Arsenal fans informed of the potential difficulties facing Daniel Ek

Arsenal fans have been warned not to get too excited about the prospective change of ownership at their club because it won’t be easy for Daniel Ek to complete the transaction.

The Gooners have been protesting against the ownership of Stan Kroenke over the last week and Ek has offered to buy the club.

The Swedish billionaire is the co-founder of the music streaming website, Spotify and has enough money to buy the club, on paper.

But it takes real money to get business done and Swedish financial reporter Jens B Nordstrom has warned that the billionaire has some of his wealth tied up in Spotify stocks.

He can decide to cash in on all of them, however, Nordstrom says he has to be willing to lose control of his company before he can sell all that and take enough cash out to buy the club.

He then suggests that Ek will look for potential partners who would also want to commit funds into buying the club.

“On paper he has enough wealth to buy the club, but you have to remember that a lot of his wealth is tied up in Spotify stock,” Swedish financial reporter Jens B Nordstrom told Jim White on talkSPORT.

“He can’t sell that without risking losing control of that company or getting into hot water with other investors of Spotify. He needs to look at financial solutions and how to leverage it.

“On paper he can do it [buy Arsenal] but in practice it’s going to take some manoeuvring and he might need to bring other investors into it.

“So my guess is he might be looking at who else wants to come with him on this journey.”

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  1. Kroenkes have just said they arent selling, they want Arsenal to be the best team in the world.. yeah thats why you hire a rookie in Mikel Arteta and haven’t spent a penny of their own money!

      1. About what Sue ? More years of Kroenke and little Josh saying how they want Arsenal to be the next Real Madrid ? 😂

        1. Nice goal from Benzema 👌

          About what they said!! Josh keeps telling us to be excited.. oh well, plenty of time for it to happen, Kev! 😬

          1. Haha I swear he said that a couple seasons back and we got Pepe and the rest is what they say is history 😂 can Hazard come on and change this game Sue 😄

  2. Further to Kev’s comments- and I agree with his sentiments – unless Kroenke is prepared to take on board the absolute disgust from the supporters, then our only hope is to do to them what Liverpool fans did a few years ago.

    1. I’ve mentioned that a few times Sue.. the Liverpool fans piled the pressure on Hicks and Gillett and forced them out although I think the kroenkes will be much harder to remove, I’ve read somewhere they do not sell they’re sporting investments.

  3. Hopelessness is a loser’s mentality…only by resisting the temptation to accept what appears to be the inevitable can we start to actually start to look for plausible solutions, even if they seem to be of the longshot variety…in my estimation there are only 3 possible avenues for us moving forward as an organization:

    (1) the ownership remains in place but they bring in a qualified “outsider” to properly evaluate how we can best proceed, with a full understanding of our “self-sustaining” model…we all know there are others philosophies to team building that have proved successful, like Dortmund, Ajax, Leipzig, Atalanta, Athletico, among others…all of whom have achieved things both domestically and within Europe…this is the very least our rather indifferent owner could do, which wouldn’t require further investment and would likely ensure the economic viability of his long-term investment…the only concern here would be that this model would require us to adopt a “sellers” mentality, at times, which could hurt our brand from an international fanbase standpoint

    (2) we do whatever is necessary to rid ourselves of our absentee landlord, which would include making substantial sacrifices in the short-term for long-term gains…there’s no doubt in my mind that there is a functionally breaking point for big Stan, which would force him to seriously contemplate the notion of selling the club…for anyone who engages in these sort of long-term financial investments, the only way they walk away is if they receive an offer they simply can’t refuse or if holding on to this investment becomes too arduous of a task that it’s not worth the projected return…the latter is far more obtainable than the former, but it will require considerable work on our parts

    (3) same old, same old…hope that for some unknown reason all the stars align again for us and things simply turn around even though we don’t have a real comprehensive plan and our owner clearly doesn’t care if any of this ever really happens…btw this is the plan we’ve been deploying for the better part of a decade

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