Arsenal fans! Don’t be Silent like Stan!

Stand up and be heard! Or be silent like Stan and enjoy more of the same.‏ by KM

Well I mean, it’s becoming ever so harder to come back with an article for this site that looks on the football terms of things, when it’s so obvious the problem is not with the eleven players on the pitch. Honestly I am so happy I am not watching the games, because I’d just want to cry out of the hopeless way I feel.

This really cannot continue any more. There are just a few home games left, but we need to say something. Figure out what is the best way to express ourselves, but unless we do it, this will continue for god knows how long. Wenger is the best manager on words, but on actions that actually count, he’s as good as done.

Why can’t we put up banners to sack Arsene, like Newcastle did with Pardew? Can’t we leave the stadium 20 minutes early like Liverpool fans did? I remember Dortmund players having to explain to the fans of the bad results, and in the end Klopp who gave Dortmund back their glory days left. Why can’t Arsene do it?

Because Arsenal is all he has. He split with his wife because he is so obsessed with the power he has at Arsenal. He is Arsenal. Theoretically he is not, but practically he is. The word dictator is the only one I can accurately apply, because I cannot find a suitable replacement.

I don’t want to insult anyone, because Arsene still has lots of fans, but taking no action means we’re leaving the ship to go with the flow, until it reaches a waterfall and a grand downfall crash comes next. And no, the people who want Arsene to leave are not Spurs fans, because I read statements like that, which are just hilarious.

It is just that if we don’t take action, we’ll be just like Arsene, waiting for a miracle to happen – and it means that we deserve him and he’s the right man in charge for us. Someone has to spark a change of fortune. Unless it’s us I think that 12 years of first hand experience has taught me that it won’t be Arsene or the board.

If Arsene really wanted to take responsibility he would’ve left, because he is part of the problem, but in no circumstances is he the solution. Look, Klopp left Dortmund, Hiddink left Chelsea back in 2009 despite finishing strong. Remy Garde asked to leave Villa, because he became part of the problem. Neil Warnock left Crystal Palace because he felt he’d lost the dressing room.

Which top club will take Arsene and his failures? He’ll be demanding another 3 year contract extension and if he gets it than I’ll just stop watching the games. Boycott the manager and the board in every way I know, because this is an insult to all of us. After all, without us fuelling Stan’s ranches and Arsene’s miserable salary of 8 million pounds, Arsenal will be good for nothing.

If our voice does not become so loud that the skies could hear it, it means we deserve the man we have in charge. Think for yourselves if you want to be part of changing the Arsenal’s fortunes or leaving it in the hands of Arsene?


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  1. Hi admin, May I request from you to write about a potential replacement for arsene Wenger? I would love to know who you think will be the right candidate for the job.

    Ps. This has nothing to do with akb or aob.

    1. ***personally I don’t favour simione. I would prefer giving rikjard with bergkamp, Adams and Henry as his understudy. What do u think?

  2. Just posted this in response to fatboy, and I’m not typing something similar out again..

    And it’s still relevant:

    88.2 million (as detailed by UEFA in 2014) for Emirates gate receipts in a year ain’t no peanuts. So don’t think it’s all about TV money.

    People will be less likely to not watch Arsenal (start supporting or continue to do so from afar) If the stadium is near empty.

    Sponsors would not be too happy too and may think twice about re-signing any contracts with us. So don’t poo-poo the power of fan non attendance, coz it just ain’t true.

    As for shutting up unless you are willing to get physical what are you talking about here exactly? What do you suggest, that we beat up Wenger or the fans who still support him?

    Violence to anyone will not help the cause. In fact it would hinder it.People should have the right to protest and others should have the right to say what they think. We are all grown men and women after all.

    No, people need to either stay away and protest outside the stadium (peacefully) or attend the match and protest inside the ground (again, peacefully).

    Fighting will just detract from the real issues here and make the pro-change supporters of AFC to be nothing more than a small group of mindless thugs and therefore do nothing but harm to the cause. Which is not what we it now?

    1. “Violence to anyone will not help the cause.”

      You sir are a gentleman, at least this time 😛
      I detest violence and one of my fav quotes is from Ghandi saying “An eye for an eye leaves the world blind”

      I personally think the loudest protest we fans can unite to make against the lack of winning is to stop all financial support for the club, stop buying tickets and shirts etc until we are moving in the right direction.

      Heck I am willing to forgive and forget Silent Stan if he wakes up and goes “Hmm, maybe I was wrong, titles are worth going for”.

      If the £88.2mil was in 2014… I guess it would of gone up a bit since?

      I know I have more chance of winning the lottery 10 times running than we have at getting all unhappy Gooners to stay away and not watch any games but I do think that would make Silent Stan take notice.

      Either force him to sell or force him to go for the title to keep the money coming.

  3. This club needs a wholesale changes a revolution to be precise….at least for the doubting Thomases this season has proved that is no future!

  4. You cant just kick out a major stakeholder of a booming business with mere protest.

    The best we can is changes to key people assigned to look at matters on the pitch, meaning executive director, manager, coaching staff and alternately players.. I don’t think Arsenal fans are united enough to kick out Stan, hell we have even failed to kick out Wenger after 11 years of comedy on the pitch.

    Its either we step up and do something about this or shut up! Arsenal fans are just like Wenger, so undecided and always moaning minus action. Once Wenger goes on holiday after May when the season is done how will he feel the pressure of leaving? Boycotting games is cute, but jokes on you because you already boat tickets. Firm up abit more and sing outside the stadium so that the players, Wenger, the board and the whole world can feel our anger!

    My last comment of this, I’m tired of signing meaningless online petitions and urging the UK fans be our face / voice.

