh, even by TV Standards (perhaps he’s had a couple of sneaky drinks in the Green Room?) but it seems Arsenal’s England players don’t hold it against him when he is working with the national side. Well, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain doesn’t anyway. “He’s a very honest person, telling us what we need to improve on, and he has earned that respect through his own playing career,” The Ox said. “Everyone really does listen to what he has to say and respects his opinions. You can take criticism off him and you know he means well by it and he’s being constructive. So I think that’s great and why he’s such a great coach.

“He’s my favourite pundit. I always do want to listen to what he has to say on the television and, nine times out of 10, I agree with everything he says.

“He’s brilliant the way he explains things and I think he is very respectful when he says what teams need to do better and what players need to do better in a game.

“It could be a tricky situation when he’s talking about our games on TV and then he comes to work with England, but he seems to manage to do it without any of us holding a grudge against him.”

I don’t think Arsene Wenger would agree with him, and I bet Le Prof is desperate to prove him wrong by winning the title without buying anyone at all!

I wonder if Neville will share his views with the Ox while he is on England duty….

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  1. I don’t care what Neville thinks his not an Arsenal fan. What I do care about is what our ex players are saying they may have a point.

    1. I don’t want to insult you, but that is probably one of the most moronic things I’ve read in a day or two. So what Gary Neville is ex-manure – he’s still reasonable enough to criticise the filthy f*cking reds (Hong Kong 97 reference, anyone?) up north when it’s due. All his career he’s been having Arsenal as a rival. What he says (as far as I can remember) is true. A bit harsh maybe, but essentially more objective than whatever crap Wenger comes with, or forces the squad to say. That being said; I agree that Thierry Henry’s words matter more to me.

      1. In the same clip on tv that’s used in the article, Neville openly said that if United couldn’t win the league, he’d want Arsenal to win it. I don’t think he’s biased against us.

        1. Ooh, I see what you meant now, my bad! Thought you said something in the likes of “Nothing Gary Neville says about Arsenal can be taken seriously”

      2. Then why do you insult him if you say you don’t want to? What’s with this rubbish? Please, stick to ideas not with the person. I respect Garry Neville but I simply don’t care what he says when is about running AFC. I believe we have people better than him. And he may come soon in front of the judge. I hope he gets the head coach position once Mr. Hodgson leaves. Then we will see how good he is although coaching the national squad and being a club manager are two different things.

    2. Ex players, legends, pundits, fans, whoever, whatever, YOU HAVE NO POINT as far as Wenger is concerned. Arsene listens to no one.

  2. Piss off, Gary Neville!! Anyone who refers to my gunners as “that bunch” is not worth TV space. He’s gonna regret that term, he should ask Martin Jol, whose fulham team we trumped after he used those exact same words…

  3. PS I also care about attracting young supporters to our club but when you see clubs paying millions for success you have to wonder who they might support. We need to attract the new generation for the future of our great club. GOYG

  4. Best pundit in England. Learn to take criticism people…

    But on a side note, I thought a lot of the people on this site aren’t from the UK, so will they all know of Neville’s punditry?

    1. I don’t know why wanger is upset with Neville Mersons comment whipped him to the ground and his ex,arsenal and even TH put the boot in a bit

      I respect Neville he tells is how it is and with a bit of intelligence unlike some of the ex-Liverpool Pundits

    2. He’s a bad mean full back last time I remember. Wacked Arsenal players around like his foot made from stick. Was I’m wrong?

  5. Just to make you all laugh an anagram of Gary Neville is revealingly 🙂 My anagram is p-ss off mate 🙂

  6. Did he say something that it’s not true?? didn’t we need to buy power players to inject strength in this team?? someone took offense when Neville called us bunch, well some games we have played like a bunch of kids with no tactics and looking clueless on the field. We don’t need Neville nor any other pundit tell us what we have known for long but sometimes is good to hear it from an outsider………..WENGER needs to go we deserve better, his time is past.

    1. Our owners need to had in their shares and pass them onto someone who cares about our great club and doesn’t look at just the profit.

  7. This is getting a joke now we need a world class CF. It started with Suarez and our £1 offer when are we going to learn they do not come cheap.

  8. The window changed little.
    City apart everyone
    looks vulnerable.
    Arsenal are right in this.
    It’s a very open title race.

  9. selling RVP to Manure, £1 offer for Suarez, Coquelin on loan when we needed a DM, Kim Kallstrom, no summer transfers, Welbeck’s injury, how much s…t we need to take from this man and his accomplices or better said Biz partners……I am a true ARSENAL fan and I mad ……WENGER OUT.

  10. two point. Neville criticized after the Liverpool game. he hates Liverpool and us not beating them hurts. that comment was personal and directed at us because of Liverpool and not for our sake to improve our team.

    2nd point is wenger wouldn’t disagree with the points raised. he would agree but say those player weren’t available.

  11. MuZzi Oscan/Uscan, they all lied. LoL!!! Liars all of them. No one can tell what’s on Wenger’s mind, not even Wenger himself, and he (Arsene) gives zero f**ks.

  12. His critics won’t be 100% constructive, that’s for sure. He’s maybe a good speaker but I’m sure he’s not a genius by any mean. When ManUre down to 7th under Moyes, and then spend millions under LVG to buy world class player like Di Maria, I bet you his prediction gone wrong.
    Talk is always easier than walk, that’s the nature. I would like to see what he can do with England team. Looking good at group stage, but do this England team have all the attributes the he was mention on Arsenal, to be European Champion? Well, convince yourself as much as you need Gary, your England team can’t be the champion this year because they don’t have the “Neville factor” neither. Sorry to all English fellas, I’m just being honest.
    Lets make this fair, I will admit that Gary Neville is a genius if he can make England team (or any team in his future) become champion.

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