Arsenal fans excited about insider claiming bid for James Maddison

Leicester expecting move from Arsenal for Maddison

Leicester City and James Maddison’s camp are expecting a move from Arsenal in a few weeks’ time, reports the AFCBell.

As they say among Arsenal fans ‘when the Bell tolls, you listen.’ And the latest development from the self-confessed “insider” was certainly as exciting as it can get for the Gunners faithful.

The North London outfit have already confirmed the signing of Nuno Tavares, while Anderlecht’s Albert Sambi Lokonga is expected to follow suit. Ben White is also ‘one step away’ from becoming an Arsenal player.

And now it appears like Leicester star James Maddison is the next on technical director Edu and manager Mikel Arteta’s shopping list.

According to the report, Arsenal have already offered the 24-year-old a five-year contract, and the iconic number 10 shirt at the Emirates Stadium.

The Gunners are also willing to double his current wages of £100k per week at the King Power Stadium.

With the injury record Arsenal’s academy graduate Emile Smith Rowe has, signing an elite replacement in James Maddison only seems rational. The 24-year-old is still far from his prime stages and Arsenal can reap the rewards for several years by investing in him this summer.

Premier League proven, young, set-piece specialist, Maddison is definitely going to tick a lot of boxes.

The attacking midfielder joined the Foxes in 2018 from Norwich City and has been one of their standout performers. In the 118 appearances he has made for them, Maddison has 47 goal involvements.

With the Englishman, the London side can expect more goals from outside the box, something they haven’t witnessed with the current crop of players.

Last season, Maddison’s figures of Key Passes/Passes into Final Third/Shot-Creating Actions were one of the best in the league at 2.23/3.69/4.50.

It’s safe to say that Maddison has a whole bunch of qualities packed inside him. Convert those qualities into financial terms, and Leicester will be looking for a fee around £60 million, which is unlikely to be unsurmountable for Arsenal.

The Gunners can end up generating massive cash reserves if they offload several players from their already bloated squad.


The news has certainly got me going. Just imagine Smith Rowe, Maddison and Saka operating behind Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. That is certainly a scary thought for the Premier League teams.

That quartet can become one of the most dimensional and unpredictable in the Premier League.

With a good pack of midfielders and defenders behind them, Arsenal can definitely push for the title in a few years’ time, in my opinion.

What do you think about the Maddison links? Should Arsenal go for another type of midfielder?

Drop down your comments below…

Yash Bisht

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    1. Not only that Enny, there is also the small matter of doubling his wages. I was looking at a website showing the salaries of players at Arsenal and it is enough to make you weep regarding some of them.

      1. Yes, I like Maddison as a player but for 100k pw I’d want him to at least play a season or two here and prove he can consistently deliver in our setup. He’s young enough to accept a lower salary (but still a decent bump on his current wages) and take that time to earn the bigger wages.
        I can’t understand why we seem to double or triple the wages of everyone we sign.. Surely we need to start bringing the wages down!?

      2. SueP, I have been pointing out for some time that Arsenal’s salary structure is totally imbalanced compared to other competing clubs. Arsenal has too many players on wages of £100k or over per week, who are then difficult to sell on, as other clubs can’t match the wages and the players are prepared to run down their contracts to leave on a free.
        Why can’t Arsenal offer a 50% increase ie £150k per week, which surely would have been attractive to James Maddison?

        1. In reply to both ozzie and Davi, it seems incredible to me that Mari and Cedric are on £75kpw or more, Saliba who at 18 was considered to be work £45kpw, but Saka is on ‘only’ £30kpw. Don’t get me started on the likes of Kolasinac who still gets paid £100kpw and Pepe on £145kpw

          With the current financial difficulties facing football, hiring another player on £200k pw just seems crazy

        2. The actual report by AFC Bell on Twitter didn’t exactly say double but almost double. Then it could be 160 or somewhere around that figure. Beside we are hardly attractive to big name players nowadays because we nothing to offer them apart from the cash itself. That’s the consequence of slowly going down the ladder.

        3. How will it be when maddison is playing with Aouar? We shall win premier league. Arsenal team wich all know is coming back.

