Arsenal fans’ joy as Mustafi’s agent CONFIRMS transfer deal

The transfer of Shkodran Mustafi to Arsenal will not be done in time for the Germany international centre back to help the Gunners get the Premier League season off to a good start against Liverpool on Sunday, but it will hopefully mean that the talented defender will be lining up against the EPL champions Leicester City in our second league match next weekend, after Metro reported that his agent has confirmed that an agreement was in place between the Gunners and the his client.

That does not mean that the transfer is completely sorted, of course, as there is still the matter of the transfer fee to be agreed upon between us and his current club, La Liga’s Valencia, but I do not see how we could already have settled on the personal terms of the move unless Arsene Wenger was confident of getting him.

Ali Bulut who represents Mustafi said, “Shkodran and Arsenal have reached an agreement, the clubs now only have to agree on the fee.”

Let’s hope it does not take too long to complete the deal and get the 24-year old working with his new teammates at London Colney, because the loss of Mertesacker and Gabriel has left Wenger on the bare bones of his squad and we will probably have to face the formidable test of Liverpool with the inexperienced Rob Holding and Calum Chambers at the heart of our defence.


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  1. vinjoe says:

    Old news…. Move on.

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Arsenal is in shambles………. Never have i seen a football club so divided….so opinionated… Tensed … incomplete….. So frustrating ….so unserious ……so stingy under a manager Like wenger

      we have become pushovers…. Jesters……Tales of mockery…..Mugs……Doormats….. And the scavengers …

      How Low have we stooped????

      1. john0711 says:

        i was listening to talk sport yesterday they were taking the mickey out of Arsenal and it wasn’t Adrian Charles

        1. Big Gun says:

          It is actually a but unfair because Arsenal have the most stable record over the last decade than any other club in the EPL. Yes, we might not have won the title in ages, but we won back to back F.A cups amongst some others. Top 4 finish for the last 20 years is a pretty good achievement on its own, especially during the naughties when we were strapped for cash. Many people cannot see how we actually over achieved during this period, especially when all our best players left.

          But yes, we have become a bit of a spectacle lately because we have had the resources at our disposal to win the league but always choke when it matters. Let’s see what happens this season when the United’s, Chelseas and Cities spend their hundreds of millions and still finish below us. Just look at Man United, everyone raving about their new signings but the season hasnt even started yet and their fans are saying we are feared again! Lol.

  2. Budd says:

    So basically the transfer isn’t confirmed yet.

    1. GoonAR says:

      Yeah, basically. LOL.

  3. john0711 says:

    If wenger doesnt buy a striker he will have lied to the fans, he bid for suarez,vary and Lacazette so he must know he needs one. So basically if we don’t get one its purely down to money . my prediction this year more revolt

    1. Matt72 says:

      That Suarez bid was one of the most embarrassing, ridiculous and pathetic news Arsenal have produced in its whole history. Whoever decided that +1 pound bid would’ve been sacked immediately at other big clubs

      1. Budd says:

        By your own standards, the bid for Vardy was even worse as it was one pound short. Must be boring where you live.

      2. dragunov762mm says:

        Basically Liverpool didn’t want to sell their best player to direct rival. AW did come and offered that hilarious 1 pound extra to trigger Suarez buy out clause. Suarez was want away but been suggested to wait by Gerrard. ” You deserved better than Arsenal” that was he said. Barca bought him at 50M pounds. I bet you any day, even if AW offered the same amount, L’pool won’t be agree. The want away Suarez were not for sell to any PL clubs. End of story.

  4. RTOROH says:

    Wenger says no striker signing.. in fact no offensive signing.. one more season of mediocre finishing.. being an Arsenal fan is no easy

    1. jonm says:

      I have not seen a quote that wenger says he is not looking for a striker. If you have seen one could you please post the location on here.

      1. tissiam says:

        the problem is that people believe everything they read or hear in the papers and on line!!

