Arsenal fans DO have reasons to be cheerful

It has not been a great start to the season for Arsenal, there is no doubt about that. And after all the talk of how important it was for the Gunners not to repeat our start of last season when we let Jose Mourinho´s Chelsea build an unassailable lead before we even got going, it does feel like we have blown it again.

Considering how well the team has been playing since January, it is even more disappointing, but a lot of that feeling comes because of the great expectations we had and in the cold light of day, I think there are good reasons for Arsenal fans to be feeling fairly positive as we head into the international break.

For one thing, we have only lost one game, no matter how much of a shock it was. And although we have yet to really click into gear, we have played some great stuff at Crystal Palace and we should have beat Liverpool with a superb goal worked by Cazorla and Ramsey, while also being denied an early goal from the penalty spot yesterday that would have changed the shape of the game.

Another big reason for us not to feel too bad is the way that our rivals have struggled as well, with Liverpool and Chelsea behind us in the table and with much bigger problems than we have. United´s poor performances so far were exposed as well today and surely Arsenal can only get better and start to play as we know they can.

So with Ozil, Wilshere and Welbeck set to be available after the break and the rest of the Gunners to have two weeks to get the slow start out of their system and come back firing on all cylinders, I think we can look forward to much better from two weeks on.

Man City are a worry, for sure, but we are still just five points behind them and as long as we do not let that gap keep getting bigger, then I believe that we can really give them a run for their money. City may be looking unstoppable right now but they do tend to be inconsistent. Even in the two seasons when they won the title they lost some strange games and had little runs when they did not look like the same team.

So let´s keep positive shall we and have faith that Arsenal will hit top form very soon and challenge for that EPL trophy.

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  1. I have only one thing to say to the author who wrote this. Only losers compare them selfs to losers, you cant errase your own incompetence by comparing your self to others failuare. Fail or not, you are still a failuare.

    Manure has over 20 titles and are building an new era up.
    Liverpool are the second best team in England.
    Chelsea won the Epl last year, so no pressure whatsoever.
    City are untouchable. And all of you know that they are fav to win.

    And Arsenal. Well according to Akb logic we are better the Millwall, so everything is okay. Pathetic fan base indeed. Forever in the big teams shadow.

      1. What prdiction do you want? That you will support Wenger not matter for the sole reasn bec he is french clown?

    1. BREAKING: Edinson Cavani nets for Psg against Monaco…….there’s no way he’s coming to Arsenal…….. L()L (that wasn’t funny really)

      1. And cavani scored…
        But I do remember right before manure got RIP he played the games for us….even after signing giroud …Giroud was the top replacement from the bench.
        Not sayin cavani will come…but just not seeing too much in him stsrting

    2. We had better go for Yarmolenko or kokorin…’s the much we can Lay our hands on! LoooooooooooooooL *FaiLed window*

      1. I really don’t feel good. Everything’s got me down. Why all this nonsense??? Let’s just forget the drama, Arsene should just forget about this window instead of bringing back Kim Kalstrom and Bentner on the deadline day.

        1. Yea…….cuz every Linked player who misses a game for his team is Leaving for Arsenal LooooooooooooooL

    3. @ks Liverpool 2nd best team? why because winning 2nd most league titles?
      and what team has the 3d most pl titles and the most fa cups? and also arsenal is always
      finishing above Liverpool for a long time now. so your 2nd best means actually nothing.

        1. i see yout point.
          you as an arsenal fan find it great and honorable for another team winning a trophy ten years ago and then play crap further on.
          but your own team is shit after a ten year lasting title drought.even finishing above liverpool year after year in that time.

          ks go and buy yourself a new home in liverpool

            1. it was a rhetorical question. i thought you would recognize that as there simply IS NO ANSWER why liverpool is 2nd best team in England.

        2. Well….if we go for ucl before it was ucl and premier before it was premier….pls count YOUR team as FA cup record holder

  2. Im just thankful for the 3points even if it was an own goal,after seeing our rivals fall like dominos yesterday and today! Im indeed thankful! Coyg!

