Arsenal fans demanding that star man starts against Bournemouth

Arsenal fans take to Twitter to demand Kieran Tierney to start against Bournemouth

The clamour for Kieran Tierney to start against Bournemouth on Sunday is growing by the day following another great performance.

The young left-back ripped Standard Liege to pieces on Thursday night and the fans want to see more from the 22-year-old.

Unai Emery may decide to rest the Scottish international and bring him into the first-team after the international break. That does make sense, the Premier League is far more intense than the Europa League. But the fans are impatient and are becoming desperate to see Tierney start on Sunday.

It must be said that there were also calls for Martinelli, Bellerin, Holding and Willock to be included in the starting eleven as well.

The problem is that Emery plays the long game, he will not rush any players through until he is ready. The Spaniard will not make wholesale changes and breakthroughs will be few in their number.


  1. We don’t know the health status of the players. Emery and the medical staff are the best judge of that

    But assuming there are no problems

    I’d love to see
    Pepe…. Aubameyang…Martinelli

    But I’m afraid it could be something like

    That may be enough to win but I don’t like 3 defensive minded midfielders especially Xhaka and I don’t fancy Sokratis either

    I hope Ceballos, Tierney and Martinelli play. At the very least Ceballos

    1. I expect the team to be closer to that cited by posters on justarsenal after the international break.
      These intervening weeks will be essential to the full recovery of players such as Lacazette, Holding, Tierney and Bellerin. Emery and his support staff are in the best position to know the relative condition/fitness of each player.

  2. I agree that Tierney has to start against Bournemouth, because we will play at home where he will have an abundance of cheers and he seems to be more consistent than Kolasinac lately

    Regarding Martinelli, I don’t think he would play better than Saka on the left wing and I believe his best position is CF, as what he has shown in a couple of matches

    It’s better to start Pepe as we will play with plenty of supports at the Emirates. If Pepe doesn’t perform well, replace him in the second half with Martinelli or Nelson

  3. I think emery should take a little precaution on martinelli.He should not be fast track into the first 11 Asap when is not like we are in sort of crisis upfront. He still need to learn the rope and learn one or two from auba and laca.Emery can borrow a leaf from how pep is using likes of Phil foden and sure in subsequent season martinelli will be a menace to defenders.

  4. The best in form play until they are no longer in form. We are deep enough and there should be heated competitions not automatic starters.

    1. If Emery does what you say, @Durand, he will be accused of “tinkering”. “He does not know his best starting 11” is the stick that will be used to beat him with.

      1. No, dropping Tierney for Kola is tinkering. Dropping Holding for Sokratis is tinkering.

        Disrupting the midfield and forcing in Xhaka Sunday is tinkering.

        Why drop Torreira from DM? Why drop Willock or Ceballos for Xhaka?

          1. I’m talking about starting matches.

            In what reality does Xhaka deserve to start games?
            Torreria is better DM, not even close.
            Willock better box to box, not close.
            Ceballos more creative and more well rounded.

            Xhaka is good at long balls, fouls, yellow cards, and gifting points.

            Xhaka should be 4th choice in 3 man midfield.

            How do Holding and Chambers not beat out Luiz and Sokratis? I daresay Mustafi has better performances than those 2 stooges.

            Tinkerman will cut and chop starting 11 and bring us back to struggling mediocrity against Bournemouth.

            Usual suspects starting making usual mistakes playing usual lifeless and boring football.

  5. Tierney or Bellerin at least need to start against Bournemouth imo, with one of them and Chambers deputising in the other fullback role, and hopefully at least Holding or Mavro to make an appearance to take the place of Luiz or Sok. I think this will give us much better stability at the back and allow the midfield and forwards more confidence to play a forward game as it cuts down the chances of disasters behind. Not perfect but better balanced.
    Im expecting Xhaka to make a return which I’m not keen on but how damaging that is will probably depend on who makes up our backline and who gets partnered with him in the midfield. He seems to work best alongside Torreira in the double pivot and then I’m guessing/hoping Ceballos or Willock until Laca returns.
    I’d also like to see Martinelli given a chance in the PL in place of Saka. Not that Saka has done anything wrong but I want to see how Martinelli handles it, that lad is pure talent and it needs to be seen just how far it can be taken to make sure he gets the right development – you don’t want to leave potentially the next Ronaldo (example not a comparison) sat on the development squad just because you didn’t give him a chance on the main stage imo. And then Pepe and Auba making up the rest of the strike force.

