Arsenal fans get HUGE Alexis boost ahead of Man City clash!

Alexis is back! by Sam P

Arsenal fans have been given a massive boost with the news that Alexis Sanchez’s recovery is almost complete and he will be back in training on Monday as soon as he gets back from Chile. That means that Arsene Wenger will have six days to assess our superstar ahead of the massive clash against Man City next week.

Arsene Wenger sounded extremely confident when he said: “He is due back Sunday and will train Monday morning at 9.30,”

“How quickly is he back? Let me see on Monday but I think he runs already. I sent him back to Chile and he worked with the national team physio there.

“We will see what kind of state he is in on Monday. I think he will be short for Manchester City certainly but with Alexis you never know.”

I have to disagree! With Alexis you know he will be ready to face Man City on Tuesday! Meanwhile I am expecting Campbell and Walcott to play on the wings alongside Olivier Giroud in tomorrow’s game against Aston Villa. That is not a bad line-up as it is, so if they play well perhaps Wenger could afford to give Sanchez a bit of extra time off next week as well. But knowing Wenger, he will play Alexis as soon as possible.


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      1. I think there are some certain type of people (amateurs or professionals) who just can’t get injured no matter how much they play or how rough.

        I think Arsenal medical team should examine Sanchez’ and question what kind of training he does individually. I remember the very first game of the season when we lost to West Ham and after the match Alexis stayed at the Emirates doing spurts, damn. Can you imagine our pampered English players ever doing that?

        1. @juhislihis
          His recovery time is to be admired as well. Mert is another one who doesn’t get injured. Ok, we count on players getting injured during a season. But the recovery time of some of our guys leaves you wondering…

          1. For that matter Giroud also rarely gets injured and like in the olympiakos game he can get beaten but rarely gets down
            Even if not a Duracell bunny u have to admire and maybe examine his training as well

            1. @Gigi2
              For real. If anyone on our squad should be on the physio table week in and out, it’s him. But dude is tough…
              Our younger English players and our older players, with the exception of “Flame”, seem to have permanent residency there…

        2. The problem with English players is most of them practice at the academy and then stop playing until the next training session. They should learn that to be one of the best football has to be a part of their lives, it’s more than just a job, when they’re not at training they should be practicing their skills or working on their weaknesses. Ozil and RVP learned their skills playing in the cages, Ronaldo got rid of his weaknesses by being the first and last to leave practice, look at him now and compare him to Rooney and you’ll see why the England team has been on the decline.

  1. So Dennis Bergkamp has declined the Swansea job. I think that’s unfortunate. If he’s to manage Arsenal in the future, he’ll need all the experience he can get, preferably in one of the ‘smaller’ EPL sides.

    1. shouldn’t have done that…… Considering we’d get a chance to watch him closely

      or could be ……Fear of fLight?

    2. No it would’ve been unnecessary pressure, coming in January and having less than 6 months to win a relegation fight when it’s his first time managing..

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