Arsenal fans have nothing to fear but fear itself…

FDR 1932 U.S. Presidential Inaugural Address: ‘We have nothing to Fear, but Fear itself’. by Chris Scannell

I’m neither an AKB or an AOB, although over the years and in articles I’ve previously written on this site. while approaching the various subjects from objective perspectives, I have in the past, where I’ve felt it appropriate, given Arsene Wenger the ‘benefit if the doubt’.

Now I believe it’s time for a complete Root and Branch Transformational Change at Arsenal.

I DO NOT Want to see Arsene Wenger ‘Hounded Out’ OR Humiliated. He HAS made mistakes, many of which could have been avoided, if he had been less stubborn, more flexible, more prepared to give underperforming players a good kick up the Arsenal, and sell consistently injury prone players. He has accumulated TOO MUCH POWER at the Club

Arsene has ALSO done Great Things for our Club over the last 21 Years – and he deserves the respect of Everyone associated with the Club – Fans Included.

BUT – it IS time for Change.

1. Arsene Wenger’s Contract should NOT be renewed this Summer. If, as it looks almost certain a 2 Year extension is on the table – He should not Sign It. Although he already probably has, or will.

2. If Arsene Wenger Does sign this 2 Year Extension, the Board should include the Following Caveats –

That Arsenal MUST Win the EPL and MUST Progress to AT LEAST the UCL Semi Finals Next Season 2017-2018, or the Final Year of the Contract 2018-2019 will be withdrawn.

3. If Arsene Wenger Does sign this 2 Year Extension, the Board should also formally stipulate that – as well as the ‘Set In Stone’ conditions above – Wenger MUST be prepared to begin the Transition to the ‘Post Wenger’ Era – which will be set to begin at the start of Season 2019-2020 at the Latest.

4. In Line with Point 3 Above – Wenger MUST Be contractually Bound to Accept and Work With a Director Of Football and/or a Transfers/ Contracts/Salaries & Bonuses Director – NOT Appointed by OR Recommended by him – and likewise any other Background Infrastructure Changes, the Board implements NOW in Preparation for the Post Wenger Era – Starting Season 2019-2020 Onwards.

5. A Full On Re-Vamp and Re-Structuring of the Team – at ALL Levels – including the Academy. NO ROOM FOR LOYALTY HERE. Any Players PAST their Peak Years – OR even in their Peak Years – if they are regularly underperforming – not fulfilling their talent and potential, or are consistently injury-prone – must be sold on or released from their contracts. No Coasters – No Riders – No Spongers.

There IS A Lot of Change required in the 5 Areas raised above – but as FDR stated: ‘We have nothing to Fear, but Fear itself’.

Chris S


  1. The real Robin Vanpayslip and not that other fake one says:

    What about flesh eating bacteria? Should I be scared of that?

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      You look like you are flesh eating bacteria!

      1. The real Robin Vanpayslip and not that other fake one says:

        I gave Arsenal the best years of my life and this is how I have been left looking 🙁

  2. Goonergaz59 says:

    I wish I had your optimism about reaching the champions league.

  3. John Ibrahim says:

    little mix is mixing the Ox well…

    hes performing

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      [ To be read In a squeaky high pitch Scouse accent ]

      “Our kid Oxyyy is joining us in the summer and that’s whyyy his performing welll, coss he knowss his gonna bee mixing it up with the best instead of loserss like Youuuuss!” ?

  4. John0711 says:

    The re camp should start with Wenger
    Ozil sorry for those that love him not good enough when the chips are down
    Belerin( decent potential) but a good fee will get us a good defender
    Monreal – but a left back and have Gibbs as cover
    Xhaka not a champions league winning player
    Coq- we need a top top DM and have for years
    Walcott should get a decent fee for him

    This could raise 150m +100m
    Just think about what we could do with that with Alegri in charge

  5. Galen says:

    Nice article Admin. I think Wenger would sign the contract. MY problem is those conditions won’t be part of the deal. We want to make the squad and the management know that challenging for the title is the least. As a football club we just can’t be making up numbers. This is Arsenal.

  6. juelz says:

    Wenger has more power in our club than we are made to believe they all cower and are spineless before him…if it were other clubs le prof would have gotten the boot…I hope the board will have the spine to enforce a director of football….let’s start from there…#WengerOut

  7. Yossarian says:

    I worry that if we make top-four, Wenger will be given a 10-year contract extension, and the club will be renamed “Arsene FC”

    But being serious now… Even Silent Stan must realise that the league is getting tougher and tougher with all the money pouring into clubs that weren’t considered a threat when he took-over.

    It’s not just about beating Man U and Chelsea any more. I hope that realisation hits home and some serious work is done to make Arsenal competitive again at top-level.

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