Arsenal fans’ fear as EPL rivals snap up strikers

One of the criticisms that some Arsenal fans have had of Arsene Wenger for years is that the Frenchman did not appear to have a plan B, tactically speaking, or that he was just too set on Arsenal playing the fluent and entertaining sort of passing game that we have become famous for under the prof.

The boss has proved this theory wrong over the last couple of years with some hard fought victories against the likes of Man City and Bayern Munich thanks to dogged defending and quick counter attacks. Now I am starting to wonder whether Wenger has a plan B in his transfer plans.

It was weeks ago when Arsenal activated the release clause in the Leicester City contract of Jamie Vardy and once the striker jetted off with the England squad (what a waste of time that turned out to be) it was apparent that he might not sign for us. Wenger himself said as much, but what has he done about it?

There are plenty of Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with various forwards but nothing even remotely concrete. Meanwhile we keep hearing transfer news like the Sky Sports report confirming that Liverpool have signed Sadio Mane or that Crystal Palace have offered over £30 million for Michy Batshuayi.

Metro are telling us that Man United have a greed a fee with Borussia Dortmund for Henrikh Mkhitaryan and the word is that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is going to Old Trafford as well.

Are you guys as worried as me about all these attacking players being snapped up by our Premier League rivals while Arsene seems to be content to watch and commentate on Euro 2016?

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  1. i think that it is every arsenal fan fear/nightmare that wenger is not going to add to our single signing but i,ll give him the benefit of the doubt since the transfer window hasn,t started yet,but to be honest it,s always in the back of my mind,i guess we have to believe!!

    1. It should be every fans’ fear/nightmare that Arsense Wenger is going to be Arsenal’s manager next season!!!!

  2. with every team that finished below us loading up, if webasically maintain, webwill fall in the table, its only logic… we have been waiting for a potent striker since mr. henri graced our pitch, without a 20 gps threat, we are top 4 at best, before the season starts

    1. I dont know what is the heck with this morata story, man he worm bench in Juventus now all of the sudden he is 60mil… Even if we dont buy striker and he is our last hope i would love if arsene start to penny pinching about this one.. What they are smoking in Madrid!!!

      1. marc.overmas…

        Lolest@ “I would love If Arsene starts penny pinching about this one”

      2. The world is going nuts. Morata is at best an upcoming striker who is still learning his trade. May be worth 20-25 million at max.

        Its completely unfair – Alexis is quoted at 32 million and Morata at 50-60. Alexis is 10 times the player Morata is.

        1. Morata is being overrated because he was a Madrid player, but anyone that knows football will tell you he isn’t worth more than 30m. Perssonally we should go for Draxler, that kid has the talent and confidence we’re lacking.

  3. We now need to sign Mahrez..he is the only young talented and not over priced player out there with guaranteed premier league experience and quality. Add maybe a striker like Lewandoski or even that Janssen fellow and man we will be good for next season!!

    1. Yes looks like we won’t get the goal machine we are looking for. So best will be to get a goal scoring winger (Not sure why we are not going for Mkhtariyan). We need to ensure that we have at least 15 assists and 15 goals from the right wing and our current solutions there are nowhere close to that. Let’s go for a grade 2 striker but only if that means we are getting a top class winger

  4. Next season is going to be tough particularly with the arrival of the new managers to the premier league with their shopping list we need to move quick and be quite and cute with our singing I still think we should get jenssen

  5. It looks as if Wenger is doing his shopping in South America,
    anyone have any idea when the UK’s non- European involvement takes effect? And does this now mean that it will now be easier to sign players from Brazil?

    1. If anything leaving the EU will make signing foreign players more difficult than it is now, and that’s including European players.

      It’s the UKs’ own work permit laws which dictate the criteria for issuing these, that’s why we have to send the likes of Joel Campbell out on loan to a more lenient EU country for two years to enable him to qualify for a UK work permit. Once we exit the EU, the two year European work permit will no longer exist, so it will be up to our Home Office to issue the permits when and if they feel fit.

  6. I personally want us to forget Morata and go for Draxler, top winger that can be played on the right or be a Sanchez back-up and also be moulded into a striker. Killing 3 birds with one stone.

  7. Absolutely shocked no one is mentioning Gabriel Barbosa more. Left footed Striker/Winger who is the perfect balance for our team. Is deemed the next big thing, his name is being banded about the same way Dybala and Hazard were.

    I can understand the doubt about whether or not he can make the transition. But surely he deserves way more excitement then Jansenn or Milik.

