Arsenal fans just need to give Arteta another few months before we judge…

Will Arsenal fans trust Mikel Arteta’s ‘process’ at Arsenal? by Yash

Although everybody talks about the ‘short-term’ and ‘long-term’ project of a football club, the majority of fans just care about that result on a Saturday evening.

They just care about getting the result in the very next game week, ignoring all the other aspects that revolve around the matchdays.

Even though winning is all that matters, winning is not all that matters. When Arsenal appointed Mikel Arteta as a head coach in December 2019, even the most optimistic fans would have admitted that there were going to be bumps on the road.

Arteta is not a clueless manager, he just has a team which has no balance. A minority of the Arsenal faithful have a habit of bringing up West Ham United and Leicester City’s model.

Both teams, with shrewd recruitment, have balanced squads, which has lifted them at the top half of the table. They have individual players whose quality complements that of their teammates.

Johan Cruyff once said, “Choose the best player for every position, and you’ll not end up with a strong 11, but with 11 strong 1s.” Although Arsenal have not the best players in the league for every position, but they do boast better individual players than the likes of Everton, Leicester and West ham.

My point: They have better individual players but not a good 11. Arsenal’s decline in the past decade has coincided with bad recruitment. Is it a coincidence? No.

Have they been unlucky on the pitch? Certainly not.

What they have sorely missed is a good, in-depth recruitment of every signing. They have not taken into consideration whether that player would improve the other 10 players in the squad.

But there is a silver lining. The Gunners, after a ridiculous shake-up behind the scenes in the past few years, are looking ready to make clever decisions in the market.

Nobody could have imagined the decline of Willian. He went from being Chelsea’s best player last season to Arsenal’s worst in a matter of few months.

Had that worked out, Edu would have been certainly considered a genius. But football is not simple. Sometimes you bump into problems that you don’t foresee.

Apart from the chaos in the boardroom level, it is worth pointing out that Edu has had more burden in his job. After Huss Fahmy left his position at the end of last year, the Brazilian had to take more responsibility in sorting out the contracts of many players.


Apart from not loaning out the likes of Eddie Nketiah and Reiss Nelson. And not bringing in a back-up on the left to Kieran Tierney, the former Invincible did a fantastic job in his first transfer window.

Patience among fans always runs thinner than the people who are the employers and the employees at the club, because they don’t oversee things up close.

There is a reason why Arteta has not fallen out inside the dressing room despite the results been worse than it was under Emery and the latter years under Arsene Wenger.

It is because his ideas are considered ‘clear.’ Don’t forget how badly Pep Guardiola performed in his first full season at Manchester City. They only managed to secure a fourth spot on the very last day of the 2016/17 Premier League campaign.

With a full-preseason and a squad overhaul, Arsenal fans can expect something special next season.

Give the manager at least until the end of the year, and if results remain the same, I would be the first to join the #ArtetaOut army.

But till then let’s take the results on the chin, because that is all we can do at the moment.

Yash Bisht


  1. He has 18 months 6 months too long he is not good enough for a big club like Arsenal. He should cut his teeth in the championship

  2. I dont see arteta as a good manager, apart from his on field lack of technicality, he has got two transfer windows but he has proved to be error prone in most of his recruitment decision. Since he came, arsenal football pattern has been so slow unlike what we are used to. I couldn’t see a glimpse of what he brought to the team.

  3. Nice article only that you refused to give us an explanation why Arteta is so bad with his tactics, players management, substitution, style of play, favoritism
    he has done nothing above ordinary
    You can bring pep’s first season but he never went so out of his depths
    Arteta is nothing more than a smart talker

  4. Agreed. Emery didn’t win any trophy, so he was sacked after one and half years. Lampard also didn’t win anything and was given new 200+ M players, therefore he was fired after one and half seasons

    Arteta gave us FA Cup and Community Shield, hence he must be given at least two years. We can always replace Arteta in December, if he doesn’t show any progress in EPL table

    Firing a manager in the middle of the season will be a shock therapy to the players. That abrupt move will make a strong message that everybody is replaceable and the players must put in extra effort for their new manager

    Chelsea did it several times and it did wonder to their squad. The last victim of such move is Lampard and Tuchel has been benefiting from the players’ new attitude

    1. Really so sacking Arteta in December is not mid season interesting
      Lampard made the top 4with kids and without any signing that alone surpassed everything Arteta has done sitting comfortably in mid table

      Emery had far weaker squad yet he got more from them. If Arteta wins the Europa league does that make him better than Guardiola at city since he Is yet to win European trophy with city. Please you should engage your senses when defending Arteta because he has been among the worst managers this campaign

      1. Just wanna mention the lesson we could teach the players, if we fire Arteta in November or December. The players could be more focused on avoiding mistakes in the field and put in more efforts, so the new manager could benefit from their new attitude

        Winning EL will make the manager and the players legendary to me. Our greatest manager never won any major European trophy in his 21 years of tenure and that speaks volumes about the difficulty level of EL

        1. So 20 consecutive years in top 4 and CL isn’t impressive? You admitted how hard EL football is.

          How about undefeated season?

