Arsenal fans laugh at Spurs fan’s slating of Cech!

This could finally be the year that Arsenal falter and our mighty rivals Tottenham, from down the road, come steaming up on the outside to pip Arsenal at the post. And the thing that is going to herald this long awaited (by the Spuds anyway) transfer of power in North London? The transfer of Petr Cech.

That is the esteemed view of one deluded Tottenham fan who wrote a piece for the Daily Mail this week. So while the Chelsea fans and Jose Mourinho are fuming that Abramovich allowed Cech to come to one of their biggest rivals and respected football experts, including former keepers like David Seaman, have been buzzing about the transfer and saying that having Cech in goal should provide a real boost to the Gunners, this Spud reckons we have dropped a major clanger.

Not only does he claim that Hugo Lloris is the much better keeper, something to do with his ability to chip a ball with his left foot and taking needless risks on the edge of his penalty area, he also claims that Cech is not the player that he is said to be.

He mentions Cech´s age of 33, conveniently forgetting that their own keeper Brad Friedel played well into his 40s. He reckons that Cech is some sort of dinosaur that the modern art of goalkeeping has passed by. There is also the ridiculous notion that no one else wanted Cech, despite the media telling us many times that it was the keeper’s own decision to choose Arsenal over PSG and other clubs.

The funniest one though is the idea that he puts forward, that somehow last season, which saw Cech play just 16 times for his club, will have caused him to lose his mojo between the posts. Maybe he should recall that one of those games saw Cech keep a clean sheet against the Spuds (cough, cough) and help Chelsea beat them to the Capital One Cup.

Check it out Gooners, it is a spectacularly blinkered piece of writing and should give you a good laugh, as it did for me. I reckon they must be really worried to be clutching at straws like this, don´t you?

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    1. Instead of laughing at Spurs let’s concerntrate on ourselves.Let us first win trophies like EPL and UCL to put ourselves in a position to laugh at others.Anyway we should focus on outdoing Man Utd,Man City and Chelsh*t than laying emphasis on mid-table team like Spurs.

    2. I must say Spuds fans are generally “genius” like this one, but not the club. Hahaha…
      Too long being inferior made them have tiny places in their little brains where Tottenham Hotspur superior than Arsenal. It’s so hilarious and deserve BIG LOL, but trust me man, I feel sorry for them. Poor lily…Hahaha.

  1. It’s almost like Spurs don’t know what they are talking about. Oh that’s right they don’t. I don’t actually hate them. It’s more like I feel sorry for them.

  2. I’ve been quietly pondering what XI and tactic Wenger will opt for next season with the players we have currently and I’m thinking we may see an older system with a few tweaks to accommodate our three most dangerous scorers in Theo, Giroud and Sanchez:

    Debuchy Mert Kos Monreal
    Coquelin Cazorla
    Ozil Sanchez

    The three forwards all compliment each other perfectly IMO. Now, why I often get so irked about the ’30 goal a season’ striker comments is that we have the two most natural scoring supporting forwards in the league by some margin. Seriously.. Who even comes close?? Hazard’s more creative, and better with the ball at his feet, but that natural scoring instinct? Nope…
    What we desperately lacked at times this season was stretching the opposition and transitioning quickly. Sanchez, is Sanchez, and bless him!! I think he’d rather cut off his foot than not help out defensively and press like a player possessed! I think he would’ve got 30+ this season easily, if he was a more selfish player who sat in the spaces between lines looking to exploit space..

    But the fact that Sanchez is such a willing and able contributor defensively opens up space for Theo. Love him or hate him, rate him or knock him, even when he doesn’t have the ball at his feet he stretches defences as good as any player in the world as his threat in behind simply must be accounted for. If his opposing fullback wants to give him any more than a few yards it’s a recipe for disaster. Having that selfish forward isn’t a bad thing at all, Giroud and Sanchez are both massive team players and we’re not Chelsea, no need to put 10 men behind the ball!!!

    I’m rambling and I still think we are definitely one attacker short.. I’ve warmed to the Lacazette option as he can be used in either the Theo or Giroud role I’ve just mentioned. Draxler or Reus would still be my dream signings as they’re both direct, intelligent players capable of pretty much anything.
    But to be honest I’m more concerned with our team scoring a collective 80 or so goals in the league than bragging rights for the golden boot.. I still think Giroud can play a pivotal role in that, let him to what he does best, tussle with the giants and use his strength and intelligence to create space for himself and others.

    1. It took away the spaces in the formation…
      It was supposed to be a lopsided 4-4-2 with Sanchez deeper and Theo playing slightly deeper than Giroud on the right

  3. Surprised anyone got sucked into countering such a baited article. I just smile at us having better players than Spuds and be done with it.

    1. Many of the world’s Chelsea fans in 2015 are feeling financially stung; bitter even, despite the title win. They still have Manchester City shirts gathering dust after 2012.

    1. Ozil Sanchez and Cech to Arsenal means Arsenal are getting a bigger and better team, also means their former players want revenge. Remember Cech Sanchez Ozil all won the CL whilst at those clubs too so I fail to see your point.

  4. spuds’?They still need Jack10 to silence them i another celebration at the end of next season

  5. Well if that’s alla desperate Tottenham fan has to cling to then that’s sad. Haha
    Loris, the best keeper in premier league history……. never to win a single medal lol

    And anyway, Tottenham won’t even have that soon as loris will be bought soon.

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