Arsenal fans dismay as Wenger refuses to pay transfer fee!

There are many Arsenal transfer rumours flying around the football world at the minute, despite the fact that the official transfer window does not open until the 1st of July. However, the rules do not stop clubs in the same association completing transfers, so any player currently in the Premier League could become an Arsenal player officially from now on.

So many Gooners might have expected Arsene Wenger to make an early move for our long term transfer target Morgan Schneiderlin. Not only has the boss not done that, it now appears that he might not go for the talented central midfielder at all.

The Daily Mail are reporting that Wenger is refusing to meet the asking price of around £25 million, and is looking for a cheaper option. If this is true it will cause widespread dismay among the Arsenal faithful.

We may have finished the season strongly and won another FA cup trophy, and that has given us fans some real belief and optimism, but we also know that the Gunners are not the finished article. This is the perfect time for us to push on and get back to the top of English football, so for the manager to go back to his old penny-pinching ways would be a massive blow and a huge mistake.

Francis Coquelin has been a revelation and has made the need for a central midfielder less urgent but he has not removed it entirely, and what if he picks up an injury?

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    1. Acc to Mirror Wenger will only sign Martinez if we can offload deadwoods Campbell, Sanogo and Podolski.

  1. Wenger normally keeps his cards close his chest. he doesn’t like stories flying around that is why i doubt the validity of the story. Schiniderlin is a great player but if we don’t get him then there is no problem at all.
    There is Autoro Vidal out there.
    Ther is Gianelli Imbulla. Marseille
    Kondogbia Monaco
    Grzegorz Krychowiak Seville
    Radja Nainggolan Roma

    never have there been so manay quality defensive midfielders available. If southampton want to play hard to get no problem. We have options. United cannot buy all this midfielders. they will buy just one . U also have bender brothers and Wanyama. Load of options.

    1. Agreed, often the lead player in the paper is not the one we target.

      Schneiderlin simply represents the type of DM we’re targeting (all the defensive acumen but with the ball playing quality). As you point out there’s in fact a number of candidates we could go for, Schneiderlin is just the obvious fit given he’s french and plays in the prem already – hence the constant links. Wouldn’t be opposed to most you name.

      Vidal – Schneiderlin – Gonalons – Imbula would be my preferences.

  2. we may get him for that amount and he spend his time on the bench so I see Wenger going for something cheaper

  3. Another rubbish post.

    Lets say we get no transfers done this season, but we get through the season with no more than 3 major injuries (1-3 months).

    Does nobody believe the squad is capable of winning the league?

    I believe we have an excellent squad.
    No urgent need in any department imo.

    If we do get somebody, it will be a steal, somebody that will really improve us.

    Have we learned nothing from the past 15 seasons of watching transfer rumors, sit back and let the wise man lead the way. #SamWiseWenger

  4. HOW does not buying morgan a problem,just chill wenger knows What he wants because he is the manager of the club we support…. let him do his job.

    1. He failed two seasons to cover cb, dm, and st positions and I hope he gets right this time

  5. Wenger knows very well that he is buying someone to play second fiddle to le coq rather than replace him..
    i.e a pure DM-defence minded as B2B belongs to carzolla,wilshere and Ramsey… so he thinks that spending 25m for a bench player is a waste of funds.

    1. What you mean the same player that AW didn’t deem worthy of a place in his team until recently and who he loaned out to Charlton only to call him back because he had no other option?

      Le coq has done brilliantly but he isn’t irreplaceable. I see Vidal as an improvement and vital re-enforcement and hope Wenger does to.

      Yeh, 25Mil is so much money. It’s like nearly 3 years wages..

    1. What!? Wenger is buying players with his own money now!

      He better ask for a pay rise:)

  6. If it’s true as we don’t even know if Wenger is even looking at him. An irrelevant article. Thanks for wasting our time

  7. Cech will leave Chelsea guarenteed but dunno whether Jose will allow him to join Arsenal though. I hope we dont miss out on him if he wants to remain in England.

