Arsenal fans have to stop dreaming, these transfers won’t happen

Every other day, the rumour mill is filled with several players being linked with a move to Arsenal when the transfer window reopens.

I have to admit that I enjoy reading these stories and I probably also dream of them happening.

But when I’m awake, I eventually tell myself the truth that some of these links are ridiculous and we simply do not have the means to see them through.

Arsenal has had the privilege of beating Liverpool and Manchester United to the signing of top players like Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez and I enjoyed that while it lasted, but we have to also accept the fact that we are no longer in that position.

We are currently closer to the bottom half of the Premier League table than we are to the top four yet we are being linked with a move for the likes of Kai Havertz, Edinson Cavani, Dries Mertens, Thomas Partey and Philippe Coutinho.

It is fine for us to be ambitious and want these players, but we aren’t the only teams that want them and we are no longer in a position to compete for top stars like these.

I am one of those fans who enjoy being linked with a move for top players, however, let’s face it, we are not going to sign any of those big name players so the earlier we stop dreaming, the better for us all.

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    Whoa Robert, I don’t allow people to talk about your comments in that manner, and I won’t allow you either.
    Rein it in matey….

  2. I’ll keep on dreaming myself for Kai Havertz… And for Gabriel Veron… And for Dominik Szoboszlai .. The rest… I don’t think I will anymore

  3. Guys like you don’t believe in free speech, do you? I guess you’re a dreamer too – in your way.

    1. I believe in free speech Robert, as my readers know. But blind abuse will not be tolerated, especially when you make it personal….

  4. Ime
    In the absence of football I find it hard to be interested in who we may or may not sign. There is far too much ‘up in the air’ globally for me to think about signing players when people are still dying in large numbers and re starting football soon is a long way off. There just too many unknowns
    However, there is nothing wrong with having hopes and dreams- it is part of what makes us human

  5. When I say it’s rumors, not news – it’s the truth. And the truth is seldom nice to hear. And when you say to the poor fans of Asn’l football club to stop dreaming… Man, you’ve lost the human touch. Especially when “Just Arsenal” and most of (all?) the other net sites here on News Now are feeding fans with this kind of unrealistic rumors (dreams) of star transfers – Thomas Partey, Dayot Upamecano etc. I think it’s unethical. Almost disgusting. But if you personally NOT are one of those “dream feeders” I owe you an apology. Sorry.

  6. We won’t be signing any of them if you read between the lines of what Raul said recently about when the transfer window opens.

  7. I enjoy reading them for a split second… then reality kicks in 😄
    In all seriousness, regardless of whether we’re seen as a ‘big club’ or not, Covid-19 has made sure this will be a transfer window like no other.

  8. Dominik Szoboszlai of Salzburg is a realistic target with Elneny as part of the deal.The Hungarian is a really talented, athletic attacking midfielder who would be an upgrade in what we have in that area.

  9. This “transfer window” (summer 2020) maybe never will be opened at all. All because of the Plague. Close your window and stay at home. Sip your beer and go to bed early with a good book. No Super Sunday with Asn’l beating the Spurs with 3-O at Ashburton. After a hattric by Gabi Martinelli, all in the second half. I’m a dreamer – aren’t we all?

  10. I truly believe that I personally have been the single most outspoken and damning critic of so many of these “rumours” articles, so regularly on here for some weeks and months past. However, I also recognise that dreams are an important part of the glue that binds football folk together.

    On the other hand again I ask myself, when do dreams become fantasies and border on self delusion. People will make their own mind where they wish to draw that line or consider whether it even exists. It is not for me to talk for others. BUT, as a life long FIGHTER- even literally, though decades ago – for MY personal truths , I will always continue to believe it is ones DUTY to fight for ones beliefs.

    That being said, it is vital moral importance to allow others who differ, often completely, to express their views equally strongly and not fall out as people I admit and freely too, to have often failed in that last comment. I RESOLVE TO TRY HARDER FROM NOW ON.

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