Arsenal fans had a message for Martinez and ensured he got it

Emiliano Martinez served Arsenal well in the closing stages of the 2019/2020 season and helped the Gunners to win the FA Cup and the Community Shield.

But they sold him last season and he now plays between the posts for Aston Villa.

The Argentinian refused to remain the second choice to Bernd Leno at the Emirates and has proven to be better than the German at Villa.

However, some Arsenal fans don’t believe he is as good as their latest number one, Aaron Ramsdale and they told him so in Friday’s 3-1 win.

Birmingham Mail reports that after the Gunners had gone 3-0 up on the night, Arsenal fans mocked Martinez by chanting:

“Aaron Ramsdale, he’s better than you.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

The jury is still out on Ramsdale, but on current form, he is clearly one of the best signings of the summer.

Martinez undoubtedly had a transforming effect on Arsenal when he was in goal in 2020.

However, the Gunners have moved on and look to have a much better number one at the moment.

The 3-1 win against Villa confirms that we know how to score against Martinez, although that doesn’t mean he isn’t still a quality goalkeeper.

Ramsdale will hope to also win some trophies for Arsenal as soon as he can.

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  1. If Gooners had “moved on” from Martinez they wouldn’t be singing inane songs about it. The whole affair is wearisome, from the angst when he was sold that lasted 12 loooong months to the cheap shot gloating on Friday night.

    Both Gooners AND Martinez need to let it go. Move on. Turn the page.

    1. Lol, fans moved on long ago.
      Actually a lot of fans love him, myself included. I love him a lot and I’ve said I wanted him to sign the contract. Having him and Leno would’ve meant a lot. Lots of fans wished him luck and we’re happy for him until he started going to the media throwing shots at Arsenal in nearly every interview he gave.
      If you’ve been following the whole situation you’d know that’s the reason the fans taunted him on Friday.
      Hell fans even mock him online now with the whole asking for an interview just to talk bout Arsenal.
      I still think our fans do love him

      1. Can you blame him though? The owner and management of arsenal deserve every shot they get their way! We do it every day does that mean in any way that we hate the club?

        1. So why is anyone trying to call out Arsenal fans for the reaction too?
          Can you blame them?
          With every action comes a reaction.
          Ramsdale came to Arsenal knowing Leno would be serious competition.
          He came in and has been doing a great job and building a relationship with the fans just so he can keep building his positive image at the club.
          He knew he’d have to come compete with Leno and he didn’t moan did he?

      2. I Love players that show fight, desire and passion for Arsenal Football club.

        Sadly Martinez has none of these qualities otherwise he would have stayed and fought it out with Leno last season – he would have displaced him, i’m pretty sure of that.

        Instead he bitched and moaned about wanting the No1 spot from the get go – no, you earn it.

        Ramsdale has all these qualities, hopefully now we can all stop talking about that floppy sausage in the future

  2. Emi hasn’t said anything about Arsenal that isn’t true. That’s not taking shots.
    He served the club well for a decade. To be chanted at like that was shameful. We need to be better than that.

  3. personally had moved on from letting him go a while ago. seemed to bring us up every other press conference though which is what turned many against him.

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