          Arteta has yet to get above 8th place.

          Only thing “legendary” about Arteta led team is

          1. Number of home losses in PL and likely losses in general
          2. Possibility of no European football in over 2 decades.

          Can’t polish a turd, and that’s exactly what Arteta has delivered us.

          1. 👍 Spot on Durand, facts don’t lie! The table shows the current status of this once great Club.

        2. So Arteta winning Europa league
          European second tier competition makes him better than Wenger won had us playing champions league every season his only time in Europa league he was marginally bettered by Atletico Madrid who I am sure Arteta can’t beat over two legs with the current way we are playing
          Winning the Europa doesn’t make any one legend infact playing in the Europa league is disgraceful for a club of our status there is nothing legendary in beating mode,Dundee,slavia and such pathetic teams
          No one even cares about the Europa league the only thing that makes it relevant is a champions league place for the winners
          It is madness to think that Wenger won’t be winning Europa league if that was actually the competition he was actually playing in

          1. Wenger had a formidable opponent in atletico Madrid who were the eventual winners who has Arteta beaten please tell me I can’t even remember the name

          2. And are you not also forgetting that Arteta got us knocked out by olympiacus just Last season too

        3. Gotanidea, please wake up. I’d like to remind you that getting EPL top four is much harder than winning EL.

          Aresenal was too strong to play Europa League for consecutive 20 years.

    2. gotanidea fire him at the end of the season that gives the new manager to assess what he has inherited then come December he can get shot of who he does not want that’s logical

    3. Wait. You say it’s bad to fire him midseaon but wouldn’t December be midseaon?

  5. Hard to convince squad is not balanced when managers chooses unbalanced lineups.
    Xhaka at LB? Arteta’s fault

    First Willian then ESR as a false 9? Arteta’s choice

    No backup LB? Arteta’s choice to loan out Kola, AMN and no backup. Honestly rather have seen Kola at LB last couple matches than Xhaka.

    Arteta should know his players, he got promoted and given total control over player decisions, remember?

    Can’t blame owner, if money wasn’t available then don’t loan Kola or AMN. Promote Lopez as backup LB. Again Arteta failing man management.

    Tired of excuses for this failed manager, he’s clearly drowning and in over his head.

    18 months of excuses for this golden child that 2 better managers did not get. Fire him before we regress futher or this idiot sells off any of our young talent.

    Edu has done nothing except pamper and cover his failures. How long can he milk the Martinelli transfer to keep his job?

    We’re flatlining as a club and people say give them more time. Clinging to midtable on life support and fans asked to trust the process.

    1. how ironic, I had just finished replying to one of your posts from a different article regarding the cavalier demeanor of far too many fans when it comes to giving Arteta until at least the winter, only to click on this article and uncovering the exact same nonsense be bandied about over here…we, as fans, simply have to hold this organization to a substantially higher standard or mediocrity will continue to reign supreme, especially with our predominantly indifferent owner

      1. RVL
        That’s what I’ve been consistent about, standards. Now somehow too many accept the regression from Arteta and make excuses.

        We should be competing for top 4 every year, not always succeeding is acceptable. When Wenger was no longer able his time was up.

        Emery’s 1st year was not bad, his last 6 months showed he couldn’t meet the competitive standard.

        18 months and Arteta can’t get above 8th place. He can’t meet the standard so he should go.

        I refuse to lower the standard and excuse incompetence when it’s clear the goal is beyond Arteta’s abilities.

        Kronke seems content with lowered standards so long as he makes a few pounds. I refuse to be dragged down by him or Arteta.

        1. Durand, Emery’s last six months were due to the players downing tools, facilitated and condoned by the Board and senior management not supported him with discipline. No say in transfers in and out, players dropped and then being pressured to reinstate them, not being manager but “head coach”.
          And it has turned out so much better under Arteta, the spin merchant?
          As Napoleon Bonaparte said, give me lucky generals over good ones. However you can’t depend on luck forever.

        2. we should adopt the Michelle Obama moto, “when they go low, we go high”

  6. Agree with this article 100%. Changing manager now will just result in making the best of what we have. To actually improve long-term Arteta needs to be given a proper chance to fully create the team that plays the way he wants, which isn’t the team that he has now.