      2. Matt72 says:

        How about his press conference today saying he’s only looking to strengthen the central defense?

  5. Redeye says:

    Tbh i rather we sign howedes than mustafi, taller, stronger better defensively and more versatile. I also think he’s cheaper only downside is his pace. He would make the perfect partner for kos because he’s very similar to bfg, although he’s a little faster.

  6. dee23 says:

    Metro. really? Do they ever print truth?

  7. Tatek Girma says:

    I hope we will get both Mustafi and Mahrez/ one CF by the next week. Overall, being an Arsenal fan is exposing oneself to headache, blood pressure, diabetes so on as far as Wenger is there.

  8. LoCkAy says:

    Pundits were commenting on how chilled and relaxed Wenger was for the EPL launch… I am surprised that they were surprised… Why should he be not composed?
    He is the only manager in world football who has basically no pressure on his shoulder… He said himself ” we have a strong squad to do well”… Anybody who understand English knows that statement means absolutely nothing regarding ambitions (if any) or title and CL challenges.

    I mean this guy has the best job in the world, and what is funny and pathetic at the same time is that he has a faithful following… Is it based on his past achievements? (Back in the days only Arsenal and Man Unitef could win the league…!!), or is it because they are as “deluded” as him… If it is the case, we have a problem…

    The fact is, Arsenal will never win the league again. Simple! We will never win the CL because we are not a top club (Gazidis clearly defined it while talking about competing on the transfer market added to the fact that we have one of the most over rated manager existing) and we neither have the mentality, the staff nor the potential to do so…

    Same old season…

    I was talking to some fans, and they were wondering why Sanchez and Ozil had not agreed new contracts… We all follow the team, but sometimes you have to take a step back and evaluate. Some are just “mugs” who just wonder in stupidity “space”… Why would they sign? They could the same wages or better in more competitive clubs…!!

    Same old season.., if Wenger finished fourth, he will sign a new contract… Why not? This Arsene football club?

  9. john0711 says:

    agree with all you said, however i can see the zombies thumbing you down. you need to watch this Arsenal Fan tv, Robbie spot on

  10. stubill says:

    Listening and reading about Arsenal transfer rumours gives me various emotions; disbelief, anger, hope, depressed, confused, helpless, indifferent, sad, judgmental, happy, interested, all the way through to, really couldn’t give a sh1t any more.

    At the moment I’m in the last one, so I’m off to cut the back lawn and play with my dog.

    1. jonm says:

      Stubill, your dog will not tell you a load of lies about arsenal and transfers and the garden will be more relaxing than being on here.

  11. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Brethren!!!………… Let’s pray for ArsenaL

  12. john0711 says:

    Admin could you please tell me why my link to the Arsenal fans TVs was removed ?

    1. Admin says:

      Any posts with links in get binned by my spam filter to stop err spam!

  13. HA559 says:

    Hopefully we don’t get the cheaper alternative Mathieu.
    Remember deal can still fall through becuase of stingyness. Heck I won’t even be surprised if we keep a clean sheet at the weekend and Wenger comes out and say we don’t need defenders.

  14. Fatboy Gooney says:

    The only advantage Arsenal have over Utd, City and Chelsea is that it will take a bit of time for their new manager’s to get familiar with their squad of player’s, aswell as their new signings needing time to settle into the team and the premier league’s physical style of football.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Spuds, West ham and Liverpool setting the early pace at the top of the league.
    Simply because their managers have now settled in well and have established the way that they play, aswell strengthening their squad in the right places.

    All we needed was a Quality Striker, someone who can make something out of nothing, aswell as getting on the end of crosses and hitting the target.

    I fear the worst for Arsenal, this could turn out to be our worse season ever, under Wenger!
    Top 4?…. How about bottom 4 by the end of this month! And Wengers mad rush on the final day of the transfer window, will be all to little and miles too late! ✌

  15. phelyx says:

    Another 8-2 defeat will be okay

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