    1. Does not rejoice when ur rivals fall, u don’t know what awaits you ahead. Just focus on urself and keep running.

          1. I know. We shud laff, but with caution. Remember when we wEre top of the league and fell woefully midway???

              1. these “own goals” come about because we have the courage to take shots (ox v newcastle, sanchez v crystal palace). they are 80-90% the striker’s credit, 10-20% due to the defender. remember we were being criticised for too much sideways passing? i like that our attackers are no longer trying to pass it into the net. its 1 good step. another would be if their shots were on frame (cazorla,OG).

    2. Me too. Just happy for the 3 points. After all, Chelsea would have loved it. In a lighter mode. O.G. is our player, I would not mind if he can score upto 30 goals for us. O.G., who(what)ever you are, continue scoring for us. I appreciate it.

  3. No disrespect to theo but he has got to stop living in denial that he is a centre forward! He is best suited to the RW enough said!

    1. theo is a deadly weapon on rw and
      at least as good as og in central striking role.

      as long as we dont have other choices as ST we can also play walcott there.

      but to be honest, i would like to see og and theo together, playing theo on rw.
      with sanchez on the left and cazorla playing behind og

    2. sonny!…… All our C.F candidates have either been Loaned out or sold or injured…..what’s Left is Giroud…..thus it would be fair to say “walcott could be tried there” just to serve as competition for Giroud while we await a WC striker signing *scratches head* ……Wenger favours Ramsey or OX on the RW plus welbeck (when un-injured) and campbell (ain’t we all surprise he was on the bench against newcastle?)…… Don’t get me wrong, Walcott is efficient on the wings….but when we have just GIROUD as the only CF in a team like Arsenal… just doesn’t make sense! ONLY one C.F???????

    3. There is no reason why Wenger cannot play Theo as a CF against certain teams, but yes I have always said he is a winger as his pace demands space to work in – best suited on the flank. We need someone who can break away and put early square balls into the box.

      Arsenal’s BIGGEST problem right now is we have no width and therefore no penetration. We were horrible against Newcastle and reminded me of the Arsenal I used to watch 5 years ago when we were passing sideways and backwards all game. What I also noticed and have been for sometime is that we have NO ONE who can do what Ox and Walcott do on the left wing…and having a proper left winger would mean more crosses in for Giroud – pretty much our only CF who can capitalize on crosses. Sanchez can play there but the guy roams all over the pitch.

      Quite frankly if I had my way, I would sell Welbeck, break the bank for Reus, play him LW and then bring in a Benzema/Cavani as our no1 CF.

      Reus LW Cavani CF Sanchez RW

      Chamberlain and Walcott would be adequate replacement for our wingers and Giroud decent backup as CF. I rate Akpom a better bet than Welbeck. Hopefully Welbeck can prove me wrong when he returns but from what I have seen he is too scared to shoot.

      Giroud adequate replacement for Cavani/Benzema

      1. Bottom line is that Wenger doesn’t often get his decisions right. I personally prefer Sanchez as lead striker, compared to Theo.

  4. People talk about our scoring slump as if it the new norm. It’s not. It’s a slump that looks worse then it is because it is the start of the year. Sanchez will score. Giroud will score. Ramsey, Theo, Ox, Welbeck will score. Another goal scorer is without question welcome but can people stop thinking that without one we are impotent?

  5. Off Topic: So Chelsea and Liverpool fans be like……. ManU lost….Am like AYEW serious??? =D =))

    Just easing up before Tuesday when the window closes!

    1. I feel like going offline completely until Tuesday. This is just the climax of the window and I hate suspense, particularly the “Wenger kind”.