  8. For Wenger and the Arsenal hierarchy, we have reach the objectives for the season.
    We did better than last year and won the FA Cup again.
    For them, it is a “successful” season (Well for some Arsenal fans too, but those are just deluded!!).

    Why bring Schneiderlin when we have Coquelin and Arteta as a back up (Wenger own words).
    Why bring a striker (Jackson Martinez on his way to At.Madrid or Valencia… Forget about Benzema, PSG are already on the case) when we have Sanogo (Joke, like the one who brought him to the club) and Welbeck (Wenger can still make “amazing” deal… £16millions for a 4 goals… Don’t know if to cry or laugh!).

    Barca won the CL: Their front line Messi-Neymar-Suarez is worth £200millions or more easily.
    There is an attitude at that club, a winner attitude and objectives are clearly stated at the beginning of the season, it is all or nothing (as for us, we are lucky if in the middle of the season we get a “hopefully a top four finish” knowing that we f*cked it up due to banal and common Wenger tactical clueless season after season all the same…).

    I just wish we could “at least” challenge for the league (CL is just another level, we do not have the squad, the attitude and the manager to achieve it)…

    1. All this “Wenger plays his card close to his chest” malarkey is just an excuse, The press do spin stories when they have nothing else to talk about BUT there’s a grain of truth is all of them, it’s as plain as that, last year the press had an inkling about Sanchez coming to u and thus it was proved a I’ve said many times on here Wengers statement prior to the end of the season are clear if you look back at what he said going back season after season, He said That Olivier Giroud WAS in his opinion good enough to fire Arsenal to PL glory. This means NO NEW STRIKER!!!! He lauds Le Coq with praise at the end of the season and this MEANS NO DM!!!!!!
      Higuaín will go to Chelsea…..Schniederlin WILL go to Man Poo, …………..Benzema WILL GO TO PSG!!!!!!…………..and so on and so on while the press make up a certain amount its usually based on some kind of grain of truth and whatever excuses we can come up with it boils down to this, we are two players maybe three from being really able to compete with the top dogs but I’ll bet my house we don’t get the players we all want, we’ll get cheaper alternatives that Wenger will try and turn into superstars so that he can bask in the glory of turning an unknown into a world class player…that’s his thing he’s been dining out on this stuff for years.
      I don’t want to see Wenger out but I do want him to come up to speed with the way the footballing world is and before any of you say anything its gets nothing to do with money, we could afford Higuaín we could afford Benzema, we could afford Schneiderlin BUT we won’t get them cos Wenger is more obsessed with his reputation than he is with achieving anything of note now and that’s cos his job is always safe and that’s cos the board want to keep expenditure down and are happy with 4th every year. The opinions of the fans really don’t seem to count as there are a million Prawn sandwich eating idiots who will fill the ground at each and every game. Me and my mate sit behind the goal in the north bank and even when we score the knob heads in and around us just clap or show no emotion, These are the fans the club likes, no passion no love BUT plenty of ready cash.
      You can say Wenger is keeping quiet as he’s planning things I say he’s doing F@CK ALL cos he doesn’t think he needs to.

  9. all i know is that we need a quality DM and different from coquelin…someone to carry ball to and control the centre circle … coq for all his improvement is work in progress… need top quality in that position if we are to compete with european elite..

  10. We dont know whether This is true or not.
    It’s daily mail so could be a load of bull

    However, I don’t believe Wenger likes to spend a lot of money on defensive players, especially a defensive midfielder. When was the last time he bought and out and our DM and How much did he spend?

    He paid up to £16 million on Debuchy and Chambers each and then bought Gabriel but he won’t spend twice that much on Hummels. Again because he likes to save money and spend BIG on attackers.

    The only exception maybe Vidal. He is an admirer of Vidal and Vidal is not a DM but good in both defense and attack. However, this is unlikely. Vidal will either stay with Juventus or go to Madrid probably.