    1. How many more players does he need to play the way he wants please don’t tell me 24

    2. Yossarian, what constitutes a “proper chance” for Mikel Arteta, when Wenger and Emery were let go/sacked for declining performances ie failure to achieve a Champions League place? Where’s the money going to come for that, and over how many years?
      Can we expect available funds to be spent more wisely than the past?
      The major issues at Arsenal FC have related to the mismanagement of financial and player assets over the last 12 years or so.

    3. He brought in 7 players and let go of many! What did Arteta show that would let you give him more players? Arteta’s place is the second division of La Liga not Arsenal!

  7. I would bin Arteta now and bring in benitez.. at this rate, I think I could do a better job and hire Gotanidea as my assistant we’d shoot up the table like a game of snakes and ladders even with 11 inverted wingers 😆 I’m joking of course 👌

    1. If I were a Brit or a Spaniard, I would’ve taken coaching badges and gotten UEFA pro license Kev 😁

  8. Although everybody talks about the ‘short-term’ and ‘long-term’ project of a football club
    Please I want the author to tell me our long term and short term project/ target because we seem to just be accepting virtually everything given to us this day as a norm

  9. I wouldn’t say we had better individual players than Leicester. Saka and a fully fit Tierney are the only 2 players who would be starters if I was picking 11 from both squads. It would be closer to 50/50 with Everton. Not seen West Ham enough to give an opinion. The squad now is nowhere near as good as the one Emery had in his first season and that’s the main reason we have continued to decline. If the view of the senior players is that Arteta is holding the team back and that the squad is better than it’s currently performing then Arteta should be sacked. However if the players are still supportive of Arteta he should be kept on to see if things improve next season. If we sack him, we are unlikely to get anyone better. Fans thought we would get someone better when Wenger went, but it didn’t happen and it was the same when Emery left.

    1. Leicester having a better squad than us
      I have heard it all here
      Emery have a better squad than Arteta? Please I want some of what you are smoking

      1. Have a look at the table last season and this. It’s a good indication of who has the better squad. Many fans think Rodgers is a top manager and many fans on this site criticized Wenger as a senile dinosaur, Emery was a clown and a fraud and Arteta isnt even a manager. Yet somehow you believe these managers have built a better squad than Rodgers has.

        1. JJ, please explain what Emery did in his time as head coach of Arsenal that gives you the right to call him a “fraud”.
          Calling him a “clown” can be seen as your opinion as an esteemed judge of football coaches; however “fraud” has serious legal implications.

    2. Emery squad was better? You trying to wind people up? You forgot all the players Arteta ousted, that werent good enough to get in his team?

      Mustafi played couple games, Sokratis never featured, Kola sent away, Willock sent away, Torreira sent away, to name a few.

      Arteta’s actions defeat your arguement.

      How can those players be deemed “better” when Arteta treated them like deadwood?

      Arteta brought in 7 players he hand picked, and you think they are still worse than what Emery had?

      Come now, that’s reaching to defend a rubbish Arteta.

      1. Emery inherited a better squad. The problem occurred at the end of his first season and before Arteta arrived. Too many experienced long serving international standard players were moved out in the summer of 2019 and replaced by novices and inexperienced recruits from overseas. Our decline last season was easy to predict. We failed to strengthen last summer and so this seasons problems was also easy to predict.

        1. Before Emery came we had no wingers other than iwobi
          No dm
          Xhaka,ozil,mustafi, Peter Cech to name a few
          How is that a better squad or do you mean wenger is a better manager

          1. Emery started his first season with Leno and Cech. Do we have better keepers now? Who do we have as a DM now? Do you mean Partey who has spent much of the season injured and remains unproven in the premier. Is Willian better than Ozil? Emery inherited a squad with a large number of players used to finishing top 4 and playing champions League. Now we have very few of those.

          2. Yes partey was the best Dm in the market and we got him, Willian has been consistently productive at Chelsea and we got him
            Emery inherited a club that failed to make a top 4 finish In two seasons so i didn’t know where the idea of inheriting a champions league team came from
            Emery inherited a very bad squad quality wise and position wise
            No wingers, no Dm, and weakest of CBs
            I can’t even understand your analysis of a better squad

          3. No, Partey is a box-to-box ball winner and progresser. DM is someone like Fernandinho, Casemiro, who sits deep and seeeps between the lines. In Atleti, Partey played next to Saul, who was also box to box ball winner. Atleti deep lying, 11 behind the ball, Italian style catennachio tactics made it look like he was a DM.