      1. Like i said, whoever wenger brings in by the end of the window…….it won’t get me surprised………i’ve seen WORSE A.k.a Kallstrom

        1. That signing was more embarrassing than all of Liverpool and Spuds transfers combined… Honestly what kind of arrogance does it take to consider such options for a team aiming to challenge for the title ? Smh

      2. I live in the states and don’t get to much grief about arsenal but I know if I lived in London and arsenal dont sign anyone I would take my vacation days and not leave house till after international break otherwise call me fired I’m not going to work.

  6. Do you people rememeber thumbing me down for saying Gomis is a beast and much better then Giroud? The beast is proving me right once again.

    Another prediction. Arsene has 2 more years to go on his contract, and be sure that he wont win the Epl let alone the Cl during this time. Chances also are that he will extend his contract to 1+ or more. 8mil a year. You must be jk.

    Another prediction. Theo Walcott should be renamed into Theo usesless. He is not good enough on the wings, bec Chamberlain> Welbeck> him. And not good enough bec Giroud is better as a striker. 140k a week. You must be jk.

    Another prediction. Ramsey is no Zidane, but rather a Dirk Kuyt wannabe. Never gonna turn into a star. Destroys our game style. We play very slow bec we have slow thinking players like him.

    Wilsher. High chances that he will end up like Dibay.
    Merti. Will run out his contract at Arsenal.
    Giroud. Willl run out his contract at Arsenal
    Welbeck. Will run out his contract.

    Bs is fine, if you are living in the Wengers imginary world.

    1. Since three seasons ago we have been steadily improving, that is the truth. I am not going to say we will win this or we will lose wait and see because on one hand the rivalry in this league is like nothing from any other and on the other we have been improving also we have got a very good group of players with everyone saying how close we are. Also if I was a know it all like some of these people I would park my but down in the bookies, that’s not to say it would work as I heard on occasion Arsenal and Wenger will never win anything just before the cup success and I also noted some saying fourth is best we can hope for before coming third ..know it alls, don’t you just hate them.

      Some fans may not like to admit it but we have been getting stronger each season so are wrong to keep comparing the team of now with the much younger team of three and more seasons ago.

      1. You guys cant even remember the last time we reached the 2 second place let alone something else. If you think that spending 45mil on Ozil to win the Fa cup is inprovment, then know that you are in the wrong. We got the 3rd place with Van Persie before, so the view of the 3rd place as a sign of improvment again is wrong. srry.

      1. For the coward who thumbed me down….it is a valid question if one wants to say Gomis is better than others…..

        1. I know that as a Giroud fan boy you are kinda special but know there is a big diff between playing at Arsenal without any competition and being on the bench in a new leuage.

          Arsenal can make even bad players like nicklas bendtner performe very good. He scored even hattrick for us ( something which Giroud besides being 3 years at Arsenal could never do). So listen to Morinio when he says the stats are not everything. He knows better.

          1. Are hose stats?
            U won’t get me mad at giroud fan boy nickname. U know from my comments that I bash when bashing is due.

            So…Gomis was a bench player where? I commented earlier to how stats from his days at Lyon …if he accepted bench at Swansea from at ucl team….there is an issue there…

            But still….get some stats atnnd then we can discuss….jot about giroud who you brought up not me (fanny jajajaha) but in general.


            1. Google is your friend. How else should i call you Gigi? You have no actuall openion whatsoever. I know its hard but try to use that brain of yours. Its age and the money what made him move to Swansea.

  7. Terrible early season form isn’t such a new thing for us. In the past it has come in the form of us not gelling well as a team. Last season we lacked defensive discipline. In a recent season past our form dipped because we weren’t creating enough meaningful chances.

    But this year it is different. Defensively we are well set-up with a solid goalie and a settled defense. The team doesn’t lack cohesion and we are creating chances. The problem is that we just can’t score our chances. Is it a confidence thing? Does the team need a confidence booster of some sort? A lift in the form of an inspiring signing? Or should we be patient and allow the team more time to regain its goal-scoring form?