    Therefore, I don’t think he will go for Kondogbia or Krychowiak either. I hope I’m wrong. I want us to get a top DM.

    I think Wenger would definitely spend up to £40 million + on a striker although the lower the better. Most probably Martinez For £25 million. He bid £40 million + £1 on Suarez lol

    It’s silly for a number of reasons as he should spend more on higher quality defenders and we could easily free up money for wages by letting go of diaby, Flamini, and/or Arteta. But that is his philosophy

    I think another reason he may not want to get one is he may feel we have enough midfielders

    DM: Coquelin, Flamini, Arteta, Bielik, Chambers, Diaby
    b2b: Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, Rosicky, Arteta, Oxlade
    CAM: Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere, Alexis

    Again, I would release at least Flamini, Diaby and maybe Arteta then sign a top DM to join Coquelin

    Bielik can be sent on loan. Chambers can concentrate learning on CD and DM.

    I hope I’m wrong and Wenger gets someone like Kondogbia. If I’m not wrong then I hope he changes his mind. Coquelin won’t play every game.

    1. Many quality DM’s are available this season. We should not pay 25 m for any dm. Maybe maximum 20 m will be more than enough.

  11. Podolski coming back from loan is a bad news. He is on 100 k pw. He is not as good as he used to be few years ago. He cant play on the wings or upfront up his own. He performs better playing a 4-4-2 formation with a target man upfront. It will be difficult to sale him too because of his wages.

  12. Ibrahimovic rumour to Arsenal is really funny. Ozil and Sanchez are on 150 k whereas Ibra is almost 300 k pw. Not gonna happen.

  13. I m hearing some rumours from AST that we have been given 70 m on transfers excluding sales.
    This proves the sale of Jenkinson, Szczesny, Campbell and Podolski is very important. We can
    easily make 25-30 m from sale of these players. We can also release Diaby, Arteta, Ryo and

    1. Sonogoal stays in AFC. Wenger has seen something special in Sonogoal. He will definitely give him another chance in EPL this coming season, before putting him up for sale.

  14. Don’t know but I’m nervous as well as skeptical. Wenger refused to address the CDM position last summer, in fact he stated that Arteta and Flamini was sufficient. Well, after the dismal start and continued injuries, Wenger called back a true CDM and suddenly our balance was restored. My key concern is Wenger’s willingness to extend Arteta’s deal, added to the rumors of his unwillingness to meet Schndelin’s valuation and denying the Vidal rumors, could suggest that he thinks that Arteta is a viable alternative. I beg to digress, but its frustrating that each year it’s obvious that we are two or three signings away from a solid squad and what do we get, Sanogo. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always rated Le Coq and would have be gutted if he was sold, but we need someone one of similar if not better qualities to Le Coq in order to maintain our balance if Coq gets injured, and I’m sorry but Arteta doesn’t fit the bill and Flamini isn’t good enough. The market value for a quality CDM is north of 20 mil, anything less I’m sorry but we might as well stay with Arteta as our backup.

    1. He’ll keep Arteta, He’ll keep Flammini he’ll keep Diaby and he’ll keep Sanogoals.
      He can never ever backtrack and he thinks the first three still have value and that the last is a potential world class sriker, we all know this is NOT the case but what can we do??

  15. There are more options than just Schneiderlein out there. Arsene is always gonna be Arsene about these things. If United are after him too (which I’m sure they are) it’s up to a bidding war and the players desire. He’ll likely go United. I’d rather we had Kondogbia anyway.

    1. The demand for a top class fm has lowered with the emergence of coqulan, therefore wenger is less obliged to spend big on dm.

      I’m surprise we ain’t linked with James McCarthy who is also very good player at 24 and is a matic type of dm we could get him for around 15m plus we have many players who could improve Everton to lower the fee.
      Eg saleable assets;arteta,Rosicky,Campbell,podolski,flamini
      Possible loan; sanogo,Wellington,gnabry,diaby,jenkinson,chambers

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