Arsenal fans frustration boils over but do the club even care?

Has Arsenal Football Club gone from being the run of the mill Premier League club that seems to put more focus on the money it can get from the TV rights and keeping the books balanced than looking after the fanbase that makes it all possible, to some sort of despotic dictatorship?

As football fans we are used to being ignored to some extent but I have a horrible feeling that we have now become nothing more than an irritating side issue to those that run our club. The way they blatantly ignored our protests last season was bad enough, but now that Arsene Wenger has been handed his new two year contract it may have become even worse.

As reported by Metro today the club’s chief Ivan Gazidis was heckled by fans for his support of the club’s owner, or should I say major shareholder, Stan Kroenke. I cannot argue with that but I would also take issue with his comments about our summer transfer plans.

He said we are ‘actively’ seeking new signings and that Wenger was looking to add top quality to the first team rather than build squad depth. Really? Well we will have to take your word for that Ivan because apart from one free transfer I have seen nothing but rumours.

Do they really think we are so stupid?



  1. In part you are right but we have had all these articles (iv written some myself too) on ripping into the board/wenger. Im still a Wenger/Stan/Ivan Out man but have to face facts since Wenger signed his contract & Usmanovs Bid wasnt successful that we are where we are with who we are with for this comong season. We have to stop all the complaining, get behind the WHOLE Club for this coming season & try to get over ourselves that major change isnt coming but can be rectified by big signings & new contracts for Alexis, Ozil, Ox & Ramsey.

    If we dont give it a shot now what chance do we have for this season if we are all angry & fighting before season starts. Give it until start of August to see where we are & enjoy silly season when the windows opens in a few days.

    1. You never know what if Arsene goes out & buys Lemar, Lacazz or Aubam & Seri or Groakze! Then gets Alexis, Ozil etc… all tied down to contracts! Jesus id be happy!!
      Front 3 of Alexis, Aubam & Lemar,
      With Ozil behind them.
      Xhaka & Seri or Groakze infront of back 4,
      Kolasnic, Boss, Holding or Mustaf & Bellerin.

      3421 also all can be used. Ox will get time in both set ups.

    2. Mate, we should downright abuse Wenger game in game out, should he fail to do what he has promised. No point in getting behind a team that is lead by a clueless lying accountant.
      Fail to sign and/or secure top players, you get abused. What is enough is enough.

    3. Yes I’m a WENGER, KROENKE, GAZIDAS AND BOARD OUT probably one off the biggest but it’s hard to get to involved here in Australia. However I agree with you the change we want isn’t coming anytime soon so we have to get behind the club. It’s hard when they lie to us straight out, Arsenal’s drop in form last season was meant to be a catalyst for change, we where told the back room was going to be overhauled for a smooth transition when Wenger finally left, we were told we where getting a D.O.F and then a week off the season finishes Wenger signs a new deal and the whole backroom staff got new contracts as well. Full off it this board and if GAZIDAS lied then it’s hard to believe him when he says they are chasing top top quality talent in the transfer market. However I will be extatic if they prove me wrong and make the W/C signings we need in the positions we need them in. I think a top manager could win the league and get to the final stages off the ECL with this squad no additions and Wenger used to be that man. However something has changed with him and now the only way he can take us to the top off England is with W/C all over the pitch .

    4. Till I dont see positives this window(and only positives), I am Wenger/Stan/Ivan Out man. I will change my tone only if we spend on 2 top quality players, retain Alexis/Ozil/Ramsey/Ox and get rid of parasites Debuchy/Gibbs/Jack and gracefully let Gibbs/Perez/Campbelll depart. Would not mind GK position sorted out, who leaves and who stays, and 2-3 young kids who can fit in next 3 years

  2. Rename Arsenal ‘Titanic’. The owners are saying “put your faith in the Captain and the future is going to be wonderful.” The ship is stationary, not going anywhere and sinking.

  3. The club does care about the fans, indeed. They are taking care that we buy season tickets, merch and prawn sandwiches. That’s where their care starts, moves and ends.
    Arsenal fans are considered livestock for milking the precious dough for satan crookenke’s ever increasing ranch count. Nothing more, nothing less.
    One thing they’re certainly not afraid of is the season tickets renewals/sales. Should the present moaning fan give up his/her season ticket, even better. A complacent prawn sandwicher will take his/her place and make it even more easier to slump into the mid-table obscurity.
    Most crookenke-owned clubs are doing worse than mid-table obscurity, therefore expect the same to happen to Arsenal in a span of five or so years.