          4. Agree Anik, Thomas Partey is a box to box midfielder and Arsenal still lacks a good DM.
            Jimmy James, quit while you are so little behind, because each time you write you are falling further behind.

  10. Arteta is not good. Let us admit that first. Poor man management,and game management had proved that. He has players forget…wenger and emery were not given this set of players. He will lose on Sunday to newcastle and get beaten again by villa on Thursday. Then…we will realize how poor he is. Till then let me keep watching

  11. If we don’t win EL them fire him at the end of the season. A manager should be judged on results. We didn’t even make the top 6 it looks like.

    If he can’t improve us in 1 and half years then when can he?

  12. Lets see if 1, we can get the the UEL final and 2, we can win it.

    I personally haven’t seen enough for MA to stay beyond this season.

    All i can remember is the massive talk from MA himself that the project would be to win the UCL in 3 seasons, big big talk i said at the time, he is nowhere near that imo, the way the club is run and managed is another 5 years away from even getting UCL football.

    Liverpool, City, Manure, Chelski are miles ahead of us in terms of performances and investment.

    If Wenger was given the 250m+ that Emery and Arteta has had between them, we would be in the top 4, i 100% believe that and i said at the time to my mates, be careful what you wish for, the grass is not always greener if you make the change

  13. I see absolutely no reason to continue with Arteta beyond this season. And regardless of whether we win the EL or not. There is no style, no consistency and perhaps more importantly no sense is his decision making. If we want an up and coming young and affordable coach, look no further than Steven Gerard.

      1. This is pure nonsense. We are already sinking beyond redemption. Henry summed up my thoughts, “I don’t recognize this team”. Too many useless decisions. Getting players on loan who are not better than the current crop of players. Ceballos is a poor player, Elneny has always played better when given the opportunity.

        The team is not a unit anymore. Clueless decisions all round, we bought Partey, i don’t even know what he was meant to bring to the team. Saliba sent on loan where is flourishing, Willian who rarely plays yet is receiving a lot of money.

        Truthfully Arteta has no experience managing such a big club..

        ARTETA OUT

  14. I see with my eyes the problems with this team and a few more months will just put the dagger in the heart of the club further. The football we are playing is tge worst for years, the position this club is the worst for years, the future of this club is the worst for years. It is as plain as the nose on your face the guy is massively out of his depth, WHAT ON EARTH DO WE GAIN BY KEEPING A NOVICE ON, WE ONLY LOSE. He is not good enough why should we give someone time who is plainly out of his depth. SO NO he doesn’t get more time than winning the EL.

    1. Reggie, I always want Arsenal to win and hope the Club can turn around the second leg against Villarreal around at the Emirates and then go on and win the Europa League trophy.
      Arsenal will then be in the European Champions League next season. Can any sane person see this current squad under Arteta not getting pummelled in this completion?

      1. I do Ozzie, that is always so. I want Arteta to win the EL and prove next season he is a decent manager but i see nothing that supports that.

  15. As sensible and considered article YASH. However, realists will not agree our squad is better than LEICESTERS. Very much THEOPPOSITE!

    We are about on a par with Everton and West Ham, squadwise.

    1. Jon i am a realist and i have an opinion as well, i believe our squad stronger than Leicester, Aston Villa, Everton, Spurs and West Ham.

      1. Reggie I loveandn deeply respect your passion and regular urge to write, which are admirable . But I also passionately do not see you as a realist. Quite the opposite, at times! I speak not only of this “which is better squad” debate but also on many of your regular views!

        To be a proper realist we all need the ability to put aside natural fan bias, which we all have, myself included, when looking soberly and sometimes uncomfortably, though not with total despair, at our present position. We also need asensible dose of patience as we know that Rome was not built in a day – or even in 17 months, as MA has found!

        In life rarely is it either ALL good or ALL bad, at least not at Prem level. Imagine if you were a Grimsby or Southend fan . Now THAT would be all bad. Shades of grey are in MOST(though not all) things, Reggie my likeable pal!

        1. So what you are now saying jon, there is no such thing as a realist because we all have fan bias. Ummm!

  16. Im surprised there are some people that still back arteta after all his mistakes, he is no better than emery or wenger, its funny when you realize how unbalanced leicester city squad were when rodgers took over, and yet some of you still think that rodgers inherited a good squad, i personally think that arsenal will not win the EL, so logically arsenal will sack him at the end of the season, i really hope so, why would arsenal let this poor mans guardiola stay if there is no improvement ?