    1. Sorry for the typo’s, emotion got the best of me. I cant even gather strength to comment here anymore because this is the norm now every season around this time, complain complain complain, fantasize about transfers, complain more and nothing changes.

    2. Why not? Will you know try?

      Such a defeatist attitude, it’s like Arsenal and its running has rubbed off on you.

      Start your own petition, share your dis contentment more, don’t buy product from AFC..

      Boycotting / not going to games isn’t just cute it can be effective in letting those in power what the small people.think. £88.2 Mil in gate receipts in 2014 (no doubt more now) So if less people turn up then this will hurt the idea of a blossoming Arsenal brand that everyone loves to watch.

      Do something else but tell us it’s not possible.

      1. I can’t be sure but if I was the owner of spuds and using them as a profit making machine to fund my XXXX and they started to unite and cause the profits to drop then I believe I would sell before they cost me too much or any other asset I may own.

        £88.2 mil a year in gate receipts, that is also an indicator at how full our stadium is on a regular basis, this affects how much Arsenal can ask for from other sponsors.

        Almost like dominoes ^.^

  5. and i’ve never felt much Anger and depression for a football team like i’ve felt for Arsenal under Wenger

    1. Must of been terrible for your depression when we went unbeaten…

      Oh you mean the recent Arsenal and you are stupid enough to believe that it is ALL Wenger?
      All bad is Wenger but what about the good we had with Wenger?

      Not curious to what changing factors made the difference?


      If you are so stupid then you wanna buy a plot on the moon from me?

  6. Now, if Arsenal could not win the leauge besides having only and the spurs to beat for the leauge, what makes you think that we can win in the upcomming years against a more competetive competition?

    Even with Messi and Ronaldo in the team, we can not win the leauge under Wenger again. Its not only Wenger who is the problem at Arsenal, but the whole club.

    Board, Manager, players, fans. Arsenal is in need to be fixed, and this doesnt happen for a day or two. To start to change things, we need to kill of the head of all this demise of ours, and that is Wenger. After he falls, the rest will then fall like a card house.

    Stan will not be safe from the Fans rage anymore. And these Akb’s who will then not have a Wenger around will unite with the rest, to bring the best out of this club.

    Usmanov is the key. Under him something like failuare would be not an option. See chelsea.

    1. Are you really that stupid or are you trying to be sarcastic but failing?

      “we need to kill of the head of all this demise of ours, and that is Wenger.”
      F… you, nothing needs killing.

      Secondly the demise wasn’t Wenger, the demise was our old board who got greedy for profits and forced Dein out, this business model was what Silent Stan bought and continued the process, he didn’t set up the business as it is.

      We can look at the pact made by the old board, you know the pact they made not to sell and allow a single foreign majority share holder run the club… The same pact that got threw out the window when enough was offered?

      Funny how the one guy who buys his Arsenal shares and actually worked for the club day to day was forced out and not many fans recognize the effort Dein put into the club.

      How stupid are you??

      Yes, lets unite against Wenger and get rid of him without resolving the real issue, the owner is more interested in profit over titles… so what type of f…ing manager do you think Silent Stan will hire?

      You are not hiring the next manager, the papers will not hire the next manager.. IT WILL BE THE OWNER.

  7. “… it’s so obvious the problem is not with the eleven players on the pitch”. Are you watching the games, Konstanin, or are you again relying on papers to tell you what happened? The problem yesterday (and most of the time this season) was EXACTLY the players on the pitch not doing their jobs. CP’s goal came out of nowhere. First, too many players pushed up the pitch. Secondly, Gabriel (yes, the same Gabriel who was pretty much solely responsible for West Ham’s all 3 goals the other weekend) allowed Ade too much time on the ball, and didn’t even try to hassle and tackle him. And then, of course, there was a HUGE error by Cech. He should be saving those shots with his eyes closed. He didn’t, and the rest is history. Now what I do blame Wenger for is for starting Gabriel again. I don’t care how slow Mert is, he’s head and shoulders a better defender than Gabriel. In fact, I want him to be one of the first ones to go in the summer, along with the rest of the deadwood.

    1. I watch the games Vlad and the real issue wasn’t Gab but the inability to score more than 1 goal and put the game to death, instead we only scored 1 and let them have the belief that they could salvage something from the game, which they played hard for.

      Welbeck was not taking enough responsibility as the lone CF, he set up a wonderful goal, a truly wonderful assist. Where was his shots? He was shy at shooting, as per usual.

      At least Welbeck started compared to Giroud… but when Wenger has said that we wouldn’t have signed Welbeck if he stayed at home then it begs the question over which CF Wenger wanted?

      If you watch Arsenal then you will know what I said is our biggest issue, we do not put games out of reach for the opposition and they have the will to fight back, we seen it multiple times.

      Maybe if the board supported Wenger and bought the players he wanted and not sold players that he has made promises to keep… maybe then Wenger will have the SQUAD he has been trying to build and maybe that would be miles better than what we are left to watch…

  8. The emirates cup has been called off, has this been done to stop us from protesting. Would of been good for boycotting games, because season ticket will always be sold. Out with the dictator, instead of an arab spring we need an Emirates spring.

  9. 1 at a time starting from the top down.

    If I could wave a magic wand and get the Arsenal fans working together then I would work from the top down in doing non violent actions to remove them, 1 by 1.

    If changing the owners targets doesn’t do the job then move down and Wenger will have to be looked at. Let us at least try and make it so which-ever manager we get next will be told to go for the title and not to make a profit 🙁

    I still believe in Wenger but if I am clearly proven wrong then I will change my opinion, I would just like to start from the top down and go through EVERYONE.

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