    Chambers Luiz Holding Tierney (if both fit enough)
    Torreira Xhaka Willock
    Pepe Auba Martinelli(Saka if he plays it safe)

    Gotanidea – I disagree my friend, how can you say that Martinelli won’t be better as a winger when we haven’t seen him play there? Both he and his managers obviously think he is better there, and to be honest you just have to watch him on the pitch. He wants to win the ball back constantly, he drops deep and chases it endlessly, then races back the other end and performs some magic – why waste that in a position where that’s the opposite of what you want them doing? Strikers should be putting pressure on then dropping off to find space for the counter not following the ball all the way back.

    1. I just observed Martinelli when he played briefly as a substitutive left winger in EPL and his performance was not impressive there. Perhaps because of the limited time and his stronger foot is the right one

      I believe only the highly skilled attackers can play as inverted wingers, such as Messi, Mane and Salah. We can try Martinelli again there to give him more game time, but currently Saka is doing well and Nelson seems to be drilled as an inverted LW

      1. You do realise that almost his entire career before joining us have been spent on the wings right? And whilst his stronger foot is his right one he is also just as adept at crossing the ball with his left too, which is exactly what you want from an inverted winger right?

        You say only highly talented players like Messi, Mane and Salah can play as inverted wingers but then say that Nelson has all the qualities to do so but Martinelli doesn’t? Don’t get me wrong Nelson is good and will go on to have a brilliant career (more likely on the RW than LW imo) but out of the two it’s been Martinelli who has impressed more in that role for me – Nelson has yet to truly sieze the chances he was offered, whereas every time Martinelli has stepped on the pitch he has impressed – scored or come close on every outing, made beautiful runs in almost every match, sublime link up play, and has not been scared to take his man on.
        Out of the three youth options Martinelli leads the pack in terms of raw talent imo followed closely by Saka and then Nelson, and if people think that AMN and others deserve to be played in their favourite position then so to does Martinelli.

  6. For sure UE should start giving these youngster a chance to do something in the PL, yes for Tierney and Martinelli they are shining in Europe so they deserve to play in every competition!

  7. Read an article on Tierney, about how he’s never lived alone before.. how he’s learning to cook.. people ask him what life in London is like, but he’s never been in to the city. He said he works hard, trains hard. It’s a simple life, but he puts everything in to football. What we’ve seen from him in those 2 appearances, one things for sure – I absolutely love him!!! πŸ‘Š

    1. I get it but he’s 22 years old and was already a millionaire before he signed for us. I feel that admiration more for the youth players who do the same thing with far less guarantees making it and moving from farther away.
      All that being said i hope he’s going to become a legend for us.

      1. Kolo toure’s life before coming to europe, and especially the Romford pele’s accounts of his trial with us, and niccolo galli’s story, which if any gooner doesn’t know please please google it now, come to mind.

          1. Thank you! Am i really the only one watching the rugby though (or just the only one sad enough toned posting at this time)?

          2. I don’t usually either, but its argentina vs england in the world cup. Outs watch curling if i thought is get to see us beat the argies

  8. I am happy that this players are coming back which makes our team more strong and better.As of now we are Laccazzate away from having a complete fully fit squad which is unbelievably exiting.
    The challenge we have is for Unai to figure out on how well he can field this players so as he can get the best out of them.
    Emery must prioritize the premier league because we have enough quality in this squad to finish in the top 4.Unfortunately his team selection especially for premier league matches does not inspire any confidence at all.I hope with the players we now have available he is going to change his team soon.

    1. Cliff, as you state Emery, once Lacazette returns, has a full squad available to him for the first time this season. The return from the international break should see all fit for selection.
      As Durand says there will then be competition for places in the starting eleven and bench. Under performance should lead to demotion from the match day squad, which should lead to greater effort and discipline.

  9. Kieran tierny should be give the opportunity to start games. he played full 90 against standard liege and we all saw his impact. come! emery give the boy the chance please

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