Arsenal fans do not deserve this humiliation every season!

Is there still anyone not convinced change is needed at Arsenal? by Konstantin Mitov

Ten two on aggregate. I’m not even mad because I predicted this. I was expecting it and I can’t be disappointed when I know what will happen. People say the fans are negative. Well I mean look at that second half performance again!

Some players did show some character this time. The Ox looks a beast at CM, and I heard his contract also runs out next summer. Theo put in a hell of a performance. Sadly it only happens once in a while. But it was all over in Germany.

The ref was pathetic to send off Koscielny but his absence made our defence a complete mess. Do you honestly believe on recent evidence Arsene deserves a new deal? We can live in 2004 all we want but in 2017 Arsenal is crashing down like a plane heading down a volcano pit.

Someone has to be held accountable for this. The protest needs to be as loud as ever, every game until this useless board takes some action. This is ridiculous. Wenger would’ve been sacked in any other club if he got hammered like that. We are a business, not a football club, but even a business has it’s marketing and ours is terrible.

Arsene is destroying his legacy and the club’s image as well. We are a wreck. The ship is sinking and it needs a new crew and a new captain, because the current lot can’t do it. But I’m looking at the Board now. Action has to be taken. How the hell are we still even considering Arsene’s new contract?

If, and I wonder how this is an if anyway, but if Arsene is leaving, it should be announced right now so that we can look for a new manager to rebuild this club and major rebuilding is needed. We are becoming what Liverpool became.

I can moan about the fact that Arsene does literally everything from training to transfers, to managing the bills. Not all of this is his job, but even if I assess him only on the managerial side it still stinks. He has to leave, there is no other choice. If he signs a new contract it’ll be spitting in our faces.

We took enough humiliation, we really did. We do not deserve this! Once is acceptable, twice is okay, three times unlucky, but this is year after year, big game after big game. Enough really is enough and I am struggling to find words that can highlight it as much as necessary.

Action has to be taken. Wenger OUT! And take the board members with you!



  1. muffdiver says:

    wenger cant leave like this

    i am furious but 20 years to leave in shame?!
    protests , empty stadiums, fans fighting in the ground
    this is no way to walk away- after all hes done-
    tonight was heartbreaking

    im so conflicted, night gooners

    rest well

    1. RSH says:

      This was a long time coming! He should’ve left in 2014 or 2015, but he just couldn’t accept that he was declining. This is the only way it will end now

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Hahaha ?
        That’s weird considering the way Muff was banging on the Wenger out band wagon on the previous article ?? go and have a look ?
        Oh well, schizophrenia is one of the many side effects from supporting Arsenal nowadays. ?

    2. arsenalkid1970 says:

      He just need to bring in a number 2 that works on the tactical side. And we need to buy LB RB CD 3 top midfielder players for different Systems and 2 CF. now you can let this lot go JW OX NM GP BFG FQ AR O G to name a few and then the back room staff all of them. This club needs to feel new again. And AW to be coach not manager. If he wants a player he tells them and that’s it. He should have replaced SC in Jan because when he or if he is fit again he can’t do a season. Jan was perfect time for AW just to bring in new blood

      1. arsenalkid1970 says:

        But I think a big problem is AS I think he is a problem in tbe team in the dressing room and they no he won’t sign so should have sold him in Jan. No player is worth 2500000

  2. john0711 says:

    Wenger is a fool 10-2 and hes complaining about a penalty and decisions
    The fans that keep going and paying – you reap what you sow suck it up buttercups either stop paying or stop moaning
    ive stopped paying simple i am a grown man and make my own decisions
    Wenger out and take walcott, Xhaka, Giroud, Le COQ, and anyone who doesnt wear the badge with pride

    That dipstick will probably be here next year and you will still be going

    put up or STFU fans

    Wenger out NOW

  3. Payne says:

    Well this situation sucks I knew that this was going to happen but my gosh it still hurts… #wengerout #Gazidisout #kroenke out. #bringbackthearsenalifellinlovewith… Gooner till I die

    1. Vlad says:

      you forgot #KonstantinOut

  4. Uzi Ozil says:

    On Saturday, I was one sad, weary and tired fan.

    Right now, I am extremely devastated. I try to stay away from Arsenal but it’s very difficult.

    Arsenal fans deserve better than this.

  5. Vlad says:

    Did you already have the post ready, Konstantin? Easy to do I guess when you keep recycling your own stuff week in and week out.

    1. Budd says:

      Was about to say the same but I think it is obvious now 🙂
      Anyway, this game just proves that there is something deeper (which we knew already) at play here. I don’t see how this result is directly attributable to Wenger but hey, whatever takes. If Wenger must go, then so be it. Remember what I say here: do not stop at Wenger. If you do this then all was in vain.

      1. bran99 says:

        “I don’t see how this result is directly attributable to Wenger”, so funny how you still keep lick*ng this old man’s arse

        1. Budd says:

          Mate, if you have something constructive to say then by all means, do it. Otherwise just fsck off.

