Arsenal fans’ Euro 2016 preview – Wilshere to start, Ramsey at risk?

The European championships could take a very different turn for the two Arsenal players involved in their respective nations final group games today and the end of today’s play there could be very different emotions for Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere. The online soccer betting puts England in with the best chance of going to the next round but I think a lot of Welsh people may disagree considering that our tiny neighbours have their secret weapon Gareth Bale.

Roy Hodgson made a song and dance about taking Wilshere to France, and madegim out to be special. Hodgson said: “He ticks all the boxes. I had to ask myself certain questions. Is he actually fit now? The answer is, yes, he’s fit. Is he the type of player who can bring something different to the team, a player we don’t have an abundance of? The answer to that was yes,” Hodgson said.

“The third question I had to ask was whether in top level competition, in qualifiers, has he performed, has he done the job for us, has he been a very good player? I think three man of the matches in a row would answer that one.”

But despite all the rhetoric, our England international midfield star has had to cope with the frustration of not playing, while the Welshman Ramsey has been one of the main men and right up to the dying minutes of the England v Wales game it was all going right for Rambo.

The two late England goals from Vardy and Sturridge, however, turned things on their head and now it is Wilshere who will definitely be progressing to the next round and Wales who need a result in their game against Russi to ensure a place in the knockout stage, although if they play at the level they have been doing you would expect them to get at least a point against a poor Russia team.

England are on target to win the group and make life easier for themselves in the latter stages of Euro 2016 and according to the papers it could be the start of the tournament for Wilshere who is being tipped to replace the so far unimpressive Tottenham youngster Dele Alli.

If he does and we see the Jack that was England’s star man in qualifying he could feature for the rest of the tournament and that would be a great boost for him after two more injury plagued seasons and could help him be ready to finally show Arsenal fans how good we sometimes forget he is.

Hopefully both Gunners will play tonight, play well and be into the next round. Good luck Gunners!


Updated: June 30, 2016 — 12:16 pm


  1. Good luck with that Jack…

    1. Wack Wilshere strikes again…….

      1. Arsenal fans will make Jack Wilshere seem like he’s Andres Iniesta yet he’s injury prone and hasn’t done anything meaningful in his time at the club!

        1. The only good I see in Wilshere so far is getting match fitness for next season. Other than than he’s been total rubbish in the first half and the Liverpool players are running the show for England today.

          1. Eactly, and fans on this website show how fickle they are, an unfit Wilshere being compared to players that have had game time all year long says it all really.

  2. I’m baffled by Hodgson, Walker, Rose nd Rooney out, ok, not good in a Spud shirt, but great in a England shirt, were great in the first two games – why on Earth is he insisting on carrying on shooting us in the foot EVERY SINGLE GAME?

    It’s a shame Hodgson has been left in charge of this fantastic squad, he needs replacing after this.

    1. Fantastic squad?England don’t have a fantastic squad they have a bunch of over rated,over hyped players who aren’t world class and wouldn’t get into the best teams!

      1. Name one other squad who have a better forward lineup?

        1. @gmv8
          France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy…

          1. No no. England team might be good but I fancy their forwards. Then why are we going for Vardy? France? Forget that talk. Two of the England forwards in France team could have made France run away winners.

          2. You’re kidding ….. Lukaku better than Vardy, Sturringe and Rashford? France only has Griezman, who seems to be misfiring, Germany have no decent forwards, apart from Muller, who is sporadic… Spain – Nolito , Morata? enough said, Italy – Pelle? On the sub bench for Southampton, says it all.

          3. @gmv8
            Looks like England forwards are misfiring also. You’re point?

          4. Hodgson’s mismanagement is my point, as I said all along, and I’m being proved correct. Strikers need service, which they were getting with Rose and Walker. Now he’s brought on Kane who has been clearly misfiring instead of Rashford

          5. @gmv8
            There’s an excuse for everything from you guys. England flopped. They couldn’t break down a 10 man Slovakian side that sucked. They had the lions share of possession and missed a boat load of sitters…

      2. only weak part is the defence which Hodgson in his wisdom has made even weaker

        1. This so-called forward line you speak of is not proven in the big stage at tournaments like Euros or World cup,how many caps combined does this forward line have to show they can do it at international level?As I said before English players are over rated and over hyped!

