Arsenal fans have a very nervous few days ahead – What’s going on?

What’s going on in the transfer window?

As January slowly comes to an end, the hottest question among Arsenal fans is whether the club will sign a player this month or not.

With the club pushing for a Champions League spot this year, the need to add reinforcements was clear.

But as we head closer to February, the Gunners have added none and already let go of four senior squad players. Eddie Nketiah and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang might be next in the queue.

If we think normally, all the stars align to indicate that the London outfit will indeed bring in fresh bodies to rejuvenate the current squad.

However, with each passing day, every fan is struggling to think of how exactly they are going to do just that? Especially in a transfer window which always proves to be very difficult.

Mikel Arteta has been far from a perfect manager until now, but he deserves credit for at least making a push for a top four spot this season.

Arsenal are just two points off fourth-placed Manchester United with a game in hand. They also comparatively have an easier run-in in the Premier League, as opposed to their top four rivals.

But the loss against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup and the draw against bottom-placed Burnley carved open the fault lines of the current squad to a great degree.

Alexander Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah have only two open play goals between them, while Aubameyang has been frozen out of the team.

If the club doesn’t push for a top center forward in the few days left in the window, the hill of claiming a top four spot will only get higher.

These are exciting as well as nervous few days for the Gunners faithful. Don’t get me wrong, Arsenal can finish the window with two signings out of nowhere. But it can also go the other way, something I don’t want to think of.

What do you think of the current situation we find ourselves in? Drop down your thoughts in the comment section below…

Yash Bisht


    1. This club in run by inexperienced yes men who really don’t have a clue what they are doing.

      We are and have been a footballing joke since we moved to the crappy Emirates from the Classy Highbury, the day we moved out of there our values went with it as a club.

      We are so close to getting back to where we need to be but Edu cannot deliver what he promises. Vhalovic was NEVER coming, we have literally 17 outfield 1st teamers and have alot of great players frozen out or shipped out for Mikels ego and Edus Brazilian fascination.

      We have left it late and I really do think we willNOT sign anybody come Monday. Same excuses since the club moved stadium “we tried didn’t we”. We are not the club we used to be or with the pull we used to have.

      Your telling me Matteo, Lucas, Saliba, Bellerin, Dino & Frozenout Pepe & Auba wouldn’t help this team instead of the makeshift players we have to help this squad.


      1. 👍 Fair summary, downhill since 2004, selling Arsenal’s best players and not replacing like with like.

  1. The rumour mill has been in full swing this January. GK CB DM AM wing + striker have all been predicted to see incomings. Only time wll tell which if any rumours are true. Traditionally the last 36 hours is when deals are done so we are very close to entering those decisive hours now. Am expecting at least one loan and one purchase and maybe more

    1. We will get none of our targets panic and sign Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere that’s about as good as its gona get!!

      1. A broken record can not actually play a sound.
        72 hours yesterday 36 hours today “is” a change.
        We use digital technology now.
        You need to come out of the 1960’s and into the 2020’s.

  2. I posted this on the other artical:

    Im not going to lay to much blame for fireing blanks this window at Arteta’s feet as he does not have that type of control that Wenger had at the club. We have a recruitment team that takes care of getting deals over the line. Data analysts and scouts to indentify targets that fit the spec set out by Arteta.

    But as Arteta has alluded to before, we’re not going to add for the sake of adding without making sure that player brings up the level of the team and we shouldn’t. Willian, Luiz, Pepe, Torriera, Leno were Edu and Raul signings, mostly helping their agent friends out. Emery started a good president by asking for Tierney, Guendouzi, Martinelli and Saliba. Then Arteta with Gabriel, White, Tomiyasu, Partey, Tavares, Odegaard, Sambi and Ramsdale.

