Arsenal fans have EVEN MORE reason to cheer!

Arsenal have three home games in the Premier League left to play, as well as a second visit to Old Trafford to face Man United. The first of those, of course, was in the FA cup quarter final which helped us banish the big game blues and set us on course for the final game against Aston Villa at Wembley.

No doubt that will be a noisy day at the national stadium, even more so if the Gunners can lift the trophy again and make ourselves the out and out most successful club in the competition’s history. But even if things are going against Arsenal, as they were for much of last year’s final against Hull City, Laurent Koscielny expects to get plenty of backing from the fans.

The French international also believes that we could be a crucial factor in that away clash with United, as he spoke about the brilliant support from the fans. There were more than 9000 of us in the Old Trafford stands for that cup game and KOscie4lny has spoken about the positive effect these things have on him and his team mates.

The central defender told Arsenal Player, “During the season you can’t play well every time, every game over 90 minutes.

“Sometimes you are tired or your opponent is better than you, so I know that it’s very important [for the fans] to be behind us because they can help the team.

“When you have fans who sing in the 20 minutes that you know you are in difficult situations, it’s good to hear and it helps you to give more.

“It helps you do the defensive things to help your team-mates. It’s important – the fans are a big part [of success] for us and the final result.”

A good chance of improving our league position to second place and lifting another trophy this season, while suggesting that there could be more in store for Arsenal in the coming years, has given the Arsenal fans plenty of reasons to be cheer. And as Koscielny said, it helps the team, so sing up Gooners!

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    1. Off topic. Monaco Inter Milan and Roma have been fined for brieching financial fair play. Monaco are fined up to 13 million. In fined 6 million. Their squad size will be reduce

      Now is the time to attack Knondobia of Monaco
      or Icardi of MiLAN
      OR NAINGOLAN of Monaco.

      This financial fair play thing seems to be bringing justice to football. But u got teams like Barca Bayern Madrid and United who can spend 150 to 200 million every year. I don’t thing these 4 clubs can ever be affected.
      But we are catching up.

      1. We don’t need naingolaan we have too many CM’s/B2B players who I would prefer over him anyday. I agree about kondogbia though lets poach him from Monaco and maybe martial too.

        But @galen I wanted to add to your list of players we can purchase I think we should add kchryowiak to that list and I can really see wenger buying this guy. And maybe maybe consider bacca

  1. Rest players at United coz they will set out to hurt players and we have the cup to think of

  2. I sometimes wish we had better chants to sing at the games.. some teams like Crystal Palace seem to have some great songs they sing…while we have just a few

    I know we now have a few more chants for our players than we did have about a year ago, and that is great, as mostly they are all good chants

    But I do wish we have some REALLY good songs to help the players along during the game..sometimes it is very quiet at Arsenal

    1. The reason why it’s so quiet sometimes is the price of a ticket, most of our passionate supporters can’t afford to go to every game.

      1. Home support is too quiet.

        Arsenal should give the away fans £20 tickets for every game against the top four teams at home.

  3. We will also know what we need to do before we kick a ball apart from the last game of the season.

    Monday 11th
    Sunday 17th
    Wednesday 20th

  4. Beating the crap out of man u and getting the 3 points! That would be “priceless” for this gooner! Coyg!

  5. Our away support is just brilliant but our home supporters only turn up when there’s a derby or when we’re facing against one of the top 4 sides.

  6. Our away support is just brilliant but our home supporters only turn up when there’s a derby or when we’re facing against one of the top 4 sides.

  7. I agree with you about the away supporters…I have not been able to get to many away games but those I have got to, the fans there are fantastic

    and where I sit at The Emirates ( nr the North bank ) the fans are good and do most of the singing during the game….I don’t think its to do with the ticket price as the stadium is full….its the actual songs…they don’t lend themselves to all fans joining in….also a lot of fans don’t know the words of the newer chants for the newer players

    Perhaps this could be addressed on some of the blogs next year, or on you tube even

    The Emirates is a big stadium and some can’t catch the words of the songs to be able to join in

  8. No. I notice we select teams we cheer our team against and we cheer when they are playing well as if we are neutral fans. Cheer more to uplift their morale when the boys are not playing well. Can we improve as our team is improving.

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