  3. Now is the time to shine Jack. Please don’t disappoint and show Walcott, Ox, etc why you have been chosen by Roy instead of them and please try by all means not to be admitted in the medical room come end of this coming match. Good luck England! And good luck to Wales aswell seeing that an Arsenal fc player in Ramsey is playing for them.

    1. And then get injured for a whole season again……..

  4. England remind me of Arsenal they promise a lot but deliver very little,there’s no way England will win the Euros while there’s Italy,Germany,France who are great teams when it comes to tournaments and there’s Spain who are champions playing slick football!

    1. @Dee@ease

  5. Bolly from Borehamwood

    Ramsey at risk? Ha ha Welsh are 2 nil up and he scored the first.

  6. Can we all give credit where it’s due? Great goal by Ramsey!!!

  7. Wilshere should honestly be worried with players like Elneny and Xhaka added to the midfield.

  8. Graham Souness just summed up Jacks play. “The first thing he does, when he gets the ball is try and dribble, when he should be passing. He seriously needs to alter his style of play or he will always get injured. “

    1. That’s right good old sourness pass and kick … Don’t need to listen to this complete and utter managerial flop on anything … That said wilshere has been poor this tournament doesn’t look for the ball and has lost his turn if once to go past players in tight positions … He should be worried if he can’t get these back … Hoping it’s just the lay off

      1. @rkw
        He’s right though. Souness might not have been good at managing, but it’s hard to question his playing career…

        1. No he is not right. So now your judgment is called into question. Rkw is right. Wilshere didn’t call for the ball enough. He didn’t look confident and was short of pace/sharpness. Dribble and passing decisions were fine. Losing the ball once too often wasn’t BUT he did at least make a few creative touches.

          Rooney isn’t a midfielder. He will always default to a striker’s role.

  9. Slow and static tonight, great pass from Ali though. Wilshires only real attribute is passing vision in and around the box, that’s it! We just need to take some shots, put your laces through it!

  10. Hate ramsey if you want…He is still what Jack hope to be….miles ahead….overrated jack

  11. I’m baffled…instead of Wilshire to think about his situation and work extra hard, he looks like som1 who doesn’t give a toss…its painful he gets injured always but he doesn’t help himself…what he needed to do today was keep it simple but did he??? no no.., some meaningless dribbles with him being subbed for shrek as d end product….if he tinks he’s still d gods special player, then he shld get a bench chair fully equipped with a seat belt at arsenal next season…..

  12. as for england having 1 of d best squads in euros???? lol….sure uv got som good epl players but wat is dere is a bunch of over hyped players with a Wenger like coach at the helm…the earlier they realise that, they sooner they start winning somtin

    1. Can’t blame the squad for that, it was Hodgson for fielding a weaker team. Should’ve played Rose, Walker, Rooney and Delle Alli from the start off, and pulled them off, if far enough ahead. Rashford should’ve definitely come on rather than Kan, who is out of form at the moment.

  13. What did I say? That was yet again all Hodgsons fault. You don’t field a weaker team to begin with, if you are ahead enough at the end, you do that.

    1. Gmv8 I wonder what happened to the fabled English forward line,you said England have a fantastic squad now Roy is to blame for making use of that “fantastic squad”

      1. @dee@ease
        Slovakians were”awful”. Zero shots on target to Englands 28. Yet, england couldn’t score on them. If it were Giroud missing all of those sitters, this thread would be packed comments dumping on him…

        1. Giroud scores and the comments on here are that he missed four before scoring, he is a lamp post who misses too many chances.

          Vardy, kane stirling etc have 29 shots between them (the most for england in a European Championship finals game since 1980) and score none. The comments on here are that it is the managers fault.

          Ronaldo has 20 shots in two games and scores none, he also misses a penalty. Just imagine the comments on here if that was Giroud.

          We do need a better striker than giroud but he is better than we give him credit for, and is relatively injury free.

  14. I think that this england team is the best squad of players they have had for a long time, Yes, they are over hyped and over priced, they have a good set of forwards (even messi would find it hard to score 30 plus goals in the english league)
    Good enough midfielders and same for defenders, although i am not really cheering for england i see them reaching the semi finals, reason being the quality of the Euros seem to have fallen or other teams have caught up with the bigger teams, also england have face 3 teams which have at most times been defensive, i think the outcome will be far better when the Knock out stage begins
    I see some people blaming the coach, however of note, england have had a hard time scoring in each match they have played no matter which team the coach sent out there, the strikers just not finishing

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