Arsenal fans have always showed our anger over the years, but it only shows how much we care…

We fans, being fallible humans, can be quite horrible at times. We can equally at times be most generous and open-hearted. There may well be a few “saints” on here who are incapable of being horrible, but in general, as those who have long attended matches know very well, when passions are high, tempers follow on as night follows day. Why do we care so much then? It is because we are in love; in love with Arsenal FC, and no less passionately either than if we had met a person who was to become our soul mate for life. AFC is our soulmate for life. And if someone or something threatens the health and happiness of your soulmate, what do you do, as a fallible human? Why you turn on them and as best you can, you “sort them out”.

Thankfully, we cannot sort out players in fisticuffs and were we able to try, we would mostly come off the worse for wear. But now that we have the weapon of social media we use it mercilessly, and I am as guilty as anyone and worse than most! But this horrible behaviour usually begins very early in life, when we are thwarted in our hopes and dreams. We mostly “hate” those clubs of whom we are jealous -hough some, like the Spuds, cannot possibly fall into this category and the thought is ridiculous. Though we do not generally admit that jealousy, even to ourselves. That would be to show us our own horrible side, so then we band together with others who think as we do, to attack the common enemy, be that Man Utd, Spuds, Chelsea or various players, mostly from opponents but also on occasions from our own team, who we think are not cutting the mustard.

In my long years as a fan I remember many of our own players who were boo boys, and whom we blamed for bad results. Alan Skirton, Ian Ure, John Sammels, and even a very young John Radford, whilst he was still about 17/18 all from the 1960’s. David Price and Terry Mancini – though Mancini later became a cult hero, despite being “not much cop” – were both prominent n the 70s; Gus Caesar and for a short while even Perry Groves from the 80’s. El Pel, the ginger nut from Colchester, turned it all around though, on that glorious day at Wembley when he laid on the winning goal for “Saint” Charlie Nicholas against Liverpool in the League Cup Final.

My personal ‘bete noire’ during the George Graham era was David Hillier, who largely openly expressed escaped mass wrath, as he was still young. George Graham himself when he played for us was known as ‘Stroller’, in other words he was not a workaholic, to put it mildly, but as he was a talented striker, he largely escaped being much booed, though some let him know he was a lazy “****” (insert your own expletive here!)

Under Arsene Wenger, a number of players were not much liked, almost all defenders unsurprisingly, and the hot headed Eboue was one who I remember being the butt of our crowds anger, plus several of our long list of inferior centre backs were heavily criticised, but not widely booed on the field. Most recently of all, Xhaka angered the crowd and came off worst, when the stadium turned on him in a storm of boos. Such as Squillacci, Stepanovs, Silvestre, Santos, Senderos, and more recently Mustafi and Sokratis have been much pilloried on social media, myself prominently among the protaginists.

A certain world cup winning German also much divides opinion, though any open booing of him when playing has been very muted, if heard at all. Many still laud him on here and thus “when passions are high, tempers follow on as surely….” etc.

It proves we care, and while we care and while we can all behave – or most of us anyway – like horrible nine year olds at times, then football is safe and loved, no matter how awful the great changes that will surely come to football in the wake of the coronavirus may hit us all. KEEP THE PASSION, NO MATTER WHAT! It proves we are alive, and that we still love our lifelong soulmate, even though she or he (as appropriate) is now 134 years old and in rude health, overall…

Stay home and stay safe my friends.

Jon Fox


  1. I agree mate…… an extent. There is a fine line, the abuse Xhaka recived on social media was disgusting. Booing him cause he was taking his time to leave the field when we were chasing the winning goal. I think showed the passion and determination to win the game from the fans. Sending death threats to his family if he didnt leave the club on social media, thats not passion in barbarism.

    Its fine to have foul mouthed rant at how poor we were this season, especially under Emery. Most of which was incited by a fame hungry idiot on AFTV. A guy who doesnt fancy working like the rest of us, so he does what he can to become viral on youtube. Some say its getting the message out there, i know its targeting the angriest fans cause it gets more hits.

    Were a fickle bunch and in this new era were to get fans in the stadium that were never knew the feeling of invincibility. Or the fans who only started supporting the arsenal through the successful wenger years. Unlike fans like myself who supported our club in the early 90’s seeing how bad it can get and how good it did get.

    Football comes is peaks and troughs, wether thats a barren trophy spell for some clubs. To others its the ups and downs of promotion and relegation or the euphoria of surviving relegation. We as football fans have different expectations depending on who we choose to support. One thing i love is the way in which we support can be so different from one person to the next, it would be boring otherwise.

  2. New generation has no respect in general, highlight lost of basic values in society. That’s beyond football they do not have any education about, those values and traditions.

    That’s today’s culture’s codes, ignorant. That’s why we are not a top club anymore, it takes fans to be as one with team to make a club.

    Now clearly Kroenke is the one who ruins it all; we win titles and money goes into Emirates, no money to buy players. Wenger youth policy with Anelka, Henry and co is gonna help him keep us in top 4 which was a miracle looking at Chelsea, Man U, City or Reds putting money, building teams.

    Wenger in that way spoiled fans as brats, his kids like; that past decade’s generation. It was a transition period they did not realize nor Kroenke beside moving to Emirates for more profits.

    In 2013, money promised to Wenger at stadium full payement. That’s the transition which takes two years for any Enterprise to make.

    We finished second then, “with a bunch of kids” just as CL final!!! Miracle man at work!

    He asked for Suarez he had agreeing on terms, and convinced mainly, because a top coach!

    Kroenke Is gonna ruin a 45M bargain deal, offering 40M instead to close it, issues a second offer adding one cent!

    Same thing for Kante! Chelsea were champions year later as we would have been with Suarez addition and several times with Kante. All we were missing and would have had to focus over the years was a top CB to play with Kos rated as one of would best CB at some point.

    Once you have Kos, Kante, Suarez, it was over with! Wenger had perfect vision and timing, but Kroenke none.

    We would have been champions, 2014,2015, 2016, 2017,2018, 2019 and Win CL twice at least. Adding Sanchez and Ozil at his best after Suarez and Kante in, indeed would had us built for titles ambition!

    Instead, teams passed infront of us, buying players to do so!

    Emery was on Wenger continuity in his first year, showing that even with miracles, we were too short. This season is showing the after but mainly Wenger!

    Chased out by hid kids in a stadium he built! Too ignorant and spoiled to realize Kroenke had them chase him out, after using him up as a slave because he knew how much Arsene loved this clubs and kids! He fought with no money, rocks against big guns, keeping us alive and happy! SPOILED BRATS!

    Man U boss kept Sir Alex around or they would be in relegation we were heading at few games back!

    Coronavirus took lives but may save us. If season is called off, this season’s team will be in CL and EL. Loser be Leicester, winner Spurs. Reds should be crowned anyhow. Be fare, but keep rest current table would not be fare with 10 games and such a close fight!

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