    1. Barbosa is good but Jesus looks awesome, and would they need to play elsewhere until they meet requirements ?

      1. What requirements? …. If the UK is longer apart of the European regulations?
        If anyone has any knowledge regarding this and can be bothered to shine some light on this, it would be appreciated.

        According to reports there are 3 Young south American player’s that Arsenal are looking to sign.

        1. See my reply above, and we are still a member of the EU, and will be for about two years after the UK parliament submits it’s “Article 50” document to the EU. The Article 50 document is the official declaration that we are leaving the EU, and then very long and protracted discussions will take place to agree the terms of our withdrawal.

      2. On youtube he does but he looks light also on youtube. Barbosa who I also know little about doesn’t look light but he does play on the right and has a left foot. Both make sense for us. I don’t know about Jesus, left wing I believe.

        Requirements, I know much more about. He will apply for a work permit and it should be pretty straight forward, he will fall under the exceptional talent category. If we pay a high fee the case becomes even more straight forward.

        If he fails to get the work permit he will get it then on review.

        He isn’t like some of the other youth talent we have previously picked up from the region. He is a starter for his club, a capped international, a possible 1st teamer, who will come to us on a high fee.

        1. Not as simple as that:

          Work permits will only be issued to international football players of the highest calibre who will be able to make a significant contribution to the development of the game of football in the United Kingdom at the highest level.

          How is it established that the player is an international player of the highest calibre?

          In order to establish on an initial application that the player is an international player of the highest calibre the following criteria must be met:

          A player must have player for his country in at least 75% of its competitive A team matches of which he was available for selection, during the two years preceding the date of the application

          The player’s country must be at or above 70th place in the official FIFA world rankings when averaged over the two years preceding the date of the application

    2. Forget Barbosa.Watchout for Gabriel Jesus. He is the real deal,already drawing comparisons with El Phenomeno and the Phenomenon himself stated Jesus reminds him of himself when he was younger. Jesus’s agent has already stated he wants to play in Europe now and ManC and ManU seem to be interested. Watch him play or watch some of his videos and the resemblance in the playing style is uncanny. I sincerely hope we sign him up. If any other Epl team signs him we will regret it big time.

  8. Spoiler Alert people, we are not getting anyone in the front striker position OTHER than what we already have, there was a story in the star yestrday about the 250 million wenger is looking to spend on the likes of Marco Ruess ect ect and I really cannot believe that after all these years the Prof will change his ways and spend all that money and evern if he was going to he needs to pull his finger out as all the top players are being strongly linked with other clubs, meanwhile we wait for the brat Vardy to make up his mind when we know he is highly unlikely to come to us
    another summer of dissapointment for us as wenger has already stated that Giroud will lead the line next season. again more abject failure

    1. Wenger is at that age where he is confusing the Croatian’s teams Physiotherapists for the Sevilla manager! ??
      To the point where he actually went up to him and Congratulated him on winning the Europa league.

      We can only hope that Wenger signs a Word class Striker by mistaken identity. ?

      1. Sky reporting Wenger is helping Southampton to select their new manager. What’s that all about ??

        1. No idea mate, ?
          but I would guess that Wenger is trying to find a job for one of his old french buddies. ?

  9. Doesn’t the transfer window open on the 1st of July?
    As in 3 days time…


    Seriously people, chill out, the window hasn’t opened yet and your acting like the new season is already over!

  10. Guys recently saw the system France employed with Giroud and Griezmann as the second striker.

    Why do we never switch to this system with Sanchez as the second striker ? Does this impact Ozil or our other players. One thing is for sure – if I would want anyone to be in front of the goal it has to be Sanchez- he is just deadly. To me he seems too important a player to be away from the box.

    1. I agree with you completely. We need to get Sanchez closer to the opposition box more often. A 4312 formation. Also, Wenger should sign a Striker ASAP. Lacazette or Chicarito. I am being realistic about our options. My heart wants Lewandoski, Higuain, Aubameyang. But the reality is we wont get any of them for anything less than 60m pounds(an amount Wenger wont pay for any player).

  11. Hi Fatboy G, it could be 2 years before we leave the EU, that is if it actually happens. There are lots of talks, negotiations and stuff before it all pans out. If and when it does happen it just means that the same rules will aply as with non EU players, I presume, with work permits required based on international appearances etc, etc. but then again it is likely that special dispensations will be given to footballers as in other high profile high earning entertainment industries. Hope this helps.

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