Arsenal fans demand respect from Xhaka? You can’t have it both ways

It’s common for Arsenal players to be misquoted while away on international duty, but it’s also become a very easy line for clubs to use when they don’t like what they hear. Granit Xhaka saying he is ready for the ‘next step’ could be interpreted either way. Is that ‘next step’ with the gunners or a desire to move elsewhere?

The fact his comments (however meant) have caused debate, highlights how decent his recent form has been. For the majority of his 3 years at the Emirates most Gooners wouldn’t lose any sleep about hearing the midfielder hint about leaving, with the Swiss often being an easy scapegoat. Which is exactly why we can’t complain if he is flirting with other clubs.

Fans can’t have it both ways.

We can’t demand loyalty when it suits us but wash our hands of an individual we deem not talented. Sanchez got booed on his return to North London for leaving, yet some criticise Ozil for doing the opposite. How many want Carl Jenkinson off the wage bill? How many care that he loves the badge?

A squad who are very active on social media (a few admit to watching AFTV) they can grasp the public opinions of their own form. Xhaka will be aware that he has been disrespected in the past. While he gets paid enough to take it on the chin, it gives him no reason to show loyalty if he finds a move he feels will better him. This is a man who stopped his car to sign autographs and take pictures, only to be sworn at with his wife sat next to him.
He was also a constant in the team when Arsene Wenger was being hounded out, “disrespect” the Frenchman claimed, “I will never forget”.

In other words, and I blame YouTube for this, certain members of our fanbase have embarrassed a club who had a reputation for doing the right thing. Based on the short term, some are now happy if Granit extended his deal but when Ozil did that, it quickly became a case of, ‘what have you done for me lately’. If we lose a few matches, does Xhaka go back to being undervalued?

While I think any switch could only be a sideways one, I do think he’s one of those players that coaches and teammates appreciate more than spectators. He dictates our play, often building from the back. Statistics show he gives the ball away a lot but is he not the man brave enough who tried the Hollywood pass? So, if your unhappy with his recent comments and you demand respect from a man who was happy to extend his deal last summer, be honest and say ‘have you done the same to him?’.

Clubs spit out players who want to stay as much as players who turn their back on clubs. You can’t have it both ways..

Dan Smith


  1. let’s be honest i’m sure he meant it as he will step it up because he kinda has to we have been watching granit! which club with a stature similar to Arsenal take him? we might not have won the PL in a while but let’s not forget who we are 🙂

    Ps: as club i beleive we are one of the classiest, we are superb when it comes to player treatment, we treat them better than others that’s for sure..even welbz who hasnt been with us for very long is being treated with huge respect, i’m sure we won’t extend but that doesn’t mean we are not giving him a helping hand with the make pretend contract extension, he’s been out of the limelight and we brought him back in it with this story. so proud to be a fan of this club especially in these kinda of circumstances like with santi or diabi etc…, if we just had the ambition to match our philosophy “Victoria Concordia Crescit” we would be unstoppable or more like invincible 🙂

  2. actually a good article would be : with ramsey and welbz leaving at the end f the season, which players would be fantastic home-grown additions to beef up our squad? how much woukd it cost? and can any of them slot straight into the starting 11?

    ex: chilwell at lb or adoi on the wing

  3. Next step for this guy is Newcastle … That’s his level and until we replace him with a world class b2b we will be perennially hoping others slip up to get us a CL spot .. Could probably still get 20m plus for him so just sell and invest in a bit of quality

    1. silly comment. why will you want him to retrogress. It is his right to dream for other things. Our comments bring them down. They need our luv and support.

    2. Spot on Rkw but i disagree its a disrespect for newcastle to link him to the best he may be suitable for Preston and the likes
      And he has no respect or love for the badge which pays him his inflated salary
      Arsene in his early days would not have him even among the reserves
      Get the hell out of AFC and drag Ozil and mustafi with you

  4. Xhaka is ungrateful. Arsenal fans have waited for three years
      that Xhaka has a decent game. Now that he has had some presentations above the regular he talks about taking the next step. Hopefully, there are teams that can pay for their card (+ 35ME) and go elsewhere. With that money Arsenal can acquire a better player than the one who knows that belonging to the Arsenal is a privilege

  5. Guys I know we do not think he is the best but at least we need him for the current season right now to finish in the top 4 plus win the europa league to make this a successful enough season.

  6. Granit has been playing well and his goal was the turning point to our win against manutd he is a young talent and given the space to improve he most definitely can. Nothing good will come if we continue to adore players one weekday and lambaste the following week, [*Words] carry power.

    It wouldn’t come as a surprise (to me) if he scored some of the goal that changes our fortunes in the run in, thats football. Every fanbase contain those with the attitude “what have you done for me lately,” it is because the game is driven largely by results we need to win. Otherwise the single point of failure has to be identified as being such.

    If turns out Xhaka cannot stand the heat – evidently he will make his way out of the kitchen. Ours is hardly a club for the fickle, easily shaken or those with fragile disposition. Hope he’ll come good.

  7. LMAO to his credit he has improved but the only team his starting for in the top 6 are the spuds and that’s cause they lack anyone that can play in his position. 34yr old James Milner is still a better option than xhaka. He always has a decent few games which somehow makes everyone forget how many game costing errors his play is littered with. He is as mistake prone as mustafi and if we could recoup anywhere near the 35m we paid for him we sure as hell shouldnt/wouldn’t hesitate there are plenty of players we could replace him with who won’t give the ball away so often. I dont concur with thw author at all granits comments were extremely disrespectful and almost laughable given how unbelievably poor he has been in the last 3 seasons which also coincides with our inability to make the top 4. He screams average and I for one hope we can somehow get ilkay gundogan would offer more in midfield. The only thing granit has over guendozi is strength otherwise the 19 year old would keep him on the bench

  8. How some people make shallow comments and tell our players they dun deserve to play for us beats my mind. Appreciate the players we have, be positive and more supporting. Enjoy him while he plays for us. Bet u went crazy when he scored and now linking him to Preston. Hmm, ungrateful

  9. Xhaka is so everything for Arsenal those years,
    he is one of best midfielders that Arsenal ever had
    and i am really tired hearing shittalks about him..

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