    I’m definitely seeing a pattern in signings that the managers actually want and who Edu wants. I mean again we look at Luiz and Willian as obvious ones, we could have also ended up with Perdo Neto rather than Ramsdale, Emerson Royal instead of Tomiyasu and now Artur Melo, who allegedly the club have pulled the plug on too. It seems like Edu wants us to sign shit or past it Brazilians for “some reason”.

    As I’ve said on here before even I knew before we were linked to Vlahovic, that he only had eyes for Juve and Juve had already flirted with him and his reps. Again as well that transfer stinking of the medias usual knock at Arsenal, build up a transfer story so we can use it against them at the end of the window. I do believe we were in for him but not as heavy as reported.

    Players in the Italian league rarely make the switch to the Prem. Firstly there’s Juve and the vice like grip on any talent in that league, similar to Munich in the Bundesliga. Also it’s too big of a culture shift and stepup in pace and physicality, some players have failed to make it here from Serie-A. Look at the form comparison the most recent expensive addition Lukaku.

    Why did Edu (allegedly according to our “unbiased against Arsenal” media) spend so much time trying to get Vlahovic is obvious, he potentially has the quality need. But there again we could have said the same about Pepe, one of the best in his league and Europe but the Prem is just too much for him. Would the same thing have happened to Vlahovic or like as it has with Lukaku shown the Premier League is too big a step up.

    A Vlahovic or Haaland type of player is what we need our scouts anylysts and Arteta obviously mooted the former as a guy who potentially could propel us forward. Like Henry did the Wenger teams. But where’s plan B and C perhaps there is a back up. But they too are either univable due to the January market or have eyes on other clubs and want to wait and see.

    Like it or not players like the idea of playing for Arsenal and will love to come, but at the moment we are a plan B. I have no doubt that if Juve were not interested then we probably would have got the Vlahovic deal over the line. End of the day we were Arsenal and he was playing for Fiorentina.

    There is still a serious problem with recruitment at our club. I know some of the players we’ve let go we would have to have paid to leave. But we need this buffoon Edu out.

    All that said I’m not a fan of Edu he has no business signing players he thinks we should sign. He should be listening to the manager and chasing those targets, not the Willians of this world. If he listened to Emery we would have Zaha here and not Pepe. If we fail to get top 6 this season Arteta will be called into question but Edu should be immediately shown the door.

    1. Totally agree about Edu, Arsenal used to have a great scout system, but a load were let go, and instead, we got lumbered with a man who doesn’t have a clue about transfers

    2. JAMES Congrats on penning a deeply analytical and real thinking post that would be more suitable to being an article than a post, as it would get more readers and attract more comment
      Why not consider wrting articles, as this site badly needs more balanced articles like this one?

      Personally, I do not agree with ALL you write and am less firmly anti Edu than you are, though I harbour firm doubts about SOME of his players brought in.
      I do however believe that MA, as he should do, carries the final word and would, if he chose to, prevent Edu bringing in wrong players.
      William was therefore IMO Artetas ghastly mistake and there will be more mistakes for sure, as no manager is ever perfect. Hopefully though, not disastrous ones like Willian AND renewing Aubas and Xhakas contracts.

      But unlike so many Gooners, I believe in playing the cards from the hand we are dealt RIGHT NOW and not wasting time regretting past mistakes.

      I am NOW after harbouring doubts for a while, a firm supporter of MA remaining our manager, as I believe he will be for some years to come.
      However, I realise and easily see that HE has made several important mistakes whilst learning the job. It seems to me that he is the best of the REALISTIC options available to manage us( we are never going to attract Pep, Klopp and that excellent , while Kroenke owns us and that is obvious, at least to me).
      Finally, I see definite progress but accept the undoubted fact that we have still some way to go before being realistic challengers to the current real top clubs.

      I think fourth place, IF we sign a proper striker this month(but not otherwise), is a realistic ambition and I for one, being an older man with a liftime of football watching experience behind me, am prepared to wait and take the long term, NOT the short term view.

