Arsenal fans hoping Arsene Wenger keeps his promises…..

It is nice to know that Arsene Wenger has given Arsenal fans hope that we are finally going to get the “urgent” signings that we have been screaming for for the last few years. Namely, one top striker, one top midfielder and one top centre-back.

Having already signed Granit Xhaka, we can all now live in hope that this will be the summer that Wenger finally fulfils our wishes of reinforcing the spine of the team. Even Wenger must have realized by now that Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck are NOT the world class strikers that can deliver Arsenal the League title.

The reason we are hopeful of course is because just a couple of weeks ago Le Prof said: “We want to keep the squad stable over the summer while strengthening where possible,”

“You want the group to be stimulated and to believe that we have improved the quality.

“I must say, we want to combine technical stability with players that we know want to play and know our game. Maybe bring in three players for example. That’s the right level for me.”

That will certainly be the right level for me too, as long as the other two are quality players like Xhaka as well. And as long as one of them is Aubamayang!

Come on Wenger! Keep your promises and get the fans believing in you once again…..


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    1. Much as I would love to see Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in an Arsenal jersey, I don’t think its likely to happen for a number of reasons. The first reason is that Dortmund values him at 70 million pounds. He is wanted by Real Madrid, and he has expressed a desire to go there, he is also wanted by Manchester City and Man United. All of these other teams have deeper pockets than Arsenal. If he does go to Madrid, that may make Benzema available.

      1. @jperiod………and u think Benzema’s availability would be good news for us?

        Why are we always happy with the crumbs?


        1. its not a matter of being happy with the crumbs, its a matter of dealing in reality and not fantasy

          1. Lol speaking of which rumours are pep wants eight players for first team football.

    2. Arsenal will sign RICARDO RODRIGUEZ from VfL woLfsburg………. And this will spell the end of Kieran gibbs at Arsenal

      Watch this space!

  1. Wenger us notorious for crossing his fingers behind his back when making promises

  2. If we haven’t signed a big named striker before the Euro’s start then I doubt that wenger will be bringing in the quality signing, that we are all praying for. (Striker )

    I Just hope that Xhaka wasn’t our Main signing!

  3. Congratulations to Podolski for lifting the turkish cup

    He is still as Big of an Arsenal fan as he was when he was with us.

  4. I hope wenger changes his philosophical this summer, lets not be left behind like we have been for the past 10 seasons.

    Each club seeme to have started afresh (City, United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spuds etc). Let’s not let other teams leave us stagnated in one position like we have been since 2006.

  5. Wenger did promise he would not surpass fergusons tenure at Man Utd. I hope he keeps his word on that one!

    Maureenho is in place now with money to burn and more importantly with the know how to deliver. With the new faces (coaching and players) in the league I expect us to struggle to bag even the much coverted 4th place spot next season.

    Sorry to pee on the parade although I ‘hope’ I am wrong..

  6. And i keep hearing about this big name world class Striker that wenger has to get.. Can someone please realistically name any available world class strikers we can go for?

    Aubameyang already showed hos desire to move Madrid. Anymore?

    Morata for £40 million when his goal tally has never come close to Girouds.

    I think a good striker is going to be hard to get this summer.

  7. What are Wenger’s promises?
    Does any one know?
    I have never heard him say we
    “will” win the league this season
    or “winning” the Champions League is our goal.
    He just says we want to have cohesion good spirit and be competitive.
    “Expectations” as we have already discussed are managed at Arsenal
    to give fans “hope” but “never expectations” of winning.
    Top 4 is ingrained in 90% of Arsenal fans psyche.
    That is the 4 = success.
    With the owner saying last season trophies are not why
    he became the major share holder top 4 “is” the Arsenal promise to the fans.
    With lowered expectations this means there is much lower chance
    of “failure” and less chance of any Managerial or ownership change.

    1. Wenger has promised not
      to exceed Ferguson’s
      26 tenure at Utd.
      But what that means is
      he can stay as manager till July 2023 🙁

  8. A better promise would be
    ” if I do not win the
    Premier League this season
    I will leave”.
    Doubt we’ll hear that promise any time soon.

  9. “Even Wenger must have realized by now that Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck are NOT the world class strikers that can deliver Arsenal the League title.”

    To be fair he wanted a WC striker and the board bought him Welbroke, they spent £16 mil on him which could have been used in the next summer TOWARDS a marquee signing…

    The board says we have all this money in the bank WHEN they have it and before payments are made, yes they have £200mil + but they have put aside majority of that to one side for wages/transfers over period of time/debts…

    That £16 million could have been a bit more than some people may like us to believe, this last season we hadn’t spent much and it was the ‘hang-over’ year from spending £95 million on getting Alexis, Chambers, Welbeck, Ospina, Bielik and Gabriel… oh and Debuchy.

    The Ozil transfer was the only one they paid for in the 1st season of spending, it was still a gamble and up till the last day they appeared scared of spending a penny more than they thought they should… was it the fear of not having spent a penny that pushed the Ozil deal through on our end? It would have been terrible PR…

    The club won the FA cup and we could see how the next transfer window was a ‘binge spend’ by the people in charge, throwing money at potential answers, the potential never happened so they wasn’t the answer. What happens after we binge on something and it doesn’t work as hoped? The following year we only bought Cech in the summer and then added Elneny way too late in the winter window, after we had suffered!

    Alexis has performed though and Ozil has been good for us, Cech got the golden glove this year…

    Wenger can still pick them, I hope the board have learnt and back him more in who he really wants rather than who he will make do with.
    Xhaka has been wanted by Wenger for a while now and according to reports Wenger spoke to Xhaka 12 months ago;

    Wenger wanted him 12 months ago, finally got his man ^.^

    I hope the higher ups have figured out spending to a better level, quality might cost at times but it is worth it, a couple/few million is not worth risking the transfer over. Esp if Wenger himself gives the player a call, just go all out and get the man!

  10. Mark my word fans will be asking where are our new signings come the start of the season. Promises from wenger ain’t worth the paper they are written on.

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