    2. bran99 says:

      but even Wenger keeps doing same b**sh*t week in week out, for many years now but you keep supporting him blindly, yes both of you AKBs

  6. Vlad says:

    So the ref was “pathetic” in your own words, but somehow it’s still Wenger’s fault? SMH…

  7. Vlad says:

    Not making any Wenger excuses, but refereeing was just shambolic. One of the goals clearly came from an offside position, but it’s like the linesman swallowed his flag. However, the biggest call of the game was, of course, the red card which was ridiculous by itself, but if you watch the replays closely, Lewandowski came from an offside position as well. The whole game was a farce, and I have no doubt was somehow fixed. Players did an amazing job in the first half, and I feel bad for them because they suffered from a clear injustice. I also want to point out that Sanchez was again laughing on the bench after been substituted, and he was the worst player on the pitch tonight.

    1. You are as deluded as the defendant, aren’t you tired of repeating his same script again and again, referees, off side, too much rest, not focus…..even if you agree with the fact that the red card could have been a game changer….Bayern was playing with the result at home where they trashed us good in a 20 minute period, was it also the referee, offside, lack of concentration….then you tried to disguise it with not making excuses for WENGER, that is exactly what you do, nothing wrong loving the man but take it like a man like he should and admit that the plot is lost…ARSENAL is on a free fall and we need to do something about it.

  8. stubill says:

    I’m not defending Wenger, he has to go at the end of the season, but there is something else wrong in the dressing room.

    I think there is someone dripping poison amongst the players, and the person I believe is responsible is Sanchez.

    He’s a stroppy, sulky, at times greedy player, who isn’t as good as a lot of people give him credit for. Yes he’s a great player, but world class, never. He has flashes of brilliance, runs around a lot, but he also loses possession a lot, and his passes sometimes go astray, or he puts his teammates into perilous positions.

    The last two games has seen him sitting on the bench, almost revelling in Arsenals demise, with his sly grinning as his team go down to yet another defeat, that is not a trait I want to see in any player, let alone an Arsenal player.

    I think he’s a particularly hard player to manage, and he’ll cause problems in whatever dressing room he’s in, I mean FFS, how many other players do you see, spitting their dummy out, and stamping their feet when their substituted

    A really world class player takes the game by the scruff of the neck, and drags his team through tough spells, unfortunately he doesn’t do this, he prefers to wave his arms around, and berate his teammates. In short, I think he’s a divisive character.

    I know I’m going to get dozens of red arrows, but it’s something I’ve thought for a while now, and his recent behaviour has convinced me I’m right.

    1. TheArsenalWay says:

      In my opinion, Sanchez reflects the mood of the Arsenal fans. I think he has had enough of Wenger’s excuses, just like some fans.

      I highly suggest you look at his stats for the 3 seasons he has been at Arsenal and then make conclusion rather than say he is ‘dripping poison amongst the players’. The guy gives nothing but 110% and I think he has had enough. I do not recall him being like this last year or the year before but he is seeing that NOTHING is changing.

      Be sincere and ask yourself, would you really want to stay at a club that does not seem to be motivated by winning competitions and would settle for top 4?

    2. Another AKB…..WENGER MUST GO at the end of the season but he must announce it TOMORROW….maybe he lost SANCHEZ respect as he did with Half of ARSENAL FANS….same as SANCHEZ we all believed and respected him, but enough is enough……If he loves ARSENAL so much then leave, if you love ARSENAL so much and you stay then take the job for free use the 10M they are offering you to keep this farce, to buy new Players instead of pocketing the money to bring us shame….SANCHEZ was great and devoted his first 2 seasons till he realized he came to the grave of great players and understood that historically any great ARSENAL player had to find glory somewhere else…… Nasri, RVP, Sagna, Fabregas and so on and so forth

    3. otunba_007 says:

      @stubill i didn’t even thumb you down alone, shame on you for putting all the blame on Alexis. Sanchez has done anything other than improving his team mates mentality and ambition which the club obviously doesn’t have anymore, so for you to come here and say he’s the pision inside the dressing room again SHAME ON YOU !!

  9. Budd says:

    Haven’t seen the game, just highlights but that was a soft penalty. Anyway, why is this guy Mitov outraged if he called it already? Was anyone expecting us to turn around the deficit? Of course everything crumbles when you are down to ten and the referee is directly against you. Of course everything gets bad when the manager instead of putting in another CB goes suicidal and tries to win it in style. I admire this but this is not courage, it is foolish. Sure, people would moan anyway that we didn’t try to win in 10 people and Mitov would be one of them but you don’t go in flames like this.
    Look at this in a positive way, good ole Carlo has put Wenger out of his misery. Of course he didn’t deserve it but in the end of the day he brought it upon himself. I do hope there’s an emergency meeting right now at the emirates. I believe we all know what is the topic in this meeting. Let’s wait few more hours.

