How would Arsenal fans describe Arsene Wenger?

How would you describe Arsene Wenger’s character? by Briantole

Stubborn, deluded, arrogant, greedy. That is what most Arsenal fans will tell you at the moment.

Wenger has been too much of a gambler. His tactics management and organization are all signs of recklessness.

We play players who are at so many times considered liable in different aspects.
Players like Sanchez, the Ox, Walcott, Giroud, Coquelin are considered liabilities in possession.
Welbeck and Giroud are used to missing sitters at the wrong times.
Mertesacker is considered slow.
Gabriel is too error prone.
Ozil and Elneny are too lightweights.
Chambers lacks speed and agility while also being error prone.
Gibbs attacks more than he defends.
Ospina’s height proves be somewhat of a liability as he sometimes fails to reach out onto the balls.

Our lineup against Watford was….
Chambers Mertz Gabriel Gibbs
Coquelin Elneny
Campbell Ozil Sanchez

I don’t know what it was supposed to mean because as you can see the left flank is possession liable the right flank lacks speed.
The midfield is lightweight. The central defence is too error prone.
Ospina has a height disadvantage, while Giroud lacks all the qualities of a great striker.
The only reason he is put on the pitch is to connect with the team and to create space for others to score goals. He can be too inconsistent and miss some great chances.

Well, to be honest, looking at the goals conceded I am not sure whether goalkeepers like Hart, Courtois, De Gea and even Bravo would have let those in.
Looking at the chances missed. I wonder what would have been the outcome if they had fallen to the feet of Bale, Aguero, Lewandowski or Van Persie?

Moving forward fans are also distressed with Wenger’s delusions.
He considers Welbeck, Walcott, Giroud and Sanchez world class strikers or European elites.
This statement can be considered blasphemy by most given the reputation of Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck. The goal scoring records of Walcott and Welbeck are not something to be proud of. While Giroud’s invisibility in matches and clumsiness becomes causes of ridicule amongst supporters.

The last thing about Wenger is the sheer arrogance leading to some supporters describing him as the dictator.
What can you say about being the only club not to sign a single outfield player?
What can you say about Rosicky, Wilshere and Diaby injuries?
What can you say about instilling a shambolic defence that concedes 4 5 6 and 8 goals?

This is pain that supporters have felt during his club tenure.

All in all, he is the most successful FA cup manager in history.
He is also the only manager to hold the invincibles record in the post war era.
He is also a record holder in being involved in the UCL a record 16 times.
He has managed to cope during the good and bad times after losing his best players and undergoing a financial breakdown. Although he was only able to achieve 4th place positions.

So can he win the title?
Well he has been beaten by teams who have a better financial base and who have worked with some of the world’s finest talents.
Currently those above him holding those positions are not the better teams.
There can still be some slight hope of the title. Though as we say records are meant to be broken so the tables might turn this time around.

So what do you make of Wenger’s character?


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  1. Wenger is stubborn because he knows what the team is capable of, he will never lose faith in his players. However, there are quite a few players that are failing to meet the standard of Wenger’s philosophy. To be honest, I really enjoy the way we play, on our day we are just as good as any team in Europe. We have proven that we are able to win against the odds and lose when we are certain to win. Inconsistency player performances and injuries have left us in this position, it happens every season. We are really missing Cazorla in midfield, with the playing of Campbell and Welbeck our style has become a little unorthodox. When Cazorla plays there is a better tempo and chance conversion rate.

    I think that Diego Simione will be a great candidate but he will change our style, some key players may be out of favor with the new manager, rebuilding the squad will take time. I believe that Wenger needs to change his approach a little and focus alot on defending and direct football. We need to have a cutting edge and players that are more confident to shoot and take chances early. Alot of times we play ourselves into trouble and waste all that possession with a weak attempt.

    I wanna give Wenger one more season, I think we owe him that much. Many of you may disagree but him leaving now is really bad for the team, lets just ride this wave and see if we are better for it. We shouldn’t be hasty and push Wenger out just yet, it may put us on the brink of a ‘Building Phase’ that Man United and Liverpool are in.

    1. Are you serious? after 20 years you still think we owe him one more season? For what?To extend his UCL record of most matches lost by a manager? Because it’s certainly not to win the league or the UCL.We owe wenger nothing, in fact he owes us an explanation as to what happened this season, he said we only needed cech to win the league when every man and his dog could see the team was short in all areas, so now he should write an essay explaining why he hasn’t won the league

      1. One thing I agree is that Wenger owes everyone an explanation for the always present january-march collapse. Always. As for the most lost games in UCL that’s simply statistics. As it reads, Wenger lost only 29% of all his games in UCL. Now that is impressive. Amazing stuff you can do with statistics.

        1. @Budd…….. And what percentage of games have wenger won after the R-16?

          Oops…stucked?….need help?

          1. You would be surprised to see that Wenger won north of 70% of his games after the R-16. Better yet! He lost an amazing 5% of the games after the R-16. And you know why? Because there weren’t so many and usually in R-16 we have a 50-50 ratio. In 2006 season Arsenal haven’t lost a single game bar the final. See how nice is thes tatistics? Especially when you don’t know how to ask a question.

    2. Please mate stop it; no manager can’t do worse than wenger right now. Don’t compare us to Man Utd because Fergie has been a winner his whole carreer so legacy is to difficult to handle for any other manager. Excuse me but it’s not the case with AW. And even if it happens (we found ourselves below our beloved 4th place) it could be a blessing in disguise in the long run; because either stan kroenke will do what needs to be done in order to become successful again or he’ll send his shares to someone who actually cares. So i don’t know about you but i’d rather have a short term of pain with a long period success. It’s worth the risk. But Arsenal fan are risk aversed, right?

