Arsenal fans giving up on Chelsea should look at Real Madrid

If Arsenal fans thought that our club was going to have a tough time winning the Premier League title because the current table toppers Chelsea have beeenjoying a relentless run of results and were looking very unlikely to slip up and give the Gunners a chance to close the gap, imagine how the clubs chasing Real Madrid in La Liga have been feeling.

The Madrid giants had taken control of the race for the Spanish title, as well as taking advantage of the uncharacteristic inconsistency shown by their biggest rivals Barcelona, with a long unbeaten and winning run that saw then lift the European Cup for an 11th time and then go on to win the UEFA Super Cup and the Club World Cup.

But as we Arsenal fans need to remember, things can soon change in football and a winning run can turn into a losing run before you know it. Real Madrid had gone 40 games without a loss in all competitions but just like London buses, as soon as one turned up it was followed by another.

Last weekend Madrid lost away to Sevilla in La Liga which was their first competitive defeat since last February, almost a whole year ago. Then in the very next match they lost again, this time at the Santiago Bernabeu against Celta Vigo in the Copa Del Rey.

Chelsea’s unbeaten run has already been ended by Tottenham, of course, but a lot of Arsenal fans have all but given up on catching them because of their form and results since we beat them in September. My advice is to look at Real Madrid and take heart.

Sam P.


  1. Koss says:

    ofcourse they will stumble at some point, but going by our past 12 years experience, we will never take advantage when it happens but perform even worse.

    1. bran99 says:

      agreed.. we never take advantage. that’s our norm

  2. Midkemma says:

    Hope shouldn’t be given up, I recall us catching the run away UTD team and beat them at the end of the season for the title.

    We are not our strongest over xmas and new years either, we do pick up normally for the final run and that is still to come.

    I wont bet on us winning the title but I wont give up hope yet either.

  3. Ks-Gunner says:

    Arsenal fans need to rememeber that we havent won the leauge for who knows when. And also lost it last year when the chance to win it was perfect.

    Ever heard about the line. Same old same old.

  4. Uzi Ozil says:

    Mathematically we can win the league…..Realistically we may win the league..that can be said for the top six teams.

  5. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Let’s not forget that Laliga has always been a two clubs League title race every season between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Save for one or two seasons when Valencia denied any of the duo to win the title. Unlike in the Premier League which for 12 seasons or so has remained a three clubs title race between Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea until last season when Leicester City popped up out of no where to disrupt the assembly of the trio when they lifted the title trophy.

    Arsenal who have been there before are finding it increasingly tough going in the last 12 seasons campaign to reassert their authorities in reclaiming the title which they last won in the 2003-2004 season’s campaign. Our hopes this season are, the Gunners will find the steel and grit in themselves as from this week’s match day number 22 to start hitting a combination of a long winning run of 15 games out of their remaining 17 games as at this weekend and also have an unbeaten run in 17 games to set a new winning run of 15 PL games to see if any PL club will make the attempts again to equalled it as Chelsea have equalled their all-time 13 games unbeaten run in a single season of recent.

    And more importantly, by so doing as per the above, Arsenal will win this season’s PL title on 91 points if they win 15 games and draw 2 in the remaining 17 games of this season. This is not only a big ask of Arsenal to positively answered but also a big task for the Gunners to undertake successfully.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Winning 15 out of our last 17 games will not happen, I promise you that. For a start, we still have: Spurs, L’pool, and Chelsea all away from home, and Utd at home. It could easily be four defeats just from those fixtures, given Wenger’s poor form in big games, especially away, and against Mourinho. I’d be really surprised if we got more than four points from those games.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    Yes, but look how Chelsea responded to that Spurs defeat…they cruised to a 3-0 win at the home of the champions, and without their star striker. Even if Chelsea stumble, Arsenal will not capitalise, and just look at what happened last season. Every big team finished below us, and yet Arsenal were still no where near winning the title.

    Chelsea in early Feb will end Arsenal’s chances, not that we have any chance anyway under Wenger!

  7. Onochie says:

    Funny Article,when was the last time Arsenal took any advantage presented to us? Please focus on the next game and leave Madrid and La liga out of EPL game

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