  4. We get told that the club are “Trying hard” in the transfer market every season. Wenger always tells us that he’s working “Round-the-clock” to secure “Top-quality” transfer targets.

    I’ll think Cech, Ozil, Alexis, Mustafi, Xhaka and Holding were excellent signings, but with the resources Wenger has at his disposal, that kind of transfer business could have been done in just 2 or 3 transfer windows, rather than over many years.

    This window will be no different. We’ll get the usual multitude of rumours, the usual lies from the manager & board, then maybe one top-quality player after which we’ll still be agonisingly short of where we could (And should) be.

    Despite the even louder clamour from the media this season, and the optimistic voices of some very wishful fans, all I’m seeing so far is the same old same old.

  5. He’d better come up with something really good or I can see many more demonstrations even before and when the season begins —Our long suffering fans and that includes wives and girlfriends too deserve respect.
    Mr Wenger so get in pay the money and then get out. Job done!

  6. All this moaning and groans from arsenal fans is not helping at all, it takes a lot to sign a player, have you considered some of this players don’t want to come to England or play for arsenal due to family situation or sometimes unreasonable demands for their family? Whatever it is patience is the key and even if we change manager their players out there who are top notch and don’t like the new manager due to past interaction, so let’s wait for the new season to start before we judge

    1. When rivals wants to sign somebody they just do it without considering all those factors you said, but when it comes to Arsenal we have to be patient and wait, and wait, do you what comes next? Or you’ve never witnessed Arsenal transfer activities over the last 5 or more years?

      We’ve been waiting for so long Man, or what have we been doing for the last 13 years? Waiting for EPL title

      1. It’s already been explained above. There’s many factors to signing a player as opposed to the fact that he might be available and able to be bought. As I don’t support other clubs I’ve no interest in reading about their success and losses in signing players so, I wouldn’t really know if it is as you claim, that other clubs are more adept at signing players, just like that.

        Clubs all over Europe will have a wish list of players that they’d like to sign but again, there’s numerous factors in play which will determine that from happening. Especially if that player is a high profile one, and is sought after by many potential suitors.

        I’d like to see us sign some good players, not just big names that have been bandied about by all and sundry but good players that will improve our team and club prospects.

        Until then, as Pat say’s, we’ve just got to bide our time and see what happens and what we can do !

  7. Arsenal has always said that they are actively looking for and want to only sign top quality players. Business as usual. They even said this the summer they signed no outfield player at all and they probably said it before they signed Sanogo, Perez, and Elneney, not that they belong in the same category but many would not label those players as top-top quality, in fact, Wenger himself doesn’t even label them top-top quality. For me, a top-top quality player insinuates a player that would a starter not one that has trouble getting minutes.

  8. We could sign the top 5 players in the world but unfortunately that doesn’t change the fact that Wenger is managing them so they will just flop anyway.

  9. Just seen the question put to Ivan gazidis at yesters q and a
    Dad sent me voiceclip of Graham perry’s ‘question’
    Essentially a 5 minute speech about why wenger and th club is amazing

    Nice move arsenal. Clever stuff planting people and controlling the q and a and ppl involved

    Putin would be proud

  10. Arsenal fans are dreamers let wake up and be real our team is no where a top team even spurds are better right now

    1. Yeah, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. Good management of players and playing methodology would be a good start to making inroads to get us back to the top ! Spurs, City, United, Chelsea and anyone else that want’s to have a dig are just lucky that we are in this hiatus ‘Right Now’, but not forever !

  11. I don’t think you are An Arsenal fan. If some body let himself down, then no body will think to take him up.

  12. Monaco have said regarding Lemar they cant believe how low the offer was and told Arsenal dont bother bidding again, That is why we never get any big transfers through low balling clubs all the time.

    1. Taking a gullible Arsenal for a ride, that’s what Ivan, Arsene and their Palpatine are doing when making those silly bids. Taking Arsenal fans for a ride on their Death Star and showing them how they’re destroying planet Arsenaal from the executive seat.
      I just hope the rest of the Arsenal saga pans out like the first 6 Star Wars films, where Yankpaltine dies and Darth Wenger turns back to the light side of the force.

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