  2. The party is over Arsene, you had a great run and made lots of money, at a price.
    What next for Arsenal……who knows?

  3. HAHAHA, Wenger just claimed that he built Arsenal!!! Unbelievable! This is beyond arrogance, how do you build something that existed over 100 years before you arrived?? He’s clutching at straws now

    1. He did not said that. He said exactly this :

      If you compare the club when I arrived and how it is today, it is moved forward, and without any help from anybody.

      OK, you hate the man but at least quote him correctly and don’t make up a lie to provide some fuel for your hate. As he is, and probably he will still be around for a while under Kroenke, at least he stands his ground. I do not agree at all with his tactics (that didn’t stopped people labeling me an AKB’er for which I could care less for it is exactly the Trump syndrome) and with his lack of rotation and adaptation to the modern football (result driven) but I admire him for not giving up an inch from what he believes football is. Actually was because today not even Barcelona plays that spectacular football anymore. We forgot the free flowing football a while ago and this is what pi$$es me off. We are not capable of producing that beautifull football then why the hell don’t we aim for the result? You have an excuse, hey at least we play some damn good football (see RvP years) but today? We are sinking into this complacency of still being third but game is not over yet. I don’t understand him anymore. In fact I do but the question remains, if you fail by repeating the same thing again and again, why persist in doing it the same? I hope at least that he will put some confidence in the players this week. I don’t care about this game, I want a win at Everton.
      Oh, btw, forget about Kroenke firing Wenger. That will never happen. If Kroenke really wanted then Wenger would have been training France by now or any other team.

      1. wenger’s philosophy : football is to be kept in custody (possession football) not kicked or buried in a goal post (attacking football)

      2. ‘I have no doubt about my huge motivation,’ said Wenger. ‘I built the
        club, and the way I did it was with hard work. I had no external

        That’s for you Budd, interesting that you left that part out

        1. No. Stop beating around the bushes. You said Wenger built Arsenal club when he explicitly said he built the club it is TODAY. It is a huge difference. If Wenger said that then media would have a field day but they are smarter and they know to read.
          I just added the part you left out, that’s it. You took it out of context and made it what it is not. You took only the first sentence and made some news. He even said that he arrived at the club you claim he said he built. Here it is, let’s put it together and let people judge :

          I built the club, and the way I did it was with hard work. I had no external resources. If you compare the club when I arrived and how it is today, it is moved forward, and without any help from anybody

          Kind of ruining your day, eh? Well, some people do pay attention and don’t let hate interfere with judgement. These people are smart. Be like them.

          1. Like most of his existential Gallic bs it is an utterly confused statement …. And despite claiming to have some kind of degree in business he apparently doesn’t understand the difference between stock and flow .. Anyway it’s irrelevant. whatever the assessment of last five years (It was clear to me back then that his managerial style would not deliver top trophies given the players he was promoting) when excuses about what happened ten years previously and the budget constraint don’t apply his performance this year should be enough to see his reign come to an end … Football clubs that rely on past glories have no place in the modern game …ask villa fans

  4. Briantole, of all the 4 character behaviours you’ve labeled against the Boss, I think greedness is not in his character.

    How much was Jose Mourinho earning at Chelsea? And how much are LvG, Manuel Pellegrini and Juggen Klopp earning in their various clubs now? Certainly can’t be less than the £8m/year which the Boss is currently earning at Arsenal.

    If the Gunners love the Boss and if at all they believe in his philosophy and are loyal to him, they can still save Arsenal season and the Boss’ job from falling away if they would wake up from their slumbers and Knockout Barcelona at Nou Camp tonight from this season Ucl. Which they are capable of doing and go all the way through the remaining 5 games to lift the Ucl trophy in June.

    It has become glaring that Arsenal may not lift this season Barclays Premier League title. Save if Leicester City suffered a big collapse in their remaining 8 BPL games campaign. Then would Arsenal lift the title if they too are able to collect all the total 27 points from their remaining 9 BPL games. And the odds for that to happen is low. Spurs cannot finish above Arsenal in the table as St Tottenringham’s Day will not allow that to happen. So, it’s either Leicester or Arsenal to lift the title.

    And should Arsenal win the Ucl or on a long shot won the BPL title, the Boss and the Gunners will be forgiven of any offence they might have committed against the Arsenal fans as all the anti-Boss outcry will die off.

    There the Gunners should better do the job successfully tonight at Nou Camp. Failure to do that, could heighten the agitation against the Boss and Gunners. If the Boss is forced out of Arsenal, his departure will have a chain effect as some Gunners, some coaching staff, Scouts, Ivan Gasidiz and Sir Chips Keswick could as well be forced out at Arsenal and even Stan Kroenke could also be forced to sell his majority Shares to a business man with passion for Arsenal. So, is not only the Boss that will suffer if he leaves Arsenal unceremoniously. But a host of Other top executives at Arsenal save Lord Harris will follow the bandwagon effect of the Boss’ untimely departure from Arsenal.

    1. I have to laugh..

      “Untimely”…… 20 fruitless yrs is untimely?

      “unceremoniously” ….who would celebrate that?

  5. absolutely…….. That explains why we get knocked out of it so easily

    Tonight we face Mohammed ALi! …. Praying we usurp him L()L

  6. It is easy to criticise a team line up, after it has tasted defeat!

    As for describing Wenger?
    Putting it politely… “He has passed his sale by date”
    Wayyyyy passed it!

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