Arsenal fans’ fear as Gazidis reveals transfer plans

As long as Arsenal do not mess up the FA cup final at Wembley later we will be able to look back with a smile on the season and look forward with real optimism to next season and the hope that the Gunners will improve once again and go from winning a cup competition to becoming the best team in England once more.

While there is a good case for saying that keeping the Arsenal squad relatively injury free will be a big step to achieving this goal, there is no doubt that a few top quality signings in the summer transfer window are needed as well. So fans of the Gunners might not be exactly filled with confidence after hearing the club’s chief executive Ivan Gazidis give his take on the matter of transfers, reported by the Daily Express.

Gazidis said, “We’ve got a good financial position at the club, so we’re really healthy going into the summer.

“I think we can make investments. Arsene [Wenger] has said we’ve got a big and deep squad, and a top quality squad. So it’s not just turning over for the sake of turning over.

“The additions that Arsene will make will only be if we’re finding really top class players that fulfil a need that we have.

“One of the really important balances to get right this summer is yes, to improve where we can, but also to retain the cohesiveness of the team because that’s been a really important ingredient in the second half of this season; the team spirit, the cohesiveness of the group, you don’t want to destroy it.

“So it’s a delicate operation this summer to get that balance right, but I’m sure we’re going to do it. I think in the last three or four years we’ve made good decisions over the transfer windows that have proven to be good over time.

“I’m hopeful we’ll continue to do that and deliver the types of additions we need to make sure we’re in a position to compete next year.”

Now I know that this could be taken to mean that Arsene Wenger will only sign players of top quality, it does sound a little too much like what the Frenchman used to say when we were set for a meagre transfer window, like last January when we were desperate for a striker, defender and midfielder and ended up with just an injured Swede on a loan deal. And Wenger explained this by saying that he just could not find the right players.

Do you think we should worry about what Gazidis said?

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  1. Hahha nomsense article. He clearly said we will by top class player and I too agree with that. We need players who are either better or equal to class of Sanchez. No squad player is required to warm benches and take salary for free. Either add better striker than Giroud else play with Akomp. Don’t buy for just sake of buying else we will be like Liverpool or Tots. Only WC dm, gk and forward that’s it.

    1. very naive,why would you need to say we only want top class players,that shud be obvious.They only talk like this when they’re not gonna spend

      1. They have said special talent prior to getting both Ozil and Alexis if I am not mistaken.
        Also in previous years when that has been said and we didn’t get anything can’t be taken as the given today due to the situation being different, since we have had more financial freedom we have been investing in the squad, that and pre-debt are good examples on how Wenger will be in the transfer market.

        If you want to point at the debt years then are we going to be selling Alexis? We would of in previous years when having to pay of the debt…

  2. I don’t care about any talk, as long as we sign a DM and a STRIKER then I would not care…. I am so tired of always going into each season knowing we are a few players short in crucial positions. If we don’t sign the DM and striker for next season then I will be on wengers back. I am one of wengers biggest fans but it will be near impossible for me to keep defending and making excuses for hi if he refuses to strengthen yet again this summer..

    For me Next season is make or break season for Wenger..

    1. Wenger has been strengthing the team for the past couple years, he hasn’t done it all in 1 transfer window but we have been progressing each year since the debts havn’t been hindering the club.

      What excuse do you need for winning the FA Cup while maintaining CL football with 4th spot and then the next year defending the FA Cup while finishing higher in the table, in 3rd.

      That is progression… that doesn’t need defending!

      Say it for how it is, fans want the title NOW and unwilling to see past the present, the club has progressed and they will continue to progress. The fans have been unreasonable.

  3. He’s happy to talk about spending money. It’s embarassing looking at the premier league season ticket prices. Arsenal have the cheek to charge pretty much twice the price of most other clubs. That’s not just the Leicesters and Sunderlans either, the price is almost twice as much as season tickets at Chelsea, United and over 3x as much as Man City. So really you could buy a season ticket for all three of those clubs and not spent much more than the cost of a season ticket at Arsenal. Ridiculous! Nothing justifies it.

      1. No, I’m on the waiting list for one. But it still ups the price I have to pay to see each game.

        1. I guess they could shorten that waiting list by upping the price a bit more… I mean there is obviously a scarcity of seating and if waiting is upsetting you then why not just increase the price till there is no wait?

          Or they could lower the price and increase the wait…

          “Nothing justifies it.”
          I think the situation justifies it… and no, I can’t afford the season ticket price currently and would love to, still doesn’t change the facts. Limited seats, if demand is too high then they are justified in increasing the price.

    1. Agreed way too expensive – I read somewhere that our annual match-day revenue is 3 times that of the 80,000 seater San Siro! But it is a difficult conundrum. Our match-day revenues are what keep us on the coat-tails of the 3 richer clubs above us in financial terms – they all have better commercial revenues and more wealth. Better commercial revenues generally come on the back of successes on the pitch, footballing success is closely correlated to transfer activity/wages. At the moment our fan’s desire for spending is more reliant on gate revenues than the other 3 clubs – but we don’t want to pay high ticket prices. Unless we start playing in a half-empty Emirates or the waiting list disappears then unlikely from a business perspective that AFC are going to start slashing ticket prices any time soon.

  4. ivan is ecoing wenger and saying nothing wrong.

    ever since they have claimed to be competetive again, the signings have been top class. world class guys like alexis, özil, very, very good guys like gabriel, debuchy, ospina but also guys like chambers for the future. we are not a tottenham or pool that buys utter garbage, just for the sake of buying. last transfer seasons have had no disappointments- that is good management.

    we do however need at least 2 top class guys in, DM, and some sort of forward. gk would be awesome as well.

  5. I pay very little mind to anything these people say. Their words are often meaningless. Gazidi’s words can be interpreted to support just about any conclusion. This is purposeful. In other words, he has not really offered anything of value.

    I only pay attention to what they actually do – and for that we must wait, watch and learn.

    1. You are still waiting, watching and learning????
      Damn it!!! Some of us have WAITED, WATCHED and LEARNED. We now know enough to say these guys are idiots when the talk like this.

  6. In simple words : he’s spoke shit. That mouth is purpose only to lick Stan’s axx, not other things. LOL!!!

  7. i’m all drunked up here and going out to a club but all i want to say is, get us the 4 players we need and we’re champions. How hard is that?

    1. 4? We need 2, and if there top class we will challenge and possibly challenge for Europe

  8. I’m looking forward to big signings. We’ve signed two over the last two seasons in Ozil and Sanchez. What I expect this statement by our CEO amounts to is that we’re aiming for two or three players at that level this summer. Which makes sense in relation to the assessment that can be made from this past season when we compare ourselves to the teams we compete with. I have no doubt that as a Club we are in new phase.

  9. That actually sounded positive. We don’t need an overhaul, we need 2-3 top quality signings.

    1. we do need an overhaul,in terms of clearing out deadwood,but im hearing very little on this front ,in fact didnt Flamini say hes staying next season?definitely not progress

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