    1. They only continue to back him cos they can’t own up to the facts that they got it wrong and one particular person comes to mind!!🤔. The Arteta fan doesn’t have a leg to stand on the stats and table do not lie we are falling further and further behind there is no defence for this it shows Arteta is no good enough to be a manager of Arsenal unfortunately it looks like we will be stuck with him so get ready for plenty more doom and gloom for the foreseeable future!!.

  17. I have been critical of Arteta since last season because is football philosophy doesn’t fill me with any confidence. I want him out and I have never made up mind as to when but if it were up to me, he would have been looking for job last Friday simply for that last double substitution against Villarreal when we are about to to corner. The guy is a fraud and con artist and probably in a wrong profession. He should be a politician.

  18. This article disturbs me. Reality is Arteta has not improved us and we have sunk into a football abyss. Arteta should be sacked after the Villarreal game if we lose, or at the end of the season if we win. He is the wrong man for the job. Results prove that.

  19. But we hear “position in the table isn’t important,” or is it?

    We hear “Arteta has improved the defense,” has he? Compare it to Emery and Wenger.

    We hear “he needs his players and more time,” how many more? He hand picked 7 and we are worse than last year.

    More time for what? Breaking embarrassing records in home losses, shots attempted in games?

    His saving grace was no fans in the stands. He deserves all the boos and outrage earned from his incompetence. It’s what happens when you put an inexperienced rube in charge, them promote and give him complete control over players and transfers.

  20. ‘Arteta is not a clueless manager, he just has a team which has no balance’

    How many players did he bring in 2 windows?

    Please give him a fortune to bring in Top class players from other leagues and painstakingly convert them to mediocre with his ugly tactics ….

  21. Questions:
    1. What are the performance criteria and targets during any season for an Arsenal manager?
    2, What are the constraints under which a manager has to operate, say transfer funds available, amount of input into how said funds are spent?
    Is Mikel Arteta to be held to account differently to Arsenal Wenger and Unai Emery (both failed to achieve Champions League) and if so why?

  22. If he fails to qualify to the Europa League final he should be sacked on the spot right after the game at Emirates stadium

  23. Anyone really watching would see most Chelsea fans cheering Willian leaving.
    He wasn’t their best player last year, he never assisted nor scored much. He was never a great attacking winger nor a great playmaker.
    His best seasons was when they finished 8th.

    Everybody with 2 eyes could saw this move failing.
    Glorified mid table player that can complement a wc team but never be of really importance.

    Easy to have a nice career carried by hazard.

    Agree with the article, the transfers have been terrible, square pegs, round holes

  24. Wanted him gone in December when it was obvious to me he could not improve the team and remained blindly loyal to some hapless senior players who should have been removed at the start of his tenure … his managerial model and philosophy is more moyes than pep .. the club needs a shake up .. the best would be the departure of kroenke but sadly that looks unlikely so removing arteta is a second best option but keeping him on would just be further frustration even if he wi s the EL … I doubt the latter but it’s a cup and even arteta could put a run of 2 top performances together even if he hasn’t done that so far this season … but even if he does and we won I want him gone … 18 months of below average football is long enough to understand the mans limitations

  25. Anyone who thinks we have a better squad than Leicester is wearing rose tinted glasses!

  26. The Leicester midfield is approximately twice as good as ours. Forward line at the moment equivalent but way more confident than ours. The Leicester defence better.
    Why….Rogers has exceptional experience, coaches with skill, motivation, and has unified and bonded their team. He is trustworthy and does not carry terrible grudges and vindictiveness like Arteta. He respects his players. Arteta no point even talking. A mess. He cannot bond with players, is a ‘Rookie’, ‘Green’….just not fit for the job. Enough?

  27. He will be saved if he wins Europa and also have a good summer transfer of the like of grealish, bissouma, zaha, hakimi and oddsounne. With that we shall have big hope next season….

  28. Chelsea would have moved on from Arteta by now.And we already have proof that regardless of Europa league result, they would say he’s done at the end of the season. Arsenal should be having the same attitude. Do whatever you do in Europa League, but he’s not ready for this job. Not even close.

  29. “Arteta is not a clueless manager, he just has a team which has no balance”
    I think the real measure of a manager to find the balance.
    He did not find it.
    And every time we have some promising signs, he is getting there, next time he certainly shocks us; he did it many times.
    That gives the impression, he is yet clueless.
    I am totally agree with the comment, he is only a smart talker.

  30. Just wondering, if Arteta has to be sacked, then which world class Manager would take the Arsenal job…Even if they agree to the job, it’s reasonable to assume that they’ll need investment where we’ll have a problem considering the history with Kroenke (even though in recent years, we’ve invested)

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