    1. Last year our whole game was based on Sanchez form alone. If it wasnt for him, there would be no chance of us reaching the Cl place. Wenger does use Ramsey on the wings with the hope that he can get some goals in bec he knows Giroud cant.

      People say that Girouds holding the ball abilitys allow other players to score goals. But our players are no attacking minded players, they aswell are more fit to assist the score themself. Ozil is the best assister in the world, but him being the one who scores is a no go. Santi is also not fit to score more. Ramsey half season form was more due luck then talent. Now, if Wenger cant find a new striker, why dont we go and get attacking miedlefield players who can score goals instead? Confusing as hell.

      1. I pegged Jack to step up and score. You are right though if Santi can’t drill from the top of the 18 and Ozil and Coq can’t that leaves us with vey few options with the players that see about 70% of our possession against teams that are just sitting back and defending.

  8. Gary monk has certainly got this swansea team running like a well oiled machine! Gotta give the guy some credit!

    1. Indeed, and what most impresses me from such a young manager is how he went totally with his own principles and ideas. Before he stepped in swa were playing fantastic stuff with a very attacking philosophy, their entire set up was about keep ball. He brought in a mental toughness and built a strong defensively sound team who can counter with pace. Sort of what Arsene done when he arrived but to a lesser degree ..added defence whereas we added attack.

  9. lol…after all a man is allowed to dream… leave the lost of our opponets out and you’ll see the team and its coach has given us no reason to be cheerful so don’t talk to me bout being cheerful..we just mocking them others cus they lost, just mocking!

  10. Just because our rivals are doing bad doesn’t mean we should feel good , we’re doing bad as well! We should just focus on yourselves & try to win every game

  11. Pool, Man U Chelsea
    + Arsenal all look poor
    yet all remain in contention.
    Only City are playing to potential… so far any way.
    So which teams will get their sh#t together
    and become serious candidates for the title?
    Liverpool? No. Man U? doubtful.
    City? Yes. Arsenal? Probably. Chelsea? Probably.
    Better get a bigger basket to catch those heads come may 🙂

  12. Where is Leo?
    Leo I need u to feed me with some transfer rumors. I don’t care if they r reliable or not. Just give me something…
    I need some entertainment. Something to get excited.

  13. This kind of mentality is the reason why Arsenal will not be champion. The only club that should be laughing and rejoicing is Man City, they are convincing in all their four games. Arsenal, scored three goals in four games and two of them were own goals. And to be honest we haven’t seen convincing performance form the team, you can say what ever you want but we played a 10 man Newcastle for 75 min and we end up with an own goal to win the game. I have seen the game with a lot of fan but when the game was finished nobody was happy no celebration,which is sad.
    Man Utd, not convincing at all, all they do is pass the ball sideways,lot of ball possession but nothing to shows for it and like us they lack goal scorer , SAF always pair Rooney with another striker but i don’t think LVG gets it, which is a good news if they don’t sign a striker.
    Liverpool, not convincing in any of their performance expect their performance against us in the first half.
    Chelsea, well what can I say about them? Their situation is funny to be honest, I don’t think they even know what is wrong with them, which is good thing. So expect City all the teams (Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool) are swimming in a pool called not convincing.

  14. Winning manager
    I’m very happy.
    We dominated .
    Deserved the win.
    We had 20 shots on goal
    They never threatened.
    Clear penalty.
    We don’t need video technology.
    Ref was great let the game flow superb spectacle.
    Put a a box of wine in the refs car.

    Losing Manager.
    Very disappointed
    We dominated.
    20 shots on goal.
    Luck was against us.
    Never a penalty.
    Video technology is way over due.
    Ref was a joke destroyed the game.
    Football is in crisis.
    Put a bomb in the refs car.

  15. Wenger says things start moving in the last 5 days in the transfer window. We are just under 2 days away from it being closed and still we are still not close to anyone.

  16. We have the whole summer to add one outfield player atleast to improve our squad, but there is no one available in the whole world that can improve our team?