      3. Even with the riches of Champions League football and the revenues generated from their huge global fan base, perennial top-3 in the league since 2003/04, 10 times La Liga Champions during the same period, FC Barcelona are unable to register their new free-agent signings because of their excessive wage-bill. Now, they are conducting a garage sale to clear the mess of their own making.

        I guess, Arsenal aren’t too far from their position, considering the deals they are making behind closed doors.

  1. Great player but don’t need him. Joe willock needs a true run with Rowe. Rather sell Auba , keep Laca and get a striker that can win a header in the opp’s box. We have enough wingers too! Saka, Pepe, Marty,Nelson. Rowe needs to stay in the middle of the park. Afc needs to move chambers to cdm and get another RB. Any more money should go to getting a set piece coach, and new def coach,.

  2. We’d have to sell many players first. So far it has just been guendouzi. Bellerin,
    Torreira, kolasinac, willock would need to go to raise fund and free wages. Think this is very unlikely to happen

  3. Willock is CM, Maddison AM.
    Laca + another striker would reduce Balogun’s opportunities.
    Chambers at DM no way.
    We hired a new set piece coach last week.

  4. Let youngstars go on loan for enough playing time. but it would be better for xhaka to remain coz he is amultiple player. every team would like to have aplayer like him. We can all see what he has done in euro 2020 And he is the only leader we have at the emirates.

  5. Signing James Maddison after letting Ozil go defeats the aim and tactical decision behind the sale of Ozil, unless the coach has personal issues why he didn’t play Ozil.
    Maddison don’t get me wrong is a good player but not the all round midfielder we want who can dictate games while creating chances.
    Aouar is more suited to Arsenal and cheaper too, if we manage to pull this deal through that will be great but we will definitely be left counting the cost of Ozil contract and potential Maddison contract.

  6. They seem to forget that Leicester won’t let him go on a bargain.

    And we all seem to forget that Arsenal is in no position to pay for big transfers, despite all the porky about kse “willing” to invest.

    How about we face the facts and admit that unless they sell fast, they won’t be able to buy another footballer.

    Tavares was bought with Amazon money, midfielder will be funded with the Xhaka transfer to Roma. Other signings will have to wait until transfer-listed gunners are sold for miserably low amounts.

  7. It’s crazy how so many fans moan about how “Kroenke won’t spend the money” but when we’re told the club has given a green light to spend 50m & 60m on two relatively young, high quality Premier League-proven players (White & Maddison) loads of people start moaning about the price tags!

  8. Why does the author of the article write that 60 mil is insurmountable, when we clearly have financial and squad number problems. The only way we get Maddison is if we sell ESR and i would not want that.

  9. Questions over Maddison’s temperament exist. Party boy, and poor form last season. £70 million and he’s yours! You’ll still finish below us next season, and we will use the cash more wisely than most clubs.

    1. Interesting point made there.
      He didn’t behave himself did he?
      I live in south Leicestershire and joined the throng when you won the league. I look forward to you posting your seniority at the end of next season, … if of course you do!!

      On your final point, I could hardly argue

      1. “He didn’t behave himself did he?”
        No. Not in footballing sense.

        Just a few days ago, came across some of his vacation photos. Having a really good time somewhere far away from his pregnant partner.

        Wonder if our manager takes it lightly if he’s an Arsenal player!!!

        1. He didn’t behave himself during the earlier stages of the pandemic and let Leicester and Brendan Rodgers down. Who he spends his holiday with seems to be his own business

  10. I like Madison; he would be perfect for our midfield.
    Not sure though if we could afford his 60M price tag after spending 55M on White.
    My main gripe with this article is its unrealistic projection of “massive cash reserves” or cash flow from selling surplus players. Let’s be real. It’s just not going to happen.

    1. YASH What I think after reading your many regular articles , is that you are a dreamer and an incurable optimist. Some fans like these qualities and in some ways so do I.

      I see it as step way beyond all reality, no matter what may be reported. There are reports and there are also common sense thoughts. And those are frequently very different from each other.

  11. Wow! Maddison is a great player but that amount of his weekly wage is toomuch, lethim take £150k pay week.

  12. Seriously Maddison is not going to join the Gunners this summer, why would he? He is playing at a club who are actually better than Arsenal at present, not bigger but definitely better. He has no need to move yet and more than anything he needs to get himself fully fit again.

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