Arsenal fans in purgatory, Kanye West, Stoke Ramsey and Iwobi?

Hello friend. by Wizardry

Boy what a week it was for you and me wasn’t it? Excitement levels have gone down below zero percent and it seems it’s going to take a while before it goes up again. See, in ancient Rome, people used to watch other people have fun and enjoy themselves with harmless lions in a stadium which was slightly cheaper than the Emirates.

But you and I have been stuck in purgatory where the only form of entertainment is international qualifiers. No worries though, I have found some fascinating things while I was going through the trash we call the internet , like how Mr. Neville’s photo-bombing addiction caused mayhem in a family of penguins(see the perfectly genuine phooooto), and also how Kanye ‘Gay fish’ West is planning to run to be POTUS in 2020, which is in 5 years. You know in my country we have our own calendar and its still 2007. And five years later means 2012 right? So maybe the Mayans weren’t wrong after all.

Oh and in case you didn’t know, STOKE will arrive on Saturday at the Emirates. Shawcross has been a Gooner favorite for a while now and whether we’ll see that brand again, I haven’t the faintest idea. In all seriousness, saying that this game is an important one for Arsenal and Arsene would be an understatement. With two below par performances at home, fans have been more skeptical rather than optimistic about the club’s title credentials.

Arsenal need to get their mojo back. More importantly, Arsenal need their fans back. And who better to get us going rather than Aaron Ramsey himself. The combination of Aaron and Mesut has produced some wonderful moments at the Emirates. And with the probability of him being deployed on the right wing again being high, I expect no less than a man of the match performance from him.

Before I leave, I want to ask if we can have a reasonable debate on whether Danny Welbeck’s injury has a huge effect on our season or do you think he’s replaceable (Campbell, Iwobi, Owen Gole)?



  1. Wizardry. Ok.

    Danny’s injury is saddening. No matter what, I’d always prefer him to the French catwalker.

    1. Personally i dislike Olivier Giroud on account of the fact that the Deep Lying foward is a dead concept in the BPL, Often i see people write about how fantastic his hold up play is and his finishing is… i get it there is no denying it he is good at those things. But when teams in the BPL play against us they have realised that all you have to do is play with men behind the ball whenever we are in possesion of the ball…. what we know as park the bus football.. if you’re a smart manager this is what you do.. honestly who the hell is dumb enough to play a high line against Arsenal.. we have one of the fastest if not the fastest team in Europe.. And this is why Giroud struggles he’s particular set of skills as a Deep lying Forward, become f@cking useless, when you’re overcrowded in the final third what does hold up play do, his finishing is also nulified on account of the fact that as a deep lying forward doesn’t poses the strength to fight his way out of situations like this like a target man would do… or the dribbilng capabilities, mobility to be able to wriggle past defenders in these small spaces. Personally i feel Giroud is going to be continuosly innefective, Sanchez needs to play CF for us.

      1. It takes a whole team to move the bus. Watch a Man City game. They’re always playing opponents behind the ball.

        1. Yes .. but how they do it is the one thing i’ve been screaming for for ages… a change in tactical approach they City tend to play these 3 formations 4-3-3 or the 4-1-2-1-2 (false 9) or a 4-4-2 Diamond with interchanging fowards meaning that wingers the number 10 and the CF never stay in the same positions for more than 20 mins…. No one zone marks in the premier league… you get your best defender to nulify the attack of the best attacking player of the opposing team, generally you aim to get people who are very evenly matched pace on pace, strength on strength on stretc.. We have the capabilities of playing such a formation and very well i might add

  2. Am i the only one who thinks the number of comments on this site is reducing Drastically?…….. No Thanks to the international break and Low quality articles posted thus far………. Can’t wait for Matchday!

    1. It is always quieter in the international break, which makes my life easier as I read EVERY comment (we have still had 101 since midnight), but I personally have little interest in most of these games – especially when there are mismatchs like England v San Marino. Seriously what is the point of these games?

      And are you calling my articles low quality because they do not say WENGER OUT in any of the titles?

      1. I dare not call your articles low quality. It does stimulate the discussion.

        And you can see a number of us joking about the unambitious moves in the transfer market in the summer, and the problem of goal scoring as a result of that.

        Thanks to Wenger and Kroenke.

    1. Maybe concentrate on the other 10 players on the pitch if Giroud doesn’t float your boat?
      What’s a reasonable goal target in the league for Giroud to swing you around? just curious…

      1. 20 League Goals are a reasonable target for the chances he gets a game without including FA Cup,Carling cup or Champions League goals!

          1. Giroud should be scoring 20 league goals,he gets on average 5 chances a game,if he plays in 34 out of the 38 league games with better clinical finishing he would win the golden boot in England

    2. Depends what gender you are…or in some cases which team you bat for 😀 Jokes aside I would rather have a CF who looks like Rooney after a bar fight who can put the ball into the back of the net, than someone more concerned about at what angle the camera is viewing him at during a game.

  3. So Giroud was booed as he was subbed off yesterday for France for missing a “handful of chances” Wow lol

    Maybe arsenal fans should do the same so he stays on the bench rather then cost us in majority of our games!!!!

    Take heed Wenger u arrogant stubborn fool

  4. Yeah! Kote i cant wait either! Hope we get Diego Semione as replacement, he has the fire, hunger and determination to win than Wenger lacks!

  5. Yeah! Kote i cant wait either! Hope we get Diego Semione as replacement, he has the fire, hunger and determination to win that Wenger lacks!

  6. How many of them will still got fire when they are 20 years of same job with no ambition. They just stay for the money.

  7. There is no way we can win d league wth a striker that cant create a single chance 4 himself to score and even fluff 4/5 of d chances created by odas 4 him. Arsenal past strikers like henry,kanu,adebayor or rvp created chances which they scored 1/3 of their goals from.

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