Arsenal fans have a reason to be happy at last

Good times are here; brace up! by Lagos Gooner

Wow! I feel extremely happy. I can smile and proudly brag to whoever cares to listen, that I am an Arsenal fan. My club Arsenal seems to be on a rise once again and I am so glad about that.

Just immediately after our victory against Manchester United, I went straight to my big brother who is a Chelsea fan and I said “Watch out! We are back to recover lost times and this may not go down well with your club”. He laughed at me sarcastically and walked out on me. But who cares? As far as i am concerned, Arsenal with Arteta as coach will surely end the season in the top four and I don’t care who drops out for us. Boy! Am I so excited?

Our two games against Leeds and Manchester United are pointing towards one thing; and that is that we may not always play the best football, but we will always fight to win the game. Against Man United, we began the game well, scoring two goals against Manchester United Is not a child’s play; we did it in the first half but in the second half, we didn’t play too well but we won the game. This to me is the trait of a big team. We may not always play well, but we will give all we have to win the game. We won the game against United with a clean sheet. What a game! What a result!!

Against Leeds United, we started the game badly and were lucky not to concede a goal or two in the first half. Some good saves from Martinez, was all we needed to scale through the first half, unscathed. However, in the second half, we took the game to them. We won the game by a goal to nothing; we could have scored more than a goal, if Lacazette was in form. Against Leeds United, we didn’t really play well generally but we found a way to win the game. Winning games is all we need at this trying moment of our great club.

As an Arsenal fan, who lives in the midst of Chelsea and Manchester United fans, I get bashed aggressively by neighbours and family members whenever Arsenal loses a game. However, when we win games, I get to bash them to my utmost satisfaction, and that is all I need to be a happy Arsenal fan. The more Arsenal keeps winning, the more happier I become and the more troublesome I could get around my non-Arsenal supporting family. It feels good to be the one dishing out the punishment doesn’t it?

Good times are here friends; I seriously think we are gradually recovering lost times and that at the end of this season, we all will smile. Who believes so too? We are Arsenal and we proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. As a person who wanted Arteta instead of Emery, I agree with you Lagos, but it is still to early to say we are back..he has definitely got the team playing with more heart and tactical concern for the remainder of this season is that our squad is a little old and might not have the legs to finish as strong as we would like..which is ok considering I think next year we will be in a much stronger your overall point about getting that excitement back that has been missing all year I wholeheartedly agree Lagos

  2. Top managers still need quality signings to improve their squad. 90 million pounds would get both Thomas Partey and Lewis Dunk this January. we should try and convince both players to come to Arsenal. we would have two immense players to push us further and possibly make top 4. we can rotate Thomas Partey and Torrera for the DM role. Or play them together a times. Partey is strong and tall. Strong and wont be pushed around by strong players. Having Lewis Dunk in defence also makes sense. Dunk wont need any adjustment to the league. he is tough and aggressive.

  3. I wasn’t particularly excited with Arteta’s appointment. I thought it was like turning my beloved club into an incubator for grooming baby coaches!
    But I also prayed that I’d be proven wrong.
    After a few matches, it’s appearing like my prayer will be answered. It’s very refreshing seeing Arsenal come back in the second half of a game completely around after an annoying first
    When Arteta can bring in a few players of his own. and further improve the ones he has already, I think we’d see a new dawn over our team

  4. I with Reggie, you need to move to a nicer neighbourhood, get some new friends and sell some of the family!

    On the whole though. lets rejoice at the altar of Saint Mikel!……………….aparrently we only need 3 people to create a new religion!…………I need 2 more and we can have regular Sunday sermons here on 😆

      1. In the name of the Arteta, the the son and the holy ghost ……I bless you Sue!…………….amen!……………..or in my case………ahhhhwomen!

  5. I’m a lot happier than I was, that’s for sure!!
    Good for you dishing out some grief! I do too, not had too much to say over these last few months, but all the Mancs I know had some after our win!! I do feel for you living amongst Mancs and Chavs (boo!!!)

  6. Hopefully we beat Chelsea in a few weeks, then you can really get your own back. Think we will too. Plus surely it’s written on the wall that artetta will come back to haunt pep when we play city. Imagine that. I’d be even happier if arsenal spend out on upamenarno this month though, as I really feel he’s going to end up better than van dkye, I’d be happy with just that one signing although wouldn’t mind two or three. Him and saliba next season could be the difference for us winning the league. Now then if be so so happy. If your head of your family I’d cut them out the will or move them into the shed.

  7. Lewis Dunk and Thomas Partey would be so ideal for AFC and we’ll feel permanently Joyed.

    Happiness is temporarily and it won’t last on we fans with our current team if AFC fail to secure those two signature.

  8. It’s surely exciting to be a gooner again! But let’s not drown in it. I bet you will agree that the problem that brought us here is far from being solved. Emery might have had his demons but the devil in Chief is Kroenke. Has he changed at all? I think rather, that he’s only reacting to the effect of our poor start on his bottom line.
    I’d go for pressurising Kroenke, but with unrelenting support for Arteta and the boys. COYG!

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