    1. With the substitutions WENGER thought if he was going out he would go out in a BLAZE OF GLORY……it was a BLAZE alright but NO GLORY

  10. Ramterta says:

    “Arsenal fans do not deserve this humiliation every season”.
    But some fans are pretty fine with it and want him to stay here forever

    1. Budd says:

      Same old thing again. There’s absolutely no support for Wenger yet you lot can’t get this into your heads. Who is keeping Wenger there? Why not sack him? There’s your answer.

      1. Disturbance says:

        The board is a part of the problem, but Arsene says he wants to take us to the next level? He never acknowledges the real problem, it is always the ref, the bad luck and so on. The board don’t do their job, but our pitch performances are as bad as it could possibly get and this is where Arsene is to blame. We all know why the board won’t sack him, he earns money for the club, but if he truly loves Arsenal, he’d leave acknowledging the fact he can’t take us forward, instead there’s a 2 year deal that will be signed. Arsenal at the moment is disjoint. Players, fans and the manager don’t look like they care too much. The board lacks ambition but Arsene needs to be a man and call it a day.

        1. Budd says:

          Alright, call it a day then. What next.

          1. bran99 says:

            AKB at his best. what’s next? hehehe

            1. Budd says:

              Yeah, you are not an AKB, so I am asking you: what next?

              1. Budd I am telling you what’s next……anything but this debacle….you don’t seem to get it for years you’ve defended this man, I get it and respect you for that…..but look at what’s happening the difference now is that his players are revolting against him and is not only Sanchez….we need to ask why Cech was also having a fit when we were being massacred why Perez made it clear he wants out…..the man lost the plot so ANYTHING is better at this point that keeping this man in charge

  11. Greg says:

    If arsene wenger has any respect for arsenal fc he would do the respectable thing and leave at the end of the season! Enough is enough!

  12. The Dom04 says:

    Arsenal fans deserve all the heartache and pain they are going through, yes I said it, especially the ones who kept singing “There’s only one Arsenal”
    Believe it or not but Wengers been dead since 2008. I said it back then if Wenger didn’t leave in a season or two Arsenal would go down the s**hole. But I never predicted it would be this bad and go on for this long.

  13. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Has Wenger been sacked yet? ? No ? ? wtf man.

    how can both games be exactly the same ffs.
    It’s madness, kos goes off injured in the away leg and we fell apart, kos gets sent off in the home tie and we crumbled again ? wtf?
    I didn’t expect us to get hammered at home, that’s for sure.
    I said before the game if that happened That I would be cheering on Lincoln and that’s exactly what I’m gonna have to do.
    Sad times.?

    1. bran99 says:

      the old man is waiting for a 2-1 victory against Lincoln to sign da ting.. hehehe good times ahead

  14. HA559 says:

    Even if a new manager does come in it would be wise to rebuild the team from the back. This has been Wengers biggest weakness as an Arsenal manager, defence.

  15. TJ says:

    I wonder…at 1-1…after the penalty and sending off, if the boys played more conservatively and got the draw or an “honourable 2-1 loss” (whatever the fxxk that means)…what would our reaction be?

    The outcome is still the same – knocked out.

    So how would we rather be knocked out? Trying to score & change the outcome against the odds or being conservative with 10 men? what would we rather?

    If you’re going to go down…go down swinging, not cowering.

    1. khangunners says:

      What is bitting us is that we always seem to get red cards in crucial games and vs top teams. Maybe its something tactical? I dont get it at all.

      1. Budd says:

        So how is this tactical ? A dive and a red card. Please explain. Top of my head I remember red for Szceszny or RvP. Not sure exactly what tactics have to do with it.

        1. khangunners says:

          Go to every key game since our ucl final with barca. All this red cards are similar. A defence splitting pass that leaves the opponent straight on goal . now it’s either two option s:
          1. The keeper comes and makes sure hebgets the man. (Keeper gets red card)-how mang games has our keeper gotten a red card ?
          2.the defender has no option and bieng the last man takes one for the team which he is sent packing.
          Tactical now:- why are we always opened by a defence splitting pass? Its so easy for our opponents to get a one on one vs our keeper. Thus tactical poor defensive tactics. We are app over the place and our defending is stuck as it used to be .

          1. Budd says:

            Yes, I remeber how RvP red card was after a splitting pass. Fsck me, since when do you follow the Arsenal you say?

  16. capricorn57 says:

    I think given the increasing animosity against him from supporters Wenger needs to go. However the amount of supporters with a belief that Arsenal are perennially entitled to be a title challenging team is staggering. Arsenal is going through a lean period, as teams often do, I am not sure a change of manager will be the title challenging panacea that many supporters hope for.
    Wenger may be at fault for the playing instructions he gives but ultimately it’s up to these highly paid professionals to deliver the goods on the pitch. Wenger can’t play the game for them.

    Expect Arsenal to be a Europa league team for a few or more seasons. This will be a disappointment for many supporters who think Arsenal should always be challenging for the title , but then remember where Arsenal were before Wenger took over.

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