  17. It’s a fact.
    We re 5th
    City is 1st.
    Others are below.

    AND manu spent a FORTUNE….
    AND chelsea has a always spent FORTUNE.S

    AND we have only signed one player…..let alone having injured as well….

    We had one clear penalty denied and one clear goal disallowed….

    I am still smiling

      1. Ozil was confirmed
        on the last afternoon of the
        transfer window so still
        a lot of time left.
        To be fair Cech is probably the
        best transfer so far in the EPL.
        Thank you Mr Abramovich.
        Talk about Naive 🙂

  18. i have a question to you gooners:

    tell me what giroud can do better than gomis?

    scoring goals (i think 9 in the last 10 games for gomis)
    holdup play (dont think so)
    is og faster than giroud? (no way is my opinion)

    so wh not crack that 7 million release clause and sell giroud

      1. Faster at scoring goals…
        … so far any way 🙂
        EPL ready and scoring striker.
        Can still buy a Cavani or who ever.
        I reckon Chelsea will bid for him.
        Worth a punt. 7 mill looks a bargain.

  19. I’m not disappointed in having 2-1-1. I’m disappointed in how the team has played, which is far below expectations. What is to blame for it? I say Wenger, not because he’s Wenger, but because of team selections, tactics and in general making the players play the way they do. Do I expect it to change? Nah.

    Wake me up when Wenger is no longer manager at arsenal.

  20. Also we are lacking power in the middle of the park.

    A good offer for Sissoko will only be a positive. Sissoko isn’t DMF but he can power through the middle, Something we’ve lacked for a long long time since…Viera. Coquelin can be the Gilberto, Sissoko the Viera (we won’t need both in every game). Cheap I know, but he will be effective, brings a different dimension to our game instead of keep passing and passing that comes to nothing.

    Also now add £2m to Lavezzi price tag since he has also scored. This is what happens when you wait and the players keep scoring. You no longer have the barganing chip. Wenger has no bargaining cheap unless a player is now so very desperate to leave a club.

  21. I can’t see Cavani happening at all. Not many options available. we tried for Benzema but Real didn’t get their targets to open up that transfer. Lacazette should and could have been done. He is way better then our Welbeck, a certain mistake, IMO.

    Is there anyone out there is a CF we can buy? DM is fine IMO. I know most fans feel uncomfortable with Coquelin but truth is he is more mobile more dynamic and has probably more mental strength than Matic.

    We lucked out with him turning good. sometimes quality takes time to develop an that is the case with him.

    And Arteta is about as good as it gets for a back up. yeah we could get Wanyama but how long will he stay when he realizes he isn’t good enough for the first team. Money wasted on a back-up who can’t control the pace of the game like Arteta.

  22. Cavani and higuain brace .. Yes both of them are not as good as giroud hahahaha

    I’d take jelavic or Austin at this rate .l better strikes then. Giroud

    1. I Know. Even during the match when we were up 0-1, I read somebody write “Wenger out”

      Fans have a right to be critical and complain but should also be happy when we win and speak positive about the team too.

      We probably have the second or third best defense in the League
      Coquelin is arguably the best DM in the League
      Cech is one of the best keepers in the World
      We have 5 World Class players: Cech, Koscielny, Cazorla, Ozil, Alexis

      We have MORE positives than negatives
      A Top CF would make us serious contenders though lol

  23. Thumb me down all U want… All I will say is, Wenger Out!!!!!
    Wenger doesn’t respect Arsenal fans, so I have no respect for him either.
    Wenger Out!
    Wenger Out,!!
    Wenger Out!!!

  24. what’s wrong with Girud???? even aquero need 4 shoots to make a goal, and you call him WC… what about sanches can not make a goal just 2 meters from the net… arsenal fans is sick..

  25. We need to change formation slightly to use our best players:
    Back 5 – sorted:
    Coq – santi, ozil , ox- alexis, wally.
    Welby, jack & Rambo on bench.

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