  3. There will be no CL football, when you deplete a squad, you are inviting trouble when you leave it too late you are pushing up the price of players you are trying to bring in. it shows desperation from the two novices Arteta and Edu and Arsenal will suffer from it, there is no progression, two years on and still we are waiting for the so-called vision of Arteta. This is pushing the club further back into the wilderness. We are so far behind the two top teams

  4. To deplete the squad when Edu/Arteta knew AFCON was coming. To loan players out when they knew we were depleted, when we were in EPL 4th place, in the FA Cup, in the League Cup, was literally bonkers. To give a season away, carelessly, with no attempt to to progress, in just a few days, is something I have not seen in top level football before. We needed players and Edu/Arteta knew this and thinning out the squad is deluded, especially when 4th in the table. It is, so far with 2 days left in the window, a great British, Mr Bean farce. The ‘process’ at Arsenal is ‘bonkers’. Even when we had a real chance to challenge, Edu/ Arteta threw it all away. It seems the Arsenal method is football self-harm and hara-kiri. The insane way Arsenal are being managed is bizarre to say the least.

  5. @Sean Williams “The ‘process’ at Arsenal is ‘bonkers’. Even when we had a real chance to challenge, Edu/ Arteta threw it all away. It seems the Arsenal method is football self-harm and hara-kiri. The insane way Arsenal are being managed is bizarre to say the least”. And yet Arsenal are 2 points off top 4 with a game in hand and with the prospect of securing 2-3
    critical additions in the next few hours.
    Without knowing the outcome of our transfer business surely predicting such doom and gloom already is defeatist and “bizarre to say the least”
    Oh ye of little faith

  6. Fairfan

    You have dust in your eyes fairfan. You are a ‘biased fairfan’. Being an Arsenal supporter does not mean losing honesty. 99% of Arsenal supporters can see something is wrong, whether Arteta/Edu supporters or not. We went out of both cups and lost 4th place due to management decisions in just a few days. Unbiased fact. Doesn’t stop me supporting my club. If you think we are playing good football you are on another planet.

    1. Don’t respond to him mate ,I cannot believe people still interact with him ,earlier in the season he was saying the complete opposite to what he is saying now to get a response from fellow posters .

      1. Dan kit
        He is not a deep supporter, who commits to be bound to Arsenal…he is a fan. The club just doesn’t mean as much to him. He is though a fan as his name suggests. A supporter is way more involved in how the club is run. Supporters hopefully live and breathe Arsenal.

      2. Nope I have been completely consistent all season. I am the only Arsenal fan to keep the faith. Not like Dan kit who wrote Arsenal off after we went 0-3 saying Arsenal would not make the top 10.
        Dan kit the “plastic” fan.

        1. Right you two.

          Stop with the personal insults right now. If you don’t agree with each other then agree to disagree and leave it there.

          1. No personal insult from me Pat as you can see above ,just stating the obvious regarding his baiting posts ,TBH I won’t respond to him again I just hope fellow posters follow suit

  7. Any signings now, will be in the category of “panic buys” as described in AW’s time.
    We have already lost out on our No. 1 priority and reports suggest that any other forward is going to cost the club (in salary and signing on fees) over £60,000,000 plus…. meanwhile, we have Aubemeyang banished to gardening duties, while Lacazette and Nketiah refuse to sign new and improved contracts.
    We are down to the bare minimum in midfield, after letting AMN, Guendouzi, Torreria and. (seemingly) Elneny go.
    The back has seen Bellerin, Mari, Kolasinac, Mavs and Chambers leave, while the brightest prospect who cost us over £20,000,000 is away on loan and attracting interest from Real Madrid.

    So, with all the above factual evidence in place and STILL not one confirmed senior signing, how anyone can think we are in safe hands is beyond me…. and that’s without mentioning our “style” of football and the results during January.
    If MA and Edu pull off a top four finish without addressing any of the above issues, then they truly are “magicians”… let’s see what happens before the window closes.

  8. …….Maybe…youngsters will be promoted to